Yes, There is a Way to End a Bad First Date Without Making It Awkward

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They say that one of the secrets of happiness is living without expectations of any kind. And that is the lesson that needs to be put into practice when it comes to thinking about a first date.

That moment of finally putting on our face live and direct, of discovering the voice in person, of looking at the gestures and, above all, finding out what it feels like with someone new, is Russian roulette.

As much as the ideal would be that just by staying, we would already have the guarantee of success, the universal truth is that not all dates are going to go well.

It would be very comfortable if, as if it were a highway, you had exits in some sections of the appointment to leave without having to enter the reason. The 5-minute one (there are times when just with that you already know if you’ve changed your mind), the 15, 30, 60.

A few moments in which it was socially acceptable to put an end to it without further explanation.

But as we have not yet made it fashionable – I launch it as an idea – it is a great classic to receive that call from your friend with any excuse. As it is no longer the most mature option, we have to move forward.

But, is there a more polite option than to endure until the end, no matter how much we will not see that person again, and say goodbye with a “let’s talk” or “see you” that will never happen?


For those times when you are clear that you do not want to continue, you can show sincerity and withdraw showing off your good manners.

With honesty ahead, it would be enough to make it clear in an empathetic way (without needing to be an edge) that, for you, this meeting has come to an end.

Avoiding hurting feelings and not letting the other person harbour false hopes can go through a simple ” Thanks for coming, I don’t feel the chemistry, so I’m leaving.”

No need to get rid of explanations. The gratitude is enough that allows you to avoid the bullet of whether you have had a good time or not. Simply letting him appreciate the investment of his time.

You can also choose ” you are not what I’m looking for in a partner” after thanking.

This second option can lead to more questions from the other person.

You can wait to say it in a message after you say goodbye or the next time, I speak to you and end on good terms as well.

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