Xiaomi Mi Watch: The Best-Connected Watch

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What if 2020 was (finally!?) the year of the connected watch? More and more men are turning to smartwatches today. Next to the Apple Watch reference, another brand is doing well: Xiaomi, with its Mi Watch.

After a first model unveiled at the end of 2019, the Chinese brand is back in force with a new watch called Mi Watch Revolve. Already available in China, it could well land in France by the end of 2020.

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  • Promising first steps for the Mi Watch
    • A square design
    • Like an Apple Watch … with Wear OS
    • Efficient features
    • A watch reserved for China
  • Test transformed with the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve?
    • Mi Watch Color vs Mi Watch Revolve: what are the differences?
    • The essentials for everyday life

Promising first steps for the Mi Watch

A square design

Unveiled at the end of 2019, the Xiaomi Mi Watch could have an air of déjà vu. Indeed, with its square design with rounded edges, it is undoubtedly reminiscent of the star of the market, the Apple Watch Series 5.

With a button and a rounded selection wheel with vibration motor and haptic feedback system, the Mi Watch benefits from a very fluid interface. We also find its various components on the right side of the case.

Like an Apple Watch with Wear OS

Running on Google’s operating system made especially for wearables, namely Wear OS, the Mi Watch allows you to surf the Web, but also to watch videos, not to mention the possibility of installing applications.

True clone of the Apple Watch, its 44 mm case, with ceramic back and optical heart rate monitor, receives a curved OLED screen of 1.78 inch diagonally and a resolution of 3326 PPI.

Efficient features

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip – the one dedicated to connected watches – the Mi Watch Xiaomi uses the operating system of the Cupertino company. As on the Chinese brand’s smartphones, it is coupled with the MIUI for Watch home overlay and the XiaoAI digital assistant.

The watch also incorporates an eSIM chip and a speaker on its right side for voice calls or for stand-alone use. Let us add that it also supports GPS, NFC, WiFi and 4G.

As for its battery (which is one of its major strengths), it stands out with an impressive capacity of 570 mAh. It is much better than the Huawei Watch GT2 which embeds an intensity of 455 mAh, than the Samsung Galaxy Watch (which runs around 340 mAh) and even than the Apple Watch Series 5 with its some 296mAh.

With such a battery, the autonomy offered is 36 hours with a single recharge. A benchmark in the field!

A watch reserved for China

Finally, note that the Mi Watch can run several applications at the same time. Thus, this is an opportunity to use, for example, the race counterheart ratestress level or the app dedicated to contactless payment.

Sold from November 2019 in China, the Xiaomi Mi Watch was positioned as one of the best-connected watches on the market. Especially since its price of 1299 yuan, or about 160 euros, made it much more accessible than the Apple Watch! Long-awaited in France, this smartwatch has unfortunately never crossed borders, to the chagrin of the most fervent “xiaomists”. But things could change by the end of 2020.

Test transformed with the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve?

In the wake of the Mi Watch, Xiaomi also unveiled, at the end of 2019, the Mi Watch Color, a “little sister” which stood out for its pretty round case … and lower performance (especially in the absence of Wear OS).

If it seemed as attractive, this second connected watch of the brand was also dedicated to the Chinese market. Until Xiaomi presented its Mi Revolve. A versatile and affordable smartwatch that seems to have it all, a more or less identical clone of the Mi Watch Color. Expected by the end of 2020, it could become the first Xiaomi connected watch to be sold in France.

Mi Watch Color vs Mi Watch Revolve: what are the differences?

If its name changes, the Mi Watch Revolve takes up practically all the technical sheet of the Mi Watch Color according to the first unofficial information.

We should thus find a nice round case and a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a definition of 454 x 454 pixels. The watch is equipped with the essentials with a GPS, an optical heart rate monitor on the back, sleep monitoring but also a barometer, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a compass and an ambient light sensor (to adapt to the external brightness ).

Everything is NFC compatible with contactless payment and Bluetooth 5.0. The screen can be operated with the finger or via the two physical buttons on the right side. On paper, the Mi Watch Revolve is, therefore, a rather well endowed connected watch.

The essentials for everyday life

Xiaomi’s smartwatch has a 420 mAh battery that could provide 14 days of autonomy. The recharging is done by magnetic support which can be plated on the back of the case.

This connected watch is water-resistant to 5 ATM so you can take a shower without having to take it off. The interchangeable straps allow the look to be adapted to individual tastes.

This new Revolve can be used on a daily basis for sport with a dozen different modes: monitoring swimming training in the pool or in open water, treadmill, running, cycling, trial, walking, indoor cycling, fitness … It is powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC, a processor that is not super powerful but does the necessary work.

It is, of course, compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and would work with the MIUI for Watch software. An AI Xiao assistant supports voice commands for many tasks… but for now, only in Chinese!

In summary, all the lights are green for the new Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve. Versatile, beautiful and affordable ( less than 100 euros on some import sites! ), This connected watch could well be the best watch of the year 2020 … provided it is marketed in France! In any case, this time, we want to believe it.

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