The 21 Best Places to Meet Single Men

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When we have time without dates, we have a hard time meeting new people, so here we leave you with 21 perfect places to find your new soul mate.

You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone. That includes going out more, seeing new places, trying new things, and being willing to talk to strangers to make new friends.

You should also be realistic about what you are looking for and your expectations. Remember that not everywhere you will find a pleasant date. Finding it may take some time, but in each place, you will have experiences that will make you grow as a human being.

That said, here are some places to meet single men:

1. In a pet park


We clarify something for you: if you don’t have a pet to go for a walk, DO NOT go to one of these parks. Instead, go to a regular park to exercise.

But if you have a puppy, it is a good excuse to get some exercise, breathe fresh air, and flirt with a single pet owner. Dogs are a great conversation starter.

You can ask what his dog’s breed is, how he feeds him if he has favourite vets. If things are going well, ask her for her number so you can make a date in the park while you walk your pets.

2. Waiting in a queue 


Did you know that on average we spend 10 years of our lives in a waiting line? Why not take advantage of the time by having a cute boy in front of you and talking to him? Something casual like a joke and a shy smile always works.

3. On an aeroplane


This place is perfect for being friendly with anyone, including men. The trick is to see if he has a wife or children nearby, or if he has a ring on his hand. If not, come over and start a casual conversation about the flight, the weather, or the city they’re leaving.

If they have connected for sure you will get their phone number or some way to contact them. But if not, don’t worry, at least you will have had a different and fun trip.

4. In the gym


If you are passionate about the fitness world, the gym is one of the places where you spend the most time. Take advantage of this and take the opportunity to meet guys with the same interests as you. How to do it? With a slow approach.

The first week make only eye contact and smile to show interest, the second week (if he is not close to you yet) greet him casually. In the third week, find an excuse to talk to him.

It can be about using a machine, an exercise routine, eating, etc. You have to be safe and comfortable with the idea that it might not work with this guy and what would you do in that case. It is always good to have a plan B.

5. In public transport

Another place where you spend significant time in your day is on the bus or train on your way to work/college. So it is also an excellent opportunity to meet a guy.

If you see a guy who catches your eye, go over and talk to him casually. If you miss the opportunity you may regret it.

What to talk about? About the weather, how crowded the transport is, ask for some indication to get somewhere … After the conversation has started, introduce yourself and continue talking.

6. c

Food is said to be the way to reach someone’s heart. Each dish is an opportunity to talk and have fun.

Cooking classes for singles have grown in trend around the world and are an excellent opportunity to meet single men, who if they do not know how to cook at least they will try and have a good conversation.

Best of all, being so practical, you can easily bond with each other by getting involved in the preparation of the dishes. Another advantage is that if you don’t know what to talk about, you can focus on the subject of food, techniques or tips.


As strange as it may seem, the best way to meet a single man willing to start a relationship is by not looking for him. Do something that you are passionate about and if in the process you meet someone you like, enjoy it!

Learning a new language is a great way to exercise your brain and expand your way of seeing things. Also, you never know who will be in the class (or who will teach them).

If you are shy, this is a good opportunity to loosen up a bit and gain confidence. In these courses, they usually pair students to work on assignments together.

8. At corporate events and networking

Where you meet a man can also determine how successful he is. Attending corporate events has two benefits for you:

  1. You will expand your professional network and perhaps find excellent job opportunities.
  2. You will meet men who know what they want, are dedicated to their profession and maybe one of them is your soul mate.

According to scientific research, prestigious men who are successful seek stable relationships. So if you want to know where to find a serious partner, this is an excellent place.

Just consider the following: these types of events are usually formal and focused on professional interests, so exchanging numbers is not always synonymous with a romantic interest.

9. In bars and restaurants


In these types of places, you need to be independent and confident, since the best way for a man to approach you is by being alone at the bar.

To feel more comfortable being alone you can talk to the bartender or read a book while having a drink. If there is a man you liked, come over and try to get a conversation going.

Break the ice with a joke, a comment about what is happening on television or about the taste of your drink. For your own safety, do not agree to go to a private site until you get to know it better.

10. At the beach or pool

The best plan for the summer is to cool off near the water. Take the opportunity to ask a guy you liked to apply sunscreen somewhere you can’t reach. As he does so, introduces yourself and bring up the topic of conversation and win a man.

Take a ball with you and ask a group of boys if they can play. After the game, you can ask out the guy you like and he won’t look strange.

11. At tourist sites

These sites are ideal if you are looking for a summer love affair or you are willing to have a long-distance relationship because there is a high possibility that the man you meet does not live in the area.

Explore the city in search of tourist sites and visit them as just another tourist. If you see someone you like, come over and tell them how beautiful the place seems to you.

12. At a party

Even if you feel that you are exhausted from your social circle and you think that there are no men available for you, do not stop attending their parties. You never know who you can meet there. Maybe you meet a friend of a friend of a friend and they click.

In case you are shy, ask your friends to help you out by introducing yourself to single men who might be a good fit for you.

13. At sporting events


Mud races, obstacle course challenges, and other active events always draw men. So if you’re in shape and in that kind of activity, why don’t you sign up?

Active men are more likely to be attracted to active women. Don’t be afraid to create some healthy competition. Just before the race or event starts, look at the guy and say something like, “Do you think you can beat me? Good luck with that! ‘

14. In singles bars

Although being under the influence of alcohol is not the ideal situation to meet a man, it could be an option for you. The key to going to these types of places and getting a guy’s number is to go with friends and control your alcohol intake so you don’t get drunk.

You should tell your friends that no matter how much you like a man, don’t let you go with him. It’s a safety measure for you and it’s a way of making him want to contact you when they’re sober to get to know each other better.

15. At festivals

Regardless of the time of year, you will always find some type of festival in your area: musicals, food and drinks, crafts, exhibitions, etc. These events are perfect for having fun, meeting people, and enjoying delicious food while walking around.

Are you afraid of not having the right words to approach a man that you like? Ask him what position he got (something that catches your attention and is from the festival), after there, you can ask him to accompany you, introduce yourself and continue the conversation naturally. 

16. In sports clubs

Almost all sports have their own club, you just have to look for which one suits you and the requirements they ask to enter. If one doesn’t exist, we encourage you to believe it.

Belonging to one of these clubs will not only keep you in shape, but it will also help you make friends with the same interests as you. Perhaps you know a man who reciprocates you in love. 

17. In the church

If you are a person who loves to attend the temple to connect with your beliefs, do not underestimate the higher spiritual power, perhaps it is those same forces that led you to that place to meet someone special.

The good thing about meeting a single man in the church is that you will know that you both share the same values ​​and thoughts on life; key for any relationship to work in the long term.

If you don’t have a specific temple to go to, find which ones are in your area and choose one instinctively. It is important that we clarify that the way to meet people in these types of places is by actively participating in all the events they organize and not only during the ceremony.

18. At a wedding

In any marriage ceremony, we assure you you will find many single men. You just have to make sure you look spectacular and have the best attitude to have fun.

Also, if you are close to any of the boyfriends, you can do a little research to find out who to approach and who to avoid, or suggest that you sit next to a handsome, single man who is looking for a relationship.

19. At the bookstore or library


You may think that these places are not the ideal option to meet single men, but as we have said, it is not about forcing love but about finding it in those places that are already your passion.

Men who love to read are looking for girls who have the same hobby as them, so go ahead and go to your favourite bookstore or library, order a coffee and sit on the couch leaving room for someone else to sit.

20. In mixed sports leagues

This is another sporty way to meet men. From soccer to swimming, there are several sports in which men and women are a team.

Playing with the man you are attracted to gives you the opportunity to observe his personality. The best thing is that after each game they can go out to drink or eat to have a more intimate conversation.

21. Through the Internet

Technology is here to help us. From mobile apps to dating sites, there are many ways to find what you are looking for by age, appearance, career, romantic interests, and hobbies in your future partner.

Best of all, it will give you practice speaking and writing fluently with your prospective date. It is an excellent option for those who are starting to date after a long time and need to gain the confidence to return to the world of in-person dating.

Where to meet men of 40?

Looking for single men in their 40s and older who are interested in a serious relationship can be challenging, but there are some places to find a partner that you might find more easily:

  • Buddy parties: If you have married friends that age, ask them to invite their male friends over. You may think that you already know them all, but try it, you will surely be pleasantly surprised.
  • Sports Bar: In case you are a fan of the sports world, this could be an excellent option for you.
  • Music clubs: choose the rhythm that you like the most and look for a club that presents live music of that style.
  • On the Internet: Dating sites and apps are full of men of all ages, so give it a try and subscribe to the website or app that gives you the most confidence.

Where to meet educated men?

A person concerned with growing his knowledge is in constant search of learning. Therefore, if what you are looking for is a cultured man, you should go to places of this type.

Some examples of the best places to find men with a developed intellect are bookstores, libraries, learning centres, and art, history, or science exhibitions.

Where to find a partner at 40?

As we age, it is more difficult for us to find a partner because of the barriers and fears that we put ourselves, so before looking for where to meet single men after 40 years, you should work on yourself.

When you have enough confidence in who you are and feel comfortable in your skin, you can go anywhere to find a partner. In what places? Anyone, for example, a bar if you want a night of passion, a club or religious temple in case you are looking for something stable.

Where to meet smart men?

To find men of this type we recommend that you attend educational institutions, libraries, bookstores, corporate events and cultural settings. Why these sites? They encourage the development and exchange of ideas to nurture knowledge.

Where to find cute boys?

If looks are what you’re after, we recommend attending gyms, singles events, and parks. All of these places will ensure you find men who care about their overall physical condition and appearance.

Places to meet people CDMX

In case you are in Mexico City visiting or living there, we recommend the following places that will help you meet people and perhaps your better half:

  • Bosporus: it is a mezcalería (traditional alcoholic drink of Mexico) very popular with both tourists and residents. It is located near the historic centre and has a very relaxed and fun atmosphere.
  • Casa Franca: located in Roma Norte, it is an intimate bar with good live music, drinks of all kinds and delicious tapas.
  • Bosque de Chapultepec: it is an urban park for those who prefer a quieter place to meet people. Inside you will find the sale of food, drinks, souvenirs and tickets to ecological events in the park.
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe: It has imposing architecture and is one of the most visited Catholic temples in the world, so it is likely that you meet an attractive tourist.

Before we finish, we want to give you some tips to help you meet a single man who is your soulmate:

  • Open your mind to trying new things. Get out of your comfort zone little by little, don’t force yourself or force yourself to do things that you don’t like. For example, if you hate sports and find yourself a man who does love them, you will have no common interests.
  • Be alert to those around you, for two reasons: first, you never know who may have bad intentions with you; second, perhaps some man is looking for the same thing as you and does not dare to approach it out of pain.
  • Have fun and don’t get obsessed with finding a partner. We know that’s your # 1 goal when dating, but that fixation can backfire. The more fun you have, the more chances you have to find the ideal man for you.

Finally, we want to invite you to share our article on your social networks and if you have other tips on where to meet single men, leave them in the comments. This way our readers will have more options when starting their search.

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