The 100 Signs of Female Infidelity

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Female infidelity is a phenomenon that is taking alarming proportions in couples and households. It usually manifests itself in small signs, which often escape the masculine gender, especially when you are not a wise man.

And even when you are, there may be times when you don’t pay attention, either through neglect or just because you imagine your partner wants to leave you incapable of cheating on you.

In any case, it is important to be able to recognize an unfaithful wife. To do this, we must be able to identify signs which, in this specific context, are very rarely or never misleading.

What are the common signs of a woman cheating?

In this guide, you are presented with 100 signs that could mean that your wife is cheating on you. They are classified from less regular and less obvious to the most striking and more frequent.

It’s up to you to see what percentage your wife cheats on you.

1- An older woman
Experience has shown that a woman older than her partner is more inclined to cheat on the latter than another who is younger. This has been scientifically proven.

2- By resemblance to an ascendant
A woman who grew up alongside an unfaithful parent generally tends to be so in her marriage. While it is true that this hypothesis is not systematic, it is all the same to beware of you, gentlemen.

3- A woman already a mother
Studies have shown that after the first childbirth, women are less and less satisfied with their married life. In these conditions, the chances of you being cuckolded are great.

4- It contributes to the expenses
financially well-off women have a strong tendency to cheat on their partner. Why? Simply because this financial stability creates certain independence in her.

5- She works
Compared to a housewife; a working woman is more likely to cheat on her partner. Contact creating love, it is likely that she falls under the spell of a colleague.

6- She is out of one or more marriages
Gentlemen, if your wife has been married once or twice and divorced before remarrying to you, well you are not safe.

7- She says she is unhappy
An unhappy woman in her marriage is more inclined to cheat on her partner than another who lives a happy married life.

8- A little pious woman
It has been scientifically shown that a woman who does not have a sufficiently well anchored spiritual and religious life is more likely to cheat on her partner.

9- When it is taken for granted
generally, when a couple settles together or is at the end of a therapy, the man has a tendency to take his wife for granted. This is a mistake!

10- She has little self-confidence
Self-esteem is an important factor of infidelity. In fact, the woman who feels little valued by her partner easily tends to fill this complex in the arms of another man.

11- She enjoys sports
when your wife suddenly decides to go to the gym regularly, and then be sure that it is not for you, but for her lover. How about accompanying him to his sessions?

12- She becomes a fan of sex toys
The fact that your partner introduces the use of sex objects in your privacy is not necessarily a good sign, gentlemen. So do not hesitate to ask him where these sudden inspirations come from.

13- She comes home late
The women are naturally ambitious; it’s a fact. But when your wife gets into the habit of coming home late, and repeatedly, tells yourself that someone else is gaining ground in her heart. She probably spends more time with him.

14- A new friend
This is a sign that the most informed will certainly know. When during your discussions, your beloved regularly mentions a new friend, even for things that seem trivial, seriously start asking yourself questions.

15- She is less caring
This is a basic and precursor sign of possible infidelity on the part of your partner. Indeed, when a woman sees another man, she tends to no longer pay attention to you.

16- Suddenly overly caring
At the same time, when she suddenly becomes much more caring than usual, you have good reason to suspect infidelity. This sign is usually the expression of a feeling of guilt.

17- She pays more attention to her lingerie
An unfaithful woman tends to use more perfume than usual or to adopt new underwear. When you notice this tendency in your other half, try to discover by questioning them the interest of this change in lingerie and perfume.

18- Do not go to bed at the same time as you
To prevent you touching her or asking her questions about her day, a cheating woman is more inclined to go to bed before or after you.

19- Becomes reserved
A woman who no longer shares the same feelings as you is very reserved in your presence. She barely speaks, except when necessary.

20- As soon as she gets home, she goes to the shower
when your partner shares the privacy of another man; she avoids lingering near you so that you cannot smell another man. To do this, she goes directly to the shower when she gets home.

21- Little interest in the relationship
Sir, if you notice that your fiancée is showing less and less interest in your relationship, then you have good reason to ask yourself questions. She will often avoid topics related to your relationship, saying the timing is not right.

22- Dress Style Change
A woman who has just started a new adventure is more concerned with her appearance. It is a reality that many women will be able to confirm to you. So if you notice that your wife has bought herself new clothes several times in a row, you may be threatened.

23- New makeup
since the beginning of your relationship, you knew that your wife was not a big fan of makeup or the use of cosmetics. But suddenly you notice that she’s been adopting a new lipstick and new beauty products for some time. Take out your binoculars; there are probably three of you in the boat now!

24- A more
the polished appearance this sign is a corollary of the two preceding ones. Usually, when your wife is dating another man, she pays more attention to her. His sense of detail suddenly becomes sharper.

25- Lack of interest in yourself
If in the past your partner tended to compliment you and even help you dress, and this practice disappears overnight, tell yourself, sir, that his mind is elsewhere.

26- No longer wearing their wedding ring
For a married couple, the wedding ring is a symbol of love and fidelity. So when your wife wears her wedding ring less and less, on the pretext of housework or something else, it means that she is already breaking the oath of fidelity taken at your wedding.

27- A language bordering on coarse
This is a sign that is generally observed in young couples. The unfaithful wife tends to address you in a manner that is not very courteous. This attitude is very often a sign that she looks at you with disdain.

28- She gets excited about nothing
An unfaithful woman is a very prey to frequent nervous attacks, for a “yes” or a “no”. If at the slightest question or discussion she tends to get carried away and raise her voice, you are entitled to tell yourself that she no longer shares your feelings.

29- A reluctance to kiss you
This sign translates into small gestures to dodge your approaches and attempts to kiss it. More often than not, she will suddenly bring up a topic to distract your attention.

30- An interest in your schedule
If your beloved shows at some point a renewed interest in your schedule, then it is very likely that she is cheating on you. These questions about your schedule actually allow him to organize his meetings with the competition.

31- A lack of interest in sex
An unfaithful woman has no shortage of excuses not to make love with you anymore. Between fatigue, headaches or concerns of all kinds in the context of her job, she is often very inspired.

32- New ideas during your sexual relations
If she continues to sleep with you, she will then tend to innovate, by offering you other practices and ideas to spice up your sex life. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s cheating on you. But the possibility cannot be ruled out.

33- She forbids you to call her at her office
A cheating woman can’t stand you being in her paws. So when you call her maybe directly to her office, she ignites and forbids you. Why? Simply because at some point you will notice that in reality, it is not there.

34- Usually unreachable
In the presence of her lover, the unfaithful woman often does not answer your calls. At worst, she is downright unreachable. It is a frequent sign.

35- She takes time to respond to your messages
This is one of the most frequent signs of female infidelity. She will often respond to you very late after you leave her a message.

36- Unavailable at work
If you notice that your wife is often not available when you call her at her office, this is in most cases a sign of infidelity. Either she’s with her lover or she’s avoiding you.

37- Avoid showing off publicly with you
When your partner begins to see elsewhere, she is less interested in dating and feels embarrassed to show off with you as before. Sometimes she tends to encourage you to take part in an event on your own.

38- Improvised trips
A faithful woman spontaneously informs you about her schedule, which is more about any trips. If you notice that this habit gives way to sudden trips, tell yourself that it is related to another man. This is all the more true when she refuses to let you bring her to the airport or train station.

39- She gets irritated if you take an interest in her schedule
As much as she is interested in your schedule is a sign of infidelity, the absence of the opposite can be too. The more you want to know more about her schedule, the more likely she is to get carried away.

40- She never misses an opportunity to create an argument
This is a classic sign of female infidelity. The woman who cheats on you tends to create unnecessary arguments, in order to internally justify her infidelity. In this case, she blames you for all the evils of your relationship.

41- She becomes secretive
If at the beginning of your relationship, your partner indulged in confidences, and this habit suddenly disappears, just tell yourself that she now has a new confidant.

42- She limits contact between her friends and you
When your beloved starts to cheat on you, be sure that one or two of her close friends are aware of the situation. The latter therefore tend to avoid you.

43- She ignores your messages
Here, in fact, she does not miss the opportunity to show you that she has acknowledged receipt of your message, but takes her time to respond; just because you’re not their priority right now.

44- Refusal to explain
When you notice irritation in your partner when you try to know more about his day, his occupations, then it is a safe bet that you are no longer alone in his heart.

45- She calls you by another name
It may happen that once in passing your spouse awkwardly calls you by another name. But when this tendency becomes repetitive, especially in bed, there’s a good chance it’s her lover’s name.

46- She avoids you touching her things
A woman who cuckolds you can become very irritable when she notices that you are taking a close interest, consciously or unconsciously, in her personal effects. You may come across evidence of his infidelity.

47- Absence of affectionate terms
In a couple, the use of affectionate names such as “darling”, “baby” or “treasure” is very frequent. If your partner is reluctant to use these names, however usual between you, it may be because she no longer sees you as such.

48- She tries to find out where you are.
During your telephone conversations, your partner will be more interested in your geographical location if she is unfaithful. This approach is often the way for her to plan her escapades.

49- She communicates less
The poor quality of communication is in most cases, the sign of a relationship that is failing. Under these conditions, your partner will distance himself and no longer share anything with you.

50- She feels the need to explain herself and to give details
This sign is often the precursor of a conscience which reproaches itself for something. If your wife is cheating, she will tend to want to go into detail in every discussion.

51- She ignores you
If your presence is barely noticeable to her or she barely pays attention to your habits, then tell yourself that she is thinking of her lover.

52- The subject of cheating often comes up
If your wife often evokes infidelity during your exchanges, it is undoubtedly to get your opinion on the matter and to do a personal analysis.

53- She asks you about the possibility of an open relationship
Here, the cheating woman will ask you for your opinion on the idea of ​​an open relationship. In other cases, she will bring up the infidelity of a friend of hers you know.

54- You annoy her
An unfaithful woman takes a dim view of all the acts you do. She always finds the moment badly chosen, for any initiative coming from you.

55- She contracts a sudden infection
If you don’t have an infection and your partner does contract one, you will not be blamed for doubting her good faith.

56- She is closer to her unmarried friends
The unfaithful woman or who plans to be one feels more at ease with her unmarried friends than with those in a couple or married, who will tend to remind her of the demands of marriage.

57- Gifts without reasons
Gifts between spouses, it’s cute. But when your fiancée offers you a lot of it in succession, it may be the sign of an embarrassed conscience.

58- She avoids specific places
For fear of falling on her lover, an unfaithful woman will dissuade you from wanting to experiment with new restaurants. Maybe it’s a restaurant she already frequents with him.

59- She avoids your friends
When your sweetheart no longer shares your feelings, she no longer feels at ease with your friends. She avoids them, with a view to a possible rupture.

60- She accuses you of cheating
We often reproach others for what torments our conscience. The cheating woman tends to pass her act on you, especially when you bring up a subject relating to possible infidelity on her part.

61- Mysterious calls
If you notice that your partner often receives calls from someone you don’t know and whose identity they deliberately refuse to reveal to you, then there is a good chance that they are cheating on you.

62- She isolates herself on the phone
A woman who communicates with her lover prefers to isolate herself to receive calls from the latter if you are around. So you won’t be able to hear it.

female infidelity

63- Her phone is on silent
So that you cannot notice that she receives a call from the same person, she will very often put her phone on silent in your presence.

64- Always near her mobile
So that you do not have time to notice an incoming call and read the name or number of the caller, the unfaithful woman will keep her phone near her, at all times of the day. day, regardless of occupation.

65- Change of password
If you had free access to her phone and overnight you notice a new password, it goes without saying that she is cheating.

66- Privacy
A woman who begins to cheat will not hesitate to tell you that her phone is personal and that you do not have the right to touch it.

67- She hides her status on social networks
When sharing the privacy of another man, the cheating woman often removes her status from her social networks. The words “It’s complicated” or “Single” are preferred.

68- She no longer displays you
A faithful and in love woman takes pleasure in posting you on her social networks. When that habit suddenly wears off, well sir someone is stealing the show from you.

69- Rush to answer phone calls
If in the past your wife used to ask you to pass her phone to her when he rings, this attitude will change in case of deception. No matter what her occupation, she will rush to pick up her calls herself.

70- A high frequency of unknown numbers
You will often notice that your partner receives calls and messages from unknown numbers, or very frequently, not recorded. It is a precursor sign.

71- Abrupt Interruption of Phone Calls
When you catch your wife on the phone with her lover, she tends to suddenly hang up the phone or suddenly change the subject. Attention sir, you are being cuckolded!

72- Deleting calls
After receiving a call from her lover, you will notice that she immediately deletes her call history, or at least the last incoming call. It is a non-deceptive sign of infidelity.

73- Spends more time writing text messages
If she stays on her phone for many hours, tell yourself that she is certainly talking to her lover, without your knowledge.

74- Connection at late hours
On Snap, WhatsApp or Facebook, you have strong reasons to think that your partner is unfaithful if you notice that she often connects in the middle of the night, without interacting with you.

75- She hides her phone
The cheating woman tends to hide her conversations or the screen of her phone, especially in your presence. This attitude is usually linked to the fact that it hides suspicious messages.

76- Frequent posts on the web
If your partner shows a renewed interest in social networks, in particular through the publication of photos and videos of her, it is possible that she is unfaithful.

77- No more nudes
If you notice that, even in your presence, your future wife has a tendency to do nudes, there is a good chance that she sends them to her lover.

78- Reduction of messages between you
You may have used to exchange twenty messages a day. But you find that number drops sharply over time. She is probably writing to her new knight.

79- Increase in the frequency of sexual relations
If you discover in your sweetheart an unusual sexual appetite, it is perhaps because she is now subjected to a higher rhythm of sexual relations.

80- A decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse
This varies according to the subjects, given the hormonal differences of each other. The more your sweetheart refuses to sleep with you, the more likely it is that she will do it elsewhere.

81- A computer always locked
As with her phone, access to the computer of the cheating woman is protected by a password, which she is very often the only one to know.

82- She avoids your parents
When your partner, spouse or fiancée, begins to share the intimacy of another man, you will notice that she will avoid your parents. In some cases, she will even avoid visiting them, or find a reason to be away if they have to visit you.

83- Refusal to lend you her computer
If she systematically refuses your request to use her computer, it is obvious that it is because she is hiding something that would undoubtedly compromise her.

84- Friendships and encounters that exclude you
If your partner finds a new friend, that does not necessarily mean that she is cheating on you. But when you are still excluded from his meetings with the latter, there is something to be doubtful about.

85- She avoids you
You live under the same roof, but your concubine avoids you? Is it preventing you from touching it? These signs are likely to suggest that she is getting used to touching another person.

86- Mailbox always empty
Too good to be true. When you find that your concubine’s voicemail is still empty, and then tell yourself that she is just erasing the traces of her escapades.

87- She is preoccupied with the mail
Too unusual attention and too focused on the mail is a sign of probable infidelity. Under these conditions, the cheating woman is just afraid that you will come across a letter that would compromise her.

88- Suspicious purchases
You will notice that your spouse makes regular purchases, but not for the house. It’s simple; these purchases are not for your couple.

89- She shuts down the computer in your presence
You have often noticed that each time you appear in the room, your wife turns off her Mac or interrupts what she was doing on her PC? She is certainly hiding something from you.

90- She works late on her computer
while you sleep; your sweetheart stays on her Mac for a long time. Currently working? Either way, this is probably a pretty entertaining job for her.

91- Condoms in her bag
This happens with women who lack vigilance. When you find male condoms in your wife’s business, knowing they’re not yours, well.

92- A stranger in the background of his phone
This sign may be daring, but it is nonetheless real. If your princess puts a photo of a stranger as a wallpaper, it goes without saying that this person is dear to her.

93- Frequent messages with the same contact
The unfaithful woman generally records the contact of her lover under a name that she alone masters. By paying attention, you will very often notice that most of his exchanges are with this contact.

94- Calls and messages when you wake up
A basic sign of a couple in love and the precursor of the start of a relationship, the messages your partner receives in the early morning should put you on the alert.

95- Perfumes for men
As much this sign is noticed in men, it exists in women. The unfaithful wife often keeps the smell and scent of her lover on her clothes without realizing it. Pay attention to it.

96- Hotel bills
You will be surprised to find that your wife pays hotel bills without your knowledge. This sign is frequent when her lover is a young person, whose needs she financially assures.

97- She forgets her wedding ring at the office
It is a basic pretext for women, when they have forgotten their wedding ring at the hotel or at their lover’s home.

98- She taunts you
A woman who has had enough of you and shares another man’s duvet has no trouble challenging you and taunting you. On the contrary, she does it with disconcerting calm.

99- She regularly lies to you and assumes.
An unfaithful woman who believes that she has nothing more to lose feels no embarrassment in lying to you and defending her lie whatever you may say, while being aware.

100- Divorce or break-up
This is usually the sign that announces the coup de grace. It follows a long process, punctuated by the signs mentioned above. When your wife or fiancée suddenly asks to break up, tell yourself that she has cheated on you for a long time and is now sure that she wants to continue her affair with her lover in an official way. End of the story !

After this overview of the 100 signs that can let you imagine that your partner is cheating on you, you will realize that there are some that you have certainly observed, without paying attention to them. Obviously, these signs can vary from one person to another, from one couple to another, according to the subjects and the tendencies of each other. However, they usually herald the color, when a relationship goes badly and the woman takes refuge in the arms or under the duvet of another man.

Far from was being all Penelope, representation of the faithful wife par excellence in Greek mythology (in reference to the story of Penelope’s wool in Homer’s Odyssey), women, for various reasons, can cheat on their partner.

Sexual dissatisfaction, lack of attention, a traumatic past, difficulty controlling one’s impulses, the causes of this state of affairs are numerous. In order to prepare yourself for it and identify the behaviour to be adopted in due time, it is appropriate, gentlemen, that you have some knowledge, however vague it may be, of the warning signs of the threat that hangs over your relationship. Although not exhaustive and applicable to all cases, these signs are still useful.

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