Snakes And Scorpions Hide In Dress Shoes In The Rain, Keep Shoes And Clothes Like This For Survival

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It is also important to be careful with Monsoon Fashion during the rainy season. In this season, apart from insects and insects, poisonous creatures hide in snake-scorpion clothes, shoes and trains etc. Many such incidents have been seen.

Recently a snake was caught in the jeans of a boy in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. However, the snake was later expelled and the boy was also rescued. But because of that, the poor boy’s breath remained stuck for hours.

Let us know how to maintain the dress and shoes to protect our dress from snake-scorpion. So that our lives are not endangered.

Wildlife researcher gave reasons

Researcher Sunanda Bhola said we do not have to be very technical to understand this. Actually, water gets filled in the bills and other places during rainy days. Because of this snakes and scorpions enter the houses. There they sit inside shoes and clothes lying outside or in a pocket. Snake-scorpion occurrences are common in the rainy season. We should come to protect ourselves from them. 

1. Keep Dresses In Wardrobe

We hang clothes casually anywhere. Because of which snakes and scorpions can easily enter them. If clothes are kept in wardrobes or Almira in an orderly fashion, then there is less possibility of them entering.

2. How To Hang Dresses To Dry

After washing clothes in the rainy season, hang them in the hangar and hang them to dry. Many people put clothes on the roof or boundary wall. Due to this, organisms like snakes or scorpions easily get into them. Also know the right way to dry clothes in the rainy season.

3. Flush the dress before placing

If you have put clothes to dry outside, do not throw them away after removing them. You clean the clothes once. After that, keep them in the wardrobe only after folding them properly.

4. Where To Keep Shoes

Snakes and scorpions easily sit in shoes. As soon as we go to wear them, they cut or sting. To avoid this, you should keep shoes well. Shoes should be kept in the rack and shoe stand (Shoes Rack / Stand). Place the right place as you remove the shoes.

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5. What to do before wearing dress and shoes (Check Your Shoes and Dresses before Wearing)

Regardless of the way you dress and dress. You should brush them off before wearing them. Only then wear them. For such doers, this kind of risk may be reduced.

6. Check your bags and helmets too

Snakes can also enter the bag. So never leave the bag chain open. Also, hang your helmet on the wall somewhere. Because in these two things, the phenomenon of snake or scorpion has been revealed.

Not only snakes and scorpions, be careful with them too!

In this season, not only snakes, scorpions, but also lizards, cockroaches and other small creatures also get into clothing. Those who are at risk of spreading the infection. Sometimes they get stuck in the skin. Due to which wounds etc. also occur. So take care of clothes more during the rainy season.

In this way, you can prevent yourself from entering snakes and scorpions in clothes or shoes during the monsoon. 

If such an incident happened with you or happens around you, then you can share your information with us.

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