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Prevention of Heart Diseases

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Heart disease has been one of the prime reasons for death in the last few decades. Almost half of the population across the world is at the risk of heart disease. Certain types of conditions affect the health of your heart. Heart disease is a synonym for “Cardiovascular Disease”. In general terms, it is the disease in which blood vassals are blocked or narrowed and that leads to heart stroke or heart attack.

How can a person prevent heart diseases?

There are certain uncontrollable risk factors, for instance, your family history. But it is still vital to look for every concern and lower its chance from developing any heart disease. This can be achieved by decreasing the controllable risk factors.

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Look at the Numbers: Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

If you want to look at the overall health of your heart, just record your Blood Pressure and Cholesterols.

Healthy Blood Pressure Range- 120 Systolic and 80 diastolic often expressed as 120/80 mm Hg.

Here let us understand the term “Systolic” and “Diastolic”. Systolic means the pressure when your heart is pumping the blood or we can say when the heart is beating or contracting. Diastolic means the pressure when the heart is resting or it is the pressure in the veins between the 2 beats of the heart. Now if these numbers are higher then simply it means that your heart is working too hard to supply the blood.

Now, let us discuss the Cholesterol levels. The total Cholesterol levels should not be more than 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). The cholesterol level may also rely on your heart health history.  If there is too much cholesterol in your blood, it will create the walls or restrictions in the vassals for the flow of blood that can increase the development of heart disease.

Manage Stress

It is simple to understand and everyone knows that managing the stress can help you in lowering the chance of developing the heart disease. People sometimes don’t take chronic stress seriously. It is a big contributor to heart diseases. Always discuss with your doctor if you are going through certain types of stress, anxiety or just fighting with any stressful events in life such as divorce, loss of someone, loss of a job, and any other such situation.

Follow a Healthier Lifestyle

In general, a healthy lifestyle means to exercise regularly and have a healthy diet. For a healthy heart, you need to make sure that you should avoid saturated fats and salt. As per the health experts, you should do a regular exercise for at least half to one hour so that you remain healthy if you are not having any heart disease. Eating healthy food and daily exercise is also very beneficial for those who are having any heart disease.

Cigarettes and other smoking weeds that contain nicotine also constrict the blood vassals that results in restricting the oxygenated blood to circulate in the body. This may result in Atherosclerosis.

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