Simple Tips for a Zero-Waste Bathroom

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Due to the impact of overconsumption on the planet, more and more people are trying to adopt an eco-responsible approach and go to “zero waste”.

While it can be difficult for women to swap their beauty products for reusable ones, men can switch to a waste-free bathroom more easily. Whether for the care of the beard, your personal hygiene or in the shower,

Here are some tips to start your zero waste bathroom!

  • How to shave and maintain your beard in an eco-responsible way?
  • For a zero-waste shower, go solid!
    • Solid soap rather than shower gel
    • Wash your hair with a strong shampoo
    • Cream or alum stone deodorant under the arms!
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste are also going green
  • Reusable cotton swabs are not dirty!

How to shave and maintain your beard in an eco-responsible way?

You may not know it but all the products you use while shaving, whether it is blades, plastic wraps or even shaving foams for maintaining your beard, represent thousands of tons of waste every year. On the other hand, plastic is known to be one of the slowest materials to degrade. Thereforeby banning disposable razors from your bathroom, you are starting a real ecological approach towards the planet.

Also, investing in a quality shaving kit will save you money in the long run. We must admit: having an impeccably traced beard every day, that represents a hell of a budget. Fortunately, today there is a much more economical and ecological alternative: the safety razor.

As with the cabbage cutter, we find here the philosophy of old-fashioned shaving. Designed in wood, aluminium or stainless steel, it can be used for many years and is not at risk of rusting. In addition, it is an accessory that, aesthetically speaking, can match the rest of your bathroom. It will therefore not stain the decor. So all you have to change are the blades.

For a zero-waste shower, go solid!

If there are products that run out quickly and pollute a lot, it is hygiene products. Indeed, whether it is shampoos, shower gels, or even deodorants, the packaging is generally not recyclable.

Solid soap rather than shower gel

To minimize your plastic consumption, you must, therefore, consider adopting solid hygiene products. For example, when it comes to shower gel, you can swap it for a solid soap. In addition to being more durable and more economical, the composition of the latter is much more natural.

Besides, you can even choose organic soaps that are made by artisans. Granted, they might not smell as good as a chemical-packed shower gel, but you can be sure they cleanse just as well.

For even more efficiency, opt for a reusable bath glove, in the hemp or organic cotton.

Wash your hair with a strong shampoo

You can push your zero waste beliefs even further by switching to solid shampoos. Then again, you may notice that in terms of smell and shine, the results will not be the same as with liquid shampoo. Nevertheless, solid shampoo remains effective. And then you can always alternate between the two to reduce your plastic consumption.

Cream or alum stone deodorant under the arms!

Finally, today you have the opportunity to do without your industrial spray deodorant, to make way for a revolutionary product which is the cream deodorant. Mostly made from shea butter, these deodorants are very easy to apply and last all day, unlike chemical sprays. In addition, from a health point of view, they are not harmful.

In another style, the effectiveness of Alum stone is no longer to be proven to replace a classic deodorant. Certainly, the fragrance is neutral, but against perspiration and for very fresh armpits, it remains an excellent solution!

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are also going green

After personal hygiene, we must also think about oral hygiene. As for toothbrushes, these are also made of plastic and changed several times a year. The amount of waste they generate is, therefore, increasing faster than you might think.

To remedy this, you can swap your disposable toothbrush for a rechargeable electric model, for example. Even if the latter is also made of plastic, you will keep it much longer since you will only have to change its head.

Alternatively, you can also opt for more natural materials that are biodegradable and less polluting, such as wood. Moreover,  the bamboo toothbrush is very popular for its longevity and efficiency.

Finally, you can complete your new eco-responsible approach by banning tubes of toothpaste from your bathroom. Indeed, powdered toothpaste are more and more popular these days. You will therefore only have to dedicate a pot to them that you can refill each time.

Reusable cotton swabs are not dirty!

We could not end this article on the zero waste bathroom without mentioning the case of the enemies of the oceans: plastic cotton swabs.

Indeed, because of the tons of waste from these sticks that are thrown into the water every year, many marine animals die. Some species are also endangered. Single-use cotton swabs were banned on January 1, 2020, and have been replaced by natural and recyclable models.

This ban gave rise to another trend, that of reusable cotton swabs, auriculas. No, it’s not dirty, gentlemen! After cleaning your ears with this wooden stick, just wash it underwater to use it next time. For reasons of hygiene, and as for the toothbrush, we simply recommend that you do not exchange it with the other members of your household!

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