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Pomegranate: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

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The pomegranate with juicy red seeds has been consumed for its taste and several health benefits. The fruit has now become unbelievably trendy for its high nutritional value. It becomes an essential part of many healthy diets.

Nutritional value of pomegranate

One of the most nutritional fruit is pomegranates. A single bowl of pomegranate seeds provides the following-

  • Fibre – Seven grams
  • Protein – Three grams
  • Vitamin K – 36% of your recommended dietary intake
  • Vitamin C – 30% of your recommended dietary intake
  • Potassium – 12% of your recommended dietary intake
  • Folic acid – 16% of your recommended dietary intake

Health benefits of pomegranate

Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Heart disease is the foremost reason for premature death. 51 patients were examined with a high triglyceride level for four weeks. 800 grams of pomegranate seed oil per day is given to them for four weeks. After these studies, the triglyceride level was measured after this fixed time, numbers are notably reduced.

Control blood pressure

Reason for heart attack and strokes is high blood pressure. According to one study, Patients received 150ml of pomegranate juice daily for 14 days. As a result, the patients who drink pomegranate juice regularly had a major decrease in their systolic blood pressure.

Helps struggle cancer

Pomegranate in prostate cancer has a capability of slowing the reproduction of cancer cell and slows down the death in cancerous cells. Presence of prostate cancer is identified by the help of blood marker known as a prostate-specific antigen. People who have to develop the amount of prostate-specific antigen twice in a short period are at very high risk for death due to prostate cancer. Though, study says that by intake 237 ml of pomegranate juice daily, it helps to double prostate-specific antigen time from 15-55 months.

Fights fungal and bacterial infections

The substance in pomegranate named punicic and punicalagin help battle micro-organisms. For example, these elements fight fungal infections which are caused by Candida Albicans. Its effects may operate as a hurdle against tooth infections like tooth plaque, gingivitis or denture stomatitis.

Reduce premature ageing

When free radicals start to form in our body due to the contact to the sun and another environmental toxin, premature ageing occurs. Pomegranates are a high source of antioxidants, which helps to tackle free radicals and avoid their formation. This helps your skin looks younger and plumper by keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Help to reduce arthritis and joint pains

Pomegranates are a strong contender for battle arthritis and other joint pains since it has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to relieve the uneasiness and severe pain caused due to joint problems and enables you to live more easily. It is suggested to consume pomegranate extract for minimum 15 weeks before these advantages begin shown in your body.

Increase exercise performance

After a workout session, your muscles can feel extremely tender and uncomfortable. You may feel tired for a couple of days and can be uncomfortable for many of the people. Consumption of pomegranate juice regularly is highly effective in letting you work out for longer and reduce fatigue and also reduces muscle discomfort.

Pomegranates are a gift of nature. This wonderful fruit is enriched with full of nutritional value. This superfruit offers a lot of health profits like relieving tenderness, fight cancer and many more. Try to consume one pomegranate daily to collect many benefits.

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