Single Parenting

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While single parents are promptly increasing, their children still have disputed role in today’s society. Raising a child as a single parent is very hectic. As a single parent, you have to face a lot of problems and take more than enough decisions. Single-parent families are more common than joint families or nuclear families.

Sometimes single parents may feel uneasy while fulfilling all the responsibilities of a child, continuing with the job and household works. Single parent deal with many other burdens and difficulties that dual parents may not face. As a single parent, you may require more efficiency and patience to nurture your child.

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What is single parenting?

A single parent is a person who does not have a life partner and lives with children. There are a lot of reasons why a person turns into a single parent. It includes the death of a partner, divorce, a child from an unmarried couple, single person adoption, break-up. Single parent bringing up children alone with any partner.

Problems faced by single parents

If you are a divorcee, a widow or separated from your live-in partner, you may face lots of problems.

  • As a single parent, it is very difficult to maintain discipline because you will be the only disciplinarian which can give grow behavioural problems in children.
  • As a single parent, you have to fulfil the responsibilities of both mom and dad. So, you have not only to manage lots of responsibilities of a child but job and household chores also.
  • There shall be no social or financial support. You have to do everything by yourself. You have to take care of the child’s social, emotional and financial needs.
  • Society always pressures the single parent to get married. It is not sure that marriage may work or not. Sometimes it works. And on the other hand, it may fail. But you have to keep listening to society’s guidance.
  • As a single parent, you should manage all needs of a child alone. But you don’t get enough time to spend with your child as you keep struggling to fulfil their needs. You feel embarrassed about not having enough time for their child.
  • Parents always worried about your child’s safety and security. You always think about your child whether they have eaten properly or not while on your job. Moreover, you want a trustworthy babysitter who takes care of your baby properly. It is very difficult to find a person who dedicatedly stays with your child.

The positive impact of single parenting

Strong bonding between parent and child

When you share quality time with your child, it helps to create a strong bonding between you and your child than a nuclear family.

Share responsibility

Children raised by a single parent have more sense of responsibility than those children who raised by dual parents. Children will understand the value of doing work if they were praised by their single parent. These type of children are self-reliant and confident.


Single parent works hard for raising their child. They observe their parents working hard, so they tried to work with their parents. As a result, it turns your child into a nice and caring adult. Therefore they learn how to manage the difficult time of life.

Parent as a role model

Children who are raised by single parent know the importance of themselves in their parent’s life. Display moral, decent and ethical and behaviour encourages the child to be a good person and develop self- esteem in children.

The negative impact of single parenting

Financial issue

Single parent faces many problems in raising a child. They have to work long to meet the financial needs of their child. Single parent generally has less income for additional learning aids such as Tuition, computers, other reference materials. The child is probably less involved in co-curricular activities, which can obstruct their chances of getting a scholarship.

Sometimes parenting quality may low

You have a lot of responsibility for your child. As a single parent, you may suffer problems in daily life. It is possible to miss a school function or parent-teacher meeting because of your busy working hours. You may discuss your issues with your child, but they don’t have enough maturity and responsive strength to deal with the situation.

Emotional issue

The children raised by single parents feel a lack of self-esteem. They may desire for love, care and affection but they will not get sufficient because of your busy timetable. They may lose expectations and hope in their relationship. You should build a self-regard. Acknowledge their good work and help them to build self-esteem.

Feel loneliness

The other main problem faced by a single parent is loneliness. They don’t have any partner to share their problems, difficulties and joys as well. Therefore, It is very tough for the parent to bear all kinds of duties.

Tips to help single parenting

Set and manage routine

Make a routine for your day in such a manner that offers a sense of security to your child. Maintain your wake up time and bedtime. Try to eat a meal with your child. If it is not possible to spend day time with your children because of your job but letting them stay late night is not good.

Make unconditional love to your child

Your child needs love, care and concern even after separation from your partner. They need social and emotional protection from their parents. In other words, Show your care by spending most of the time with your child. Talk about your child’s hobbies and interests. Praise their good acts.

Handle funds and resources

The toughest part of single parenting is being helpless and dependent on a former spouse. Single income is not enough to care about the need of the family. You should plan your savings and investments for life long. Budget your cash according to your plan

Remain positive

Sometimes you may feel helpless during the responsibilities of single parenting. Meanwhile, you may feel the pain of separation of your partner, on the other hand, you have to fulfil the need of your child. Even with all these problems, you have to stay positive. Your child easily gets affected by your moods. You may share complaints with your kids but let them know that they are not the reason for your problems.

Above all, single parenting is not an easy task. You may face a lot of problems but have patience. Raise your child and turn them in a self-confident, and responsible adult.

All the best parents.

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