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Use of Whey Protein: Good or Bad for your health

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Whey protein is very popular in bodybuilders and weight trainers. It supports their normal diet for these reasons state below:

  • Helps with muscle protein composition
  • Promotes mass growth of lean muscles

Whey protein is a combination of a mixture of essential amino acids that your body absorbs quickly. It contains several other health benefits as it is very low in lactose. Whey protein used as a supplement helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

What is Whey Protein?

Casein and whey are two kinds of protein found in milk. In the process of making cheese from milk, protein mixture is isolated from whey. The mixture of protein from this process is known as whey protein. Entirely, the fatty elements which are contained by milk are thickened together through the process of cheese production, and whey is separated, which is a byproduct, present in the fluid portion of milk. Normally people who use whey protein don’t have any health issues. But some people may face allergies by this product. You should be alert about your health when you are going to opt whey protein.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein provides several health benefits to you. It helps to increase protein and amino acid intake in your body. The main composition of the protein is an amino acid. The body fulfils the requirement of amino acid by producing itself and some portion left has taken from the food you eat. Whey protein gives rise to growth very powerfully in our body. Mother’s breast milk which she fed their newborn babies, contains 65% whey in comparison to cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains only 25% of whey in its milk.

Enhance in potency and muscle mass

With the help of Whey protein body release anabolic hormones like insulin which help in improve muscle mass and potency or strength. Insulin is responsible for the growth of muscle. Muscles grow faster with the help of whey protein in comparison to other protein sources.

Safeguard children from many allergies

Whey protein contains lots of precious qualities which are very helpful for adults as well as children. It reduces the risk of itching in the skin, redness in the whole body, and many types of allergy-related to kids while intake of whey protein orally in 5 months to 1 year from their birth.

Helps to control hunger or carvings

Amongst all the macronutrients, protein holds the top position to control satiety. Whey protein helps to control hunger or carving to any food by balancing the calories intake. Whey protein helps to increase energy expenditure. Metabolism improves and limits the hunger with the help of protein. It also promotes lean muscles.

Helps in getting rid of problems from workout/exercise

Intake of whey protein improves your ability to do physical activities. It helps to get rid of all the problems which are from physical activities or exercise. It also improves your running capability.

Result in Reduction of cholesterol level

Whey protein helps to reduce the cholesterol level and LDL more effectively than casein protein.

Helps to manage blood pressure

Whey protein can manage or reduce blood pressure. It is very effective for those people who are suffering from hypertension.

Many more health benefits

Whey protein offers many other health benefits. This protein is loaded with anti-cancer properties, helps to boost the immunity system, and reduces the risk of bone loss.

Side effects of Whey Protein on health

If whey protein is consumed in limited quantity, is does not produce any harmful effect on health. It is considered very safe to intake as a supplement to a regular diet. If you consume whey protein in large quantities, it may lead to lots of problems such as bloating, diarrhoea or bowel movement, headache, vomiting, fatigue, and many more. Whey protein reduces hunger. Whey protein is not safe for expectant mothers or those mothers who breastfeed their child.

There are lots of other side effects of whey protein:

Kidney related problems

If anyone suffering from renal problems, you should avoid whey protein and worsen the kidney problems. The other side effect of whey protein is kidney stones. To avoid these side effects, increase the intake of lots of fluid and include fibre as your diet.

Increase in Weight and fat

Whey protein increase in caloric intake as this protein powder contains sugar. It also has a lot of fat additional which leads to weight gain.

You may want to lose weight if you already have gained.

Leads to cardiac disease

Whey protein consumption in excess may cause heart disease, cardiac arrest. If you have any cardiac disease, you should limit the intake of the amount of protein powder or avoid completely. It may cause in stop heart functions fully.


The use of whey protein in excess is not good for your bones. It may be very harmful to your bones by imbalancing them which leads to a decrease in bone density. Osteoporosis is a chief problem created by excessive use of protein powder.

Increase in blood acidity level

Whey protein intake leads to a rise in the pH level of your body. The excess protein may not be able to metabolize by the kidney, which leads to acidic blood.


Protein is a power pack with good nutrients and helps in weight loss and fat shed. You may get the benefit of muscle gain with protein powder. Bodybuilder and Weight trainers use whey protein as a supplement to their regular diet.

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