The 3 Reasons Why Men Want to have Sex on the First Date

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In the first outing, we may feel that the boy wants to have sex and makes an effort to induce us to do so. But why do men want to have sex on the first date?

Although it is not very well seen, it is something common and there may be various explanations for it. Here we show you what you should know about this situation.

1. They have spoken openly about the issue and you gave it clues

If there is trust between the two, either when talking on social networks or on the date, the issue may come up very naturally between the two.

Usually, when this happens and the woman speaks fearlessly about it, it is taken as a “sign” to dare to want to be with her on the first date.

If you are a woman and your intention is not to spend the night with him on this first outing, it is better to show a less daring posture.

2. Feel a lot of physical and sexual attraction towards you

There are certain peculiarities or traits of women that attract a lot of attention from men, so it is normal for them to wake up their libido.

Sometimes a woman’s natural scent is likely to arouse a man’s sexual interest; However, not for this reason should he exceed the limits of respect for you.

3. It is their intention because that is their personality

Even today, many men consider having sex with the woman on the first date.

Perhaps you are looking for simple sexual pleasure or to discover if your interest can lead to a more serious love relationship.

But keep in mind that you have the last word and it is totally valid if you do not want this type of situation on your first date.

What to do after having sex on the first date?

Uncomfortable situations may appear after having sex on the first date.

It is convenient for both of you to find a way to break the ice and let the occasion flow. Thus, if in the place where they are, you have the facility to prepare something to eat or order room service, that would be very good.

This tactic will allow little by little to end the doubts of knowing if it will be repeated, how it was or if it was only to pass the time.

Why does a woman go to bed on the first date?

Of course, women are more difficult to take this step; perhaps out of fear of being left with a bad image or because they do not believe that the time is right.

But, obviously, women also like to feel pleasure and that on the first date they feel sexual attraction to the man is extremely normal.

Whether it’s physical, mentality, or attitude, each one is an essential factor that could lead a woman to spend the night with that guy on the first date.

At how many dates should you have sex?

It is difficult to give an exact answer to it. It all depends on the connection that you both feel.

Keep in mind that, if there is a very strong attraction, it may happen sooner than relatively expected.

Therefore, you must be careful to avoid a sexually transmitted infection or an unwanted pregnancy.

However, it is recommended that the couple get to know each other and establish a relationship as friends, to know tastes, characters and discover if there is enough chemistry and trust to experiment on the sexual plane.

What does a man think of a woman who sleeps with him on the first date?

It all depends on the context. If it is a date in which you feel affection and interest far beyond the sexual, it would not matter if it is the first, second or third date.

Thus, the man could take into account that the woman truly cares for him and could rise to a more serious commitment.

On the other hand, if only pleasure, enjoyment and desire to hang out are projected, man could interpret it in many ways, both good and bad.

Many others also think that one way or another, the sexual act is something that will happen, be it on the first date or after many outings, so they do not feel that sex is a big thing on the first date.

We hope this article has been useful to you and that you share it on your social networks. Remember that it is not so important to know why men want to have sex on the first date. The important thing is to know what they want us for in their lives.

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