The Casual Look for Men, How Does it Work?

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The casual look for men, how does it work?

Casual look, casual chic, casual, casual sport. Everywhere, all the time, we hear about the casual look for men.

All right, but what exactly is this? A good, a very good question.

We are going to try to decipher the fashionable style in this article.

  • 3 outfit ideas to master the casual look
  • 1. The casual-chic look
  • 2. The classic casual look
  • 3. The shocking casual look

3 outfit ideas to master the casual look

If the word ” casual ” in English means “casual”, it is not the look. I would rather define this look by “clean”, “simplified”. For me, a good casual look plays on accessories and clothing details and comes in many faces. In this article, I, therefore, suggest 3 casual outfits for men: the three Cs!

1. The casual-chic look

The first of the three looks is a rather high-end look. Why? Because he plays on plains and materials. No frills or anything. For all the men who feel the soul of a Casual Chic Man, it is necessary to opt for raw jeans (without fading, for once). Head more towards dark tones. Dark colours bring out the chic side of the look.

Wear a nice white shirt and a black blazer jacket will complete the outfit perfectly. We flirt with premium style, with the only difference that, for a casual chic look, we will never wear dress pants or dressy moccasins.

Speaking of shoes, patent derbies will pair perfectly with the patent leather belt you wear. A small light cotton men’s scarf will finish the accessorization of the outfit.

2. The classic casual look

Like any look, casual has its roots and origins rooted in certain pieces. For a classic casual look, you need to bet on chinos. Casual-looking pants that keep an elegant outfit for all occasions.

To continue the outfit, a polo shirt and a baseball or biker leather jacket will be perfect. If you opt for the perfect, be careful to choose a modern one. Derbies will allow you to complete your classic casual look.

When it comes to accessories, don’t forget the belt to match the shoes and a duffel bag. You can indulge in some fashion splurge by adding a metal mesh bracelet. A touch of whimsy never hurt anyone!

3. The shocking casual look

“Chic & shock” go hand in hand. It is therefore essential that the second is present in this article. By shock, I mean a casual look that is close to the streetwear look. It is, therefore, necessary to measure your accessories and your clothes well.

For the bottom, we will take an essential of the streetwear wardrobe, the faded jeans. Be careful, not torn or scratched. And at your feet, slip on light – even-aged – leather moccasins borrowed from the urban wear dressing room.

Now let’s go to the top. A denim shirt (always trendy season after season) and a knitted cardigan will give the casual side, mandatory for any casual look. Accessories level, we stay in the natural for a shock of materials. A bracelet in wooden beads and cord will be the ideal jewel. A patterned scarf will give a stamp and a stylistic shock to your casual outfit that can easily drift into other styles.

It is not easy to summarize the casual look for men to Prepared For A Video Interview Because Wearing Anything Can Spoil The Impression! in one article. Which leads us to give you one last little tip: If you’re a fashion novice, go for the classic look.

For the more advanced, the chic look will suit you perfectly. Finally, fashion attitude experts will head straight for the shocking casual look. Everyone can find their way around!

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