Methods For Conquering a Woman: Being the Alpha Male

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Of the methods to win a woman available today, one of the most recent is that of John Alexander. This seduction guru is the author of one of the best-known systems, the alpha male method.

According to this system, the shy and unsuccessful man with women is a beta male, that is, a male who accepts that he has little value compared to girls, so he tries to win them over through gifts and being kind. However, he is unsuccessful in his attempt.

For his part, an alpha male is a man who is aware of his high value and who, due to his personal qualities, is confident enough not to feel intimidated by women. An alpha man is a leader and because of this, he is used to being followed by men and girls.

Compared to other methods of conquering a woman, the advantage of the alpha male system is that it does not intend for men to memorize routines and phrases to pick up. On the contrary, it is proposed that men change their attitude and take the place that by right of birth corresponds to them, that of alpha males.

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How to be an alpha male. 3 practical tips

Reward good behaviour and punish bad

The alpha man rewards the behaviour of women. If they behave well, he rewards them with his attention or with some detail, but if they behave badly (they complain or get emotionally upset for no apparent reason), he punishes them with his indifference and disinterest. An alpha man does not allow others to disrespect him. He also does not fight with a woman, because he knows that this detracts from him. If you invite a girl to drink a coffee and you want to pay (she has also been nice, kind and playful), you should first ask yourself if you would pay for the coffee if it were any friend. If the answer is yes, do it, but pay by implying that it is not a big deal.

Don’t pay much attention to what they think of you

An alpha man doesn’t pay attention to what others (let alone women) think of him. The reason is that girls can be emotionally unstable, making it impossible to control what they think. However, if you are sure of yourself, why are you interested in what others think of you? With you approving yourself is enough.

Be a leader

The alpha man is a leader and always has the initiative. When communicating with others, do not show doubts. As in dancing, for women to follow you, you have to lead them. This is because girls instinctively follow the man. Take the initiative when you are with others. If you and a girl want to do something in the afternoon, make a proposal. And if you want her to decide, present her with the alternatives. Develop the habit of being proactive and providing solutions, not problems.

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