What to Do After Having Sex On the First Date? – 5 Things to Remember

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Sleeping with the person you like in your first meeting is a decision that, for many, can generate doubts. Maybe you don’t know where the relationship is going, whether or not you should call him after the meeting, how long to wait to see him again.

If you do not know what to do after having sex on the first date, in this article we will tell you the best way to act so that that meeting, if you want it, is repeated.

What to do after having sex on the first date

The first thing you should know is that women have the right to want sexual relations and to keep an open mind on this subject, to seek new experiences and enjoy them.

When a woman decides to have sex on the first meeting, it is common for her to be judged as an “easy chia.” It is a belief of society that women should make men wait to have sex. The opposite happens to men. The more girls they have, the better.

If you had sex after the first date, you have probably wondered what to do and you have convinced yourself that now he will not take you seriously. Not necessarily so. The first step after doing so is to think about yourself and how you feel about what happened.

How to act with a man after having sex


It is common for you to wonder about what their relationship is, if they have a future and if it could be something stable. Questions with long-term answers. However, you should also think about what to do immediately after ending sex.

Hug it? Eat? Here are some recommendations:

Tip # 1: Should I snuggle?

Not all men want to cuddle and pamper you after sex. Some fall asleep, talk or just do nothing and leave. In principle, do not seek to cuddle with him. If it is given alone, enjoy it. Let it be spontaneous.

Tip # 2: Should I make him breakfast?


If you decided to sleep together after sex, you might expect him to make or buy you breakfast. The best thing is to talk about it. Who knows? They can cook together and share that time.

Tip # 3: Shall I give you my number?

Only if you want to. If you both enjoyed the night together and you wanted to keep in touch with him, it’s not bad if you give him your number.

If he doesn’t make you see it again, don’t give it to him. You are not required to maintain contact with the boy if you do not want to.

Tip # 4: And when the goodbye comes, what?


Well-woman, if you liked the boy, it’s time to leave that man with weak legs. Kiss him in the wildest and most passionate way possible, that he will go thinking of you and wanting to see you again. Leave him a memory that is hard to forget.

Tip # 5: Do I take the initiative to write to you?

Men like determined women, but my advice is to keep that phone number to yourself and hope that he is the one to contact you after that first date.

How long does it take for a man to call after the first date

It depends on many things. Typically, a boy waits several days, no more than three, so as not to appear desperate, but each one is different. If he likes you a lot, he will definitely call you that day.

The best advice is not to keep waiting all the time for a call from any guy. If you decide to call, take advantage of it and enjoy it. If not, go ahead.

What to do if after the first appointment you do not speak to me

In principle, there can be two scenarios and both can be uncomfortable for you.

Scenario # 1: He’s shy

Although it seems impossible to believe, especially after having slept with you on the first date, there are men who are shy and are afraid to seem intense when calling you to meet again. Some prefer that you take the initiative or do not know how to act.

Scenario # 2: He got what he wanted

If a boy wants to see you again, he calls again. If he doesn’t, you can try writing to him to see if he’s interested in dating.

If when you write to him he does not show any interest in seeing you again or does not reply to the message, it is time to let him go. Delete that phone number and move on.

Should I text after the first date?

The truth is that this will depend a lot on you. If you are one of those women who prefer to wait for the man to take the first step, do not feel pressured, just wait for him to appear.

If you like to take the initiative and show that you are an independent girl, why not? Write to her in a good plan and see if she wants to hang out with you. Any decision you make will be fine.

What are the consequences if we made love on the first date?

Having sex as soon with a person is your decision, there is no universal law that says how long you should wait to do it. The important thing is that you enjoy it.

However, there are always risks. Each couple is unique. What’s the worst that can happen?

1. You could have a disease

If you don’t know the person well enough, you don’t know if they can give you a disease. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself. To avoid sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

2. You may not be both satisfied

We all have different tastes. When you make love to a person you don’t know very much, their interests may clash in bed and they may not enjoy it to the same extent.

3. You could feel guilty after sex

It has happened to all of us that after having sex we ask ourselves “was it the right thing to do?” It is normal to feel fear because we live in a society that judges us very harshly just for having an open mind.

Can there be courtship if I went to bed on the first date?


The answer is yes. There is nothing wrong with having sex, whether on the first or the fourth date. The possibility of a stable relationship does not depend on how long you waited to have sex, but on your compatibility, love and other affective variables.

If a man really likes you, he won’t care when you have sex with him. I could wait for 10 dates or I could do it on the first night and not think badly of you for that decision.

How to make a man fall in love after having sex


Love is not the same as sex. After having sex on the first date, having a relationship or falling in love is going to depend on many things.

But I can give you some tips so you know how to act if you want to keep him attracted and crazy about you.

a.- You must give yourself the respect you deserve, but also give it to him.

b.- Show him your security in sex. Tell him what you like and what you don’t.

c.- Use a lot of perfume, so your scent will remain on your clothes and on your bed.

d.- Take walks around the room naked, so he will keep you in his memory.

e.- If you have feelings for him, don’t talk to him about them until he talks about his. Don’t rush things.

f.- Do not pressure him to continue with you, make him see that you are a relaxed girl.

g.- Make yourself beg, to find you a little.

After the second date, what’s next?

If you have already managed to have a second date, we are on the right track. The most important thing is that the relationship flows and you achieve that it goes beyond the sexual encounter of the first date.

1) don’t talk about your ex

From the second date, the conversation topics become more personal. Talk about yourself, your experiences, and your interests. Don’t waste time talking about your ex. It’s your past, it doesn’t interest you anymore, and it can make it seem like you haven’t gotten over it yet.

2) No talking about marriage

They are just beginning. Enjoy the opportunity to grow up with him and get to know him before planning the whole future in your mind. Let things come alone. You could scare it away.

3) Show interest in her life

Ask her questions about her daily life, stay interested in how her work is going or what she does on a daily basis, but without looking like you want to be controlling.

4) Don’t be controlling

Returning to the previous point. Remember that they are only beginning to date, but they still don’t know what they really are. Don’t cease him and don’t expect him to tell you what he’s doing or who he’s with all the time.

5) stay busy

When he calls or writes, don’t answer him right away. Let him know that you are not always there for him. Remember that we all need our space.

Whether you are an open-minded girl or not, having made the decision to have sex in the first meeting is your decision. If you enjoyed it, don’t feel judged by anyone. What matters is you and what you like?

After giving you some tips on what to do after having sex on the first date, I hope you feel open to experiencing your wildest side, have fun with that boy you like and let yourself go.

Remember that you can share this article with friends on your social networks. Surely more than one person has been in this situation and wants to know what to do next.

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