Where to Go On the First Date: 16 Ideas that You Will Loves

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Get to know the most inspiring places for the first meeting, where the brain and “heart” of the other person will be positively activated for you.

When it comes to a first meeting, the most important thing is to make it enjoyable for both of you, inspire good conversation and give you space for intimacy.

So, you should find a place that combines a series of elements to activate the attention of your companion in your favour.

But how do you find those favourable environments to make a good first impression?

The alternatives are very close to you, and they are not the classic restaurants where a price per person could exceed 200 USD or sophisticated places where you must follow a protocol and be too formal.

In this article, we’ll show you that you don’t have to sacrifice your credit card to have a wonderful first meeting, with a list of 16 great places for fun dates.

So, pay attention to our recommendations, you will be tempted to visit more than one.  

Outdoor fun

A list of the best ideas and places to persuade that first kiss  

1) Outdoor park

It is usually an excellent option to completely get out of the busy work environment to enter a calmer and more relaxing climate, where they can include their pets and spend as much time as they want.

In the case of amusement parks, they can turn your date into a completely fascinating experience, worthy of being repeated.

2) Picnic away from the noise of the city

No matter how conglomerated your city is, there will always be a secluded space where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

In general, the best options are found at the extremes of the metropolis, where you will find natural settlements and a complete panorama of all the buildings – away from environmental pollution.

Be sure to research the best places in your area to do these types of activities online.  

3) Boat ride

There are natural and artificial parks where you can rent a boat for a relaxing walk. This alternative is usually a completely different experience for people who are frequently immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city.  

4) Have breakfast in a place with a good view

You can check the virtual agenda of the cafes in your city that offer a quiet space – to your liking – as well as a pleasant panorama.

Choosing this “setting” for your romantic date will give your date all the energy it takes to be in a good mood.

The ambient colours and the tranquillity of the other diners, accompanied by a musical atmosphere create a perfect environment for a long gathering.

5) Snack on the beach

Living in a town near the coast is really a privilege, and you can take advantage of it at your leisure.

A very special reason why you can go to one of your favourite beaches is to appreciate the sunset while having a delicious aperitif. It is a very economical activity that will help you to leave a nice memory.

6) Bicycle tour through little frequented places

Plan a route that is interesting to travel, where you can stop for a snack, admire other angles of the city, and talk while driving.

Therefore, you should ensure routes that do not involve greater physical wear and tear and that are as far as possible from noise or environmental pollution in general.

7) Artisan ice cream or homemade pastry

Nobody can resist an afternoon of desserts to lift their spirits at the end of a stressful week. This type of premises influences human behaviour in a positive way, making people feel happy and carefree.

The occasion may turn into laughter and new tastings that you can hardly forget.

8) Tour a botanical garden

This type of environment is conducive to meditation, where you will enjoy being surrounded by flora and fauna while sharing a much more intimate moment, isolated from worry.

The best way to dialogue in the first meeting is by keeping interesting, casual topics. Always be ready to listen. Avoid prejudices and topics that can lead to annoying discussions, everything can flow well if respect and good spirits are maintained.

Enjoy a different experience, culturally

Part of the common heritage of humanity is culture. Without a doubt, you will have an incredible time if you decide on one of these options:

9.- Visit a museum

The tranquillity of these sites gives you the possibility of sharing a much more essential moment with your partner, where there may be more approximation to a serious relationship.

Going through an exhibition, stimulating dialogue and taking an interest in the same things creates feelings of complicity. Like a first date place, it is perfect for people who are somewhat introverted.

10.- Attend a cultural event

When looking for good options you will always find more than one that may interest you, from plays to exhibitions, you just have to make sure that your companion likes this type of idea as much as you do to share the first meeting. 

11.- Go to the inauguration of a place of interest (or event) :

It is the perfect excuse both to make the invitation and to improvise the meeting.

If you choose to attend the opening of a restaurant, shopping centre or park, it will not be necessary to make an effort to break the ice, since they could spend a long time commenting on the expectations that the place leaves you.

Ideas for doing small activities together

12) Take a cooking class

It is a perfect occasion to get to know your company from another perspective, where you probably have to work as a team. This will help you achieve a good level of communication in which trust will highlight.  

13) Share an evening to drink wine

Going out for drinks takes you away from everyday life. Find a place that provides good lighting, and a pleasant view, where you can talk.

The effects of wine often generate joy in people, so they will most likely end up laughing a little more than necessary.

14) Visit an exotic food restaurant:


It can be fun for you to go to a place that is something out of the ordinary for both of you, since, if someone does not find the taste or appearance of the food, it will be more to joke than to feel uncomfortable.

We advise you to search the web for the various restaurants in your city, many are usually affordable. Another way to do it is through apps that provide you with the location of each one, accompanied by maps, schedules and even rates and daily menus.

15) Venturing into extreme activity:

If they have enough adrenaline in their blood, they can arrange a day of diving, skating or climbing.

For sports lovers, these types of activities are stressful, in the “come back to life” style, so taking them into account could be unforgettable experiences for both of you.

16) Volunteer for some act of charity:

It never hurts to help others, especially if you show your nobler side.

If the other person does not agree, you must respect their decision, not everyone feels attracted or comfortable in a public dining room or a homeless shelter.

It is not correct to judge, since everyone has a particular lifestyle and can help in different ways.

According to environmental conditions, people assume a type of attitude. This has a lot to do with the colours, the order, the aesthetics and the climate that influence our mood.

For that reason, you should take your first date to a suitable space for both of you, where you can meet without interruptions or discomfort, and thus achieve an excellent interaction. Happy first date!

Tell us about your experiences in the comments, and don’t forget to share this article on social media!

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