This Is How Boys Should Be Prepared For A Video Interview Because Wearing Anything Can Spoil The Impression!

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Online Video Interview: A lot has changed due to the lockdown. Now all the work is being done from home to office work, meeting to work. In such a situation, many people are also looking for new jobs due to the job.

In the coronavirus epidemic, do not go to the office and give interviews. But this does not mean that you do not prepare for it. It is very important to have Styling Tips for Job Interview.

Because it was also mentioned in a research paper that 90% of hiring managers judge LOOKS before making a job offer. So never play with your look.

  • How to dress for an online interview?
  • How to prepare before the video interview?
  • What to do during the video interview?

How to prepare before the video interview?

A smart man should make some preparations in advance for the video interview. Only by looking at you, the impression will not be frozen. Rather, everything you see in the video should look just like you.

  • Keep a water bottle, notebook, pen, your CV etc. on your table.
  • Create an account on any secure video calling app zoom, google meat, skype.
  • The great background should be seen. It should not happen that your hanging clothes, underwear etc. are seen in the camera.

Why is the correct dress code important?

You may be wondering what is the need for a dress code for an online interview? What difference does it make? I would say yes, it is going to have a lot of impacts. Because the right dress up helps build confidence and it will make you look confident. I feel that to get a job it is very important to be an expert in this art.

Video Interview Dress Code

The fashion trend in lockdown has changed. We are living at home wearing clothes like underwear, sleeveless T-shirts. But video interviews cannot be given in such a getup. Looking beautiful in any medium, whether directly or online, for job interviews.

You have to take special care of Men’s Top Wears. If you are giving interviews for management, administrative jobs, then wear formal shirts only. You can adopt a casual getup to sit in journalism or a creative job interview. 

Also, tie a tie with a formal dress. Because, your formal look means a lot for management, administrative job. So you should not make any mistake regarding fashion.

What not to wear during online interviews

There is a risk of coronavirus but do not wear a mask during the interview. Because you are sitting there talking alone, there is no need to wear a mask. For this, do not wear slipper-stocking, slippers also. You are not required to wear these things while giving an online interview in lockdown.

Take care of grooming as well

Most salons are closed in lockdown. Many people are not even going to the salon due to fear. However, before giving an interview, adjust and maintain your beard and head hair. Because your hair may look lazy due to random-looking hair. 

What to do if you have an audio call interview (Telephonic Interview)

Even if your interview is going to be on an audio call, at least be well dressed. What does the person interviewing tell you to ask for a video call too? In such a situation, you will not ask for time to get ready from them, because they cannot wait 15-20 minutes for you.

What not to do during Zoom, Google Meet, Skype interview

Whether you give an interview using any video calling app, but some things have to be kept in mind. If you do not do this, it can reduce the chances of your job.

  • Keep handkerchief etc. near you so that you do not have to get up and go anywhere when sneezing etc.
  • Turn the mobile silent. So that there is no problem with repeated notifications etc.
  • Do not go far to drink water, but keep the bottle nearby.
  • Do not ask to go to the bathroom again and again.
  • Go to one room and give an interview so that no child or family member is disturbed.

In this way, you can prepare yourself for Zoom, Google Meet, Skype Interview (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype Interview). It identifies a smart man and a stylish boy. These things matter a lot during online interviews. So do not ignore them.

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