Valentine’s Day As a Single Person: 7 Ideas For a Good Evening

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The evening of Valentine’s Day is the evening dedicated to the couple. While the windows are adorned with red hearts in crepe paper and the restaurants prepare their special couple menus, how can you have a good evening on February 14 as a single person?

Take advantage of your celibacy to take care of yourself and your loved ones during Valentine’s Day.

  • 1 – Do a Netflix series marathon
  • 2 – Find clothes online
  • 3 – Outdo yourself at the gym
  • 4 – Take a hot bath as a bachelor
  • 5 – go see a romantic comedy
  • 6 – Organize a Valentine’s Day counterpart
  • 7 – Call Grandma on Valentine’s Day

1 – Do a Netflix series marathon

Got a crazy-long “watch later” list on Netflix? You have the whole evening in front of you to watch the movies or series you want. No obligation to watch a romantic comedy, tonight you decide the program. This is the expected opportunity to put on the entire season of your favorite series!

You are not the Netflix team? YouTube is full of small videos on all possible topics. Depending on your mood, you can make a series of hilarious videos on retro gaming, watch a decryption of the latest societal trends, and follow a tutorial to manage your finances or a playlist of makeover tips. 

2 – Find clothes online

Speaking of makeovers, why not have a little fun by hunting down the golden opportunities online? This personal clothing sales site has a section dedicated to men’s fashion. To you the pieces in good condition from the dressing rooms of fans. You may find a cool t-shirt or a 100% cashmere sweater at bargain prices. 

To keep you occupied all evening, take the opportunity to look at your wardrobe and take stock of your style. Are your clothes comfortable, the right size and in keeping with your self-image? Fashion is often overlooked, but having the right clothes for the right situation is a great way to gain more confidence and increase your seduction capital. 

If your walk-in closet is overflowing on all sides and the pile of T-shirts no longer holds up, this may be the time to purge your clothes closet. Make a pile of the clothes you no longer want. If they are in good condition, why not sell them? As a result, a more orderly closet and a little cash flow to have fun. 

3 – Outdo yourself at the gym

For athletes, Valentine’s Day evening is ideal for training in the gym. While all the men in a relationship are at the restaurant, you have the pectoral machine which is always taken by storm. Innovate and sign up for a different course than what you normally do. This is the opportunity to discover different ways of training and to meet new people

For runners near Paris, the Valentine’s Day race is famous for its 5 km Cupid. It is a duo race where participants are assigned a partner to race. Maybe Cupid will get it right this year? 

4 – Take a hot bath as a bachelor

Stress is the enemy of your well-being. For this somewhat special evening, make an act of love for yourself and spend the evening relaxing. There are several techniques for this: the traditional hot bath, your favorite playlist or a meditation session. Do what makes you happy and dedicate the evening to yourself

Taking care of yourself is the best investment you can make. After all, we live with ourselves every day. Being comfortable in your sneakers and limiting your stress level has many advantages. This makes community life more enjoyable, whether with friends or colleagues. It also impacts couple relationships. You must first be good with yourself to be able to be good together. There are only advantages to learning to manage your stress level!

5 – go see a romantic comedy

If the prospect of spending the evening of Valentine’s Day single depresses you in advance, better laugh about it then! Check out the lineup at nearby theaters and invite a few friends over to a comedy show to have a good time together and have a good laugh. Boulevard plays and comedy shows often take love as the subject of mockery and will remind you of all the good sides of celibacy. 

Are your friends more into music than theater? No worries, many artists are performing on February 14th and there is surely still time to book tickets. Nothing like the electric atmosphere of a concert to clear your head and let yourself go to the rhythm of the music in the anonymity of the crowd. 

6 – Organize a Valentine’s Day counterpart

In the mood to party? Invite your friends over and organize a little party just for the sake of seeing each other. It is also an opportunity to have a gourmet dinner at home or to have it delivered if you are not very cook. Just remember to tell your neighbors if the evening is likely to last late and be noisy. 

When your friends are together, take the opportunity to try out a board game or have a video game night. The loser brings back the aperitif next time! 

7 – Call Grandma on Valentine’s Day

Go back to the basics of the feast of love and show the people who matter to you how much they mean to you. No need to have a Valentine to say sweet words, why not call the family, share a meal or plan a small activity together?

It’s not the most alluring option to call Granny on February 14th, but after all, it’s been so long since you last called and you’ve got the whole night ahead!

Don’t have a Valentine for the evening? Don’t panic, there are plenty of other ways to have a good evening. With these 7 proposals, it’s time to take some time for yourself, see friends or family, and in no time, it will be February 15th!

How are you going to occupy yourself on Valentine’s Day? 

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