Men’s Tights: Not Just a Sports Accessory?

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Is it normal to wear tights when you’re a man? Can this underwear be part of the men’s locker room?

How can you have the style with tights? We will try to take stock of a piece that is far from being unanimous!

  • Basically, tights ARE a masculine accessory
  • Why wear tights when you’re a man?
    • Models tailored for male morphology
    • For sport or for style!
    • 4 pairs of tights for men to test

Basically, tights ARE a masculine accessory

It’s not just for skiing, running in cold weather, dancing, or a fancy dress party that men wear tights. If they rarely wear them under a skirt or shorts, those who hide them under their pants are much more numerous than one might suppose. The proof: major brands offer them in their catalogue.

In fact, it’s nothing surprising to see men wearing them in the 21st century. Because it should be remembered that originally, this clothing accessory is purely masculine. It was women who then picked it up and adopted it widely.

In the old days, nobles wore tights, not pants. It was even a sign of wealth. And then, a lot of superheroes are wearing this accessory. Superman, Batman or even Robin Hood never appear in pants and that doesn’t shock anyone.

Why wear tights when you’re a man?

Obviously, we rarely cross the street a man in a skirt and tights – though the skirt for man is more and more followers and the masculine-feminine style is very fashionable. Most often, this clothing accessory is worn underpants. This is what those who want to keep their legs warm and protect themselves from the cold do. Because it is, all the same, the primary vocation of this piece!

If further proof was needed that this accessory is appealing, know that the Gerbe manufacture has imagined a very wide choice of knee socks for men. Unfortunately, the company founded in 1895 almost disappeared before a Chinese group came to its rescue in 2015.

Models tailored for male morphology

At Gerbe, the men’s collection was created in 2007 to meet a very real demand. And if they have disappeared from the brand’s catalogue today, the demand still exists.

Naturally, men’s tights are adapted to their morphology and musculature. This means that they have an opening in the crotch and have a wide elastic waistband so as not to compress the abdominals. Conversely, we find more rarely fishnet or “transparent” models. But the result is there: comfort, elegance and well-being.

For sport or… for style!

Some models are relaxing with progressive compression. They are particularly suitable for people who often travel by plane or who work all day on their feet. Others are designed for athletes. Still, others are made of wool to provide maximum warmth. It is useful in winter for bikers or for men who work outside in all weathers.

While Nike, Adidas and Puma offer many leggings for sports, Dim, Damart or Comfilon also have many models dedicated to men. There are even references giving the impression of having a tattooed calf! Proof that the market does exist and that this piece can be a fashion accessory like any other. Check around or on the internet and you will find those masculine tights are more present than you might think.

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