Powerful Marketing Tips on Instagram

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Instagram has been proven as the best tool for sharing photos and Marketing. As of data 2020, There are more 810 million monthly users who are active on Instagram. 60 million photos are being shared every day along with 1.6 billion daily “likes”, there are many influencers who have millions of followers. Now, just with the right strategies, you can too become an influential brand.

Here are the powerful marketing tips that will help you to grow into a popular brand on Instagram.

A Business profile

The very first step is to have an Instagram business account. If you already have an account, just switch to a business account. Before you start thinking about your Instagram marketing plan, be sure that you have an Instagram Business Account.

The followers will be able to tap on contact directly, so that they may get in touch with you in the same way they do on your website. You can use a tool, “Insights” that can give you statistics over the impressions and reach of any post. A Business Profile enables you to understand your audience.

Use of Instagram tools

You can view statistics such as impressions, data of engagement and much more with the help of the free tool, Instagram. You can get the demographics of your followers like Age, Location, Gender etc. You also get insights for your particular post. You can always adjust content once you get to know the engagement of your followers with your certain post.

Product Teasers   

The product teaser is a great way to sell more product on Instagram. It’s a wonderful place to advertise. Product teasers are a simple way to communicate about your service and product without being pushy. The teasers tease the users to get the discounts or product available for a limited period.

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Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads let you create a budget. You have the option to run a single ad or multiple ads through carousel feature. These ads give you the power to reach your ads to the specific group living in specific are and even if they are not following you. The content of Sponsored ad should be engaging and appealing to that particular demographic you want to target.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with your followers. Instagram stories run as a slideshow and are living for 24 hours. You can save and reuse them later. You can use a photo, short video, live videos and boomerangs. They run in an exact order you have posted over Instagram stories.

Partnership with Influencers

You may want to reach potential customers, and then Influencers can help you in achieving your target very easily who have a big audience base. The audience trusts them, and they purchase more and more products and services they get from the influencers. Just find the right influencer and build a partnership with him. This way you can build brand recognition among the new audience.

Post user-submitted Pictures

You can get great content from your followers for free. You can encourage your audience to generate the best content for you. Users love authentic content. You may be wondering why they will do it for you? It is obvious that they too want to build their followers base like you. You just need to tag them in your post submitted by them.

Interactive Brand HashTag

The interactive hashtag is a great way to get instant engagement. Customers can also use that hashtag to post their content. It enables you to easily find out the image that you may reconsider posting on your page. It’s free advertising. Anyone using your hashtag is actually promoting you to their followers. You can use your slogan or a short tag line as your hashtag.

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