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Weight Loss: Can I Eat Carbohydrates at Night?

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There are hundreds of myths about weight loss Effectively. And unfortunately, these myths prevent you from having results because they make the hairdryer too complicated and restrictive.

This is particularly the case of carbohydrates in the evening: wrongly accused of making you fat. Discover the truth with an extract from my My Bodybuilding Coach.

  • Carbohydrates: the important thing is the total amount
  • Expert advice for faster weight loss

Carbohydrates: the important thing is the total amount

Who has ever listened to the fact that eating carbohydrates after 4 or 6 p.m. made you gain weight? This widespread myth, however, is completely false and does not slow down weight loss.

Indeed, it is not the moment when you consume carbohydrates but rather the total quantity of calories that you will consume during your day and that whatever the distribution or almost.

You can now opt for a much more flexible diet and manage your intake by combining healthy foods and pleasure foods throughout the day. This flexible method, based on food equivalences and compensation, is the one I teach you in my tailor-made food coaching.

When I tell you that these myths really mean you harm, it does and here’s why?

Keeping a certain amount of carbohydrate at the end of the day will help you avoid your urges related to slackening that same end of the day. Yes, those famous urges that make you want to eat everything after the day’s work are over when you get home (or sometimes even on your way home).

Expert advice for faster weight loss

  1. Several studies show that to increase the use of fat during exercise,  you should not consume carbohydrates the hours before your cardio or workout session. And if you consume it before, it will reduce the use of fat during your session.
  2. What to eat before and after a workout to dry off and lose weight? Avoid making a snack rich in carbohydrates before, but also after your session, if you want to optimize your cut. Opt for fat and protein intake. For example almonds, cashews, peanuts and skyr.
  3. Are you stressed and having trouble sleeping? Carbohydrates in the evening are your best ally because they will promote your sleep. For example, eat a small amount of medium-high glycemic index carbohydrates at dinner and foods containing a large amount of tryptophan (eggs, beef, poultry, fish, dairy products, oilseeds, seeds, yeast beer) to help you fall asleep thanks to the secretion of serotonin.

Now it’s time for a healthy and varied diet and quality sleep to put the odds in your favour and succeed in your weight loss.

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