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Whey Protein: Good or Bad

3 Mins read
  • Helps with muscle protein composition
  • Promotes lean muscle mass growth

Whey protein is a composition of various essential amino acids that our body absorbs quickly. It possesses several other health benefits as it is very low in lactose. You can use whey protein as a supplement to achieve your fitness goals.

What is Whey Protein?

Casein and whey are two kinds of protein found in milk. During the production of cheese from milk, a mixture of protein is isolated from whey. This mixture of protein is known as whey protein. On the whole, the fatty elements of milk are solidifying together during the process of cheese production, and separate the whey, which is present in the liquid portion of milk as a byproduct. Most of the people can use whey protein without any health issues. Some may face any kind of allergies. So you need to be careful while using whey protein.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein comes up with several health benefits. It helps to boost protein and amino acid intake in our body. Proteins are the composition of amino acid. While the body produces the portion of the amino acid requirement itself and the rest has gathered from the food eaten by us. Whey protein is induced growth very efficiently in our body. Mother’s breast milk which she fed to newborn babies, is 60% whey in comparison to cow’s milk, which contains only 25% whey.

>Increase in strength and muscle mass

Whey protein helps in releasing anabolic hormones like insulin which results in increased muscle mass and strength. Insulin is liable for muscle growth. Whey protein generates muscle growth faster rather than other sources of protein.

>Protects kids from allergic conditions

Whey protein is very valuable for everyone, not only adults but kids also. There are lower risks of redness, itchy skin, and any type of allergic reaction in kids who are consuming this protein mixture by mouth in 4-12 months from their birth.

>Helps to eat lesser


Whey protein has an unbelievable outcome on satiety. When it comes to satiety, protein got the highest position amongst all macronutrients. It helps in balancing the calories and increase energy expenditure. Protein boosts your metabolism, and shrinks your hunger and promotes lean muscle.

>Helps in healing from exercise

Consumption of whey protein helps to improve your athletic abilities. It may help to speed up your running and also helps to heal better from exercise or workouts.

>Reduce the cholesterol level

Whey protein can help in lower your LDL and total cholesterol more efficiently rather than casein protein.

>Regulates blood pressure

If an individual has a problem with hypertension, whey protein has effectively reduced the blood pressure.

>Other health  benefits of whey protein

Whey protein has many other health benefits. It contains anti-cancer properties, sets up the immunity system, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Side Effects of Whey Protein

            Here are some other whey protein side-effects

Whey protein is normally considered safe for most people when it is consumed in proper proportion. Overconsumption may lead to problems like diarrhoea, bowel movement, and bloating. You may also feel headache, fatigue, cramps, nausea, and reduced hunger. Intake of Whey protein should be avoided by the pregnant or breastfeeding mother.

>Kidney issues

You are advised not to consume whey protein if you are suffering from kidney problems. It may get worsen renal problems. Consumption of whey protein can cause kidney stones also. To balance these side effects, you should intake plenty of dietary fibre and fluid as an essential part of your diet.

>Weight gain and fat gain

Many whey protein powder supplies have sugar, which adds to caloric intake. A number of them might also have fat additional and Result In Weight Gain. So, rather than upping your protein consumption to burn off more calories, you might wind up eating outside your calorific requirement.

>Increase in heart disease

If you are suffering from any type of heart disease, you must ensure the amount of whey protein you consumed daily. Excess use of whey protein may cause cardiac arrest or sometimes loss of cardiac functions completely.


Excessive use of whey protein could cause harm to your bones. It may lead to an imbalance in your bones which reduces bone density, results in osteoporosis.

>A rise in blood acidity level

The consumption of whey protein increases the pH level in your body. Your kidney may not able to metabolize this excess protein, so, the blood becomes acidic.


Whey protein powders and their supplements are an effective way to contribute more protein to your regular diet. It gives a good result to weight trainers and bodybuilders. Protein is a very useful nutrient that encourages fat loss and muscle gain.

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