Men’s Scarf: 4 Ways To Wear It

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The scarf, as well as the scarf or even the cheche, is a bit of a French particularity.

However even if it is not limited to France, the scarf is a garment much more prized by men within our borders than in other countries.

  • How to tie your scarf to have style?
  • Which fabric to choose for your scarf?
  • # 1. The Parisian knot
  • # 2. The drape
  • # 3. The rolled-up
  • # 4. The underground

How to tie your scarf to have style?

Some tips for choosing her scarf, he has already been made on But what about wearing this accessory for which the fashion faux-pas is never far away? It may sound trivial, but not at all.

Worn well, the scarf will give style and a finished look to your look. Badly worn, it will give a messy and poorly controlled effect. How not to make a mistake between too tight or too loose? How to wear it without looking like a dramatic comedy student? I will give you here four ways to wear a scarf for men.

But before getting to the heart of the matter, I’m going to digress a little: what is the ideal material for a beautiful scarf?

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Which fabric to choose for your scarf?

At the risk of breaking open doors, I think that men have neglected the choice of their clothes and accessories for too long. Oh, not just about the brands or the colours. My remark also applies to the choice of materials, the place of manufacture and various more “technical” aspects.

Fortunately, things tend to change. Nicolas has already given you some tips for recognizing beautiful leather. You could also learn how to recognize a quality garment or which material to choose to be warm in winter. In the same vein, I wanted to come back to the choice of fabric for your scarf.

To combine style and comfort, it seems essential to me to favour vegetable fibres. Cotton and linen are used on many scarves, and silk may be a solution as well. But for a nice scarf that keeps you warm, I can only recommend wool. And, ideally, not a simple “itchy wool”, but rather a scarf made in beautiful cashmere wool, a luxury pashmina which will give even more nobility and elegance to your outfit.

There you have it, now it’s time to go back to my initial questioning and tell you how to tie your scarf well to have style.

1. The Parisian knot

Angelo Nardelli

In any case, that’s what it is called abroad. This worn consists of connecting your scarf at its two ends and taking it by the middle. Pass it behind your neck and slide in front of the two panels in the loop.

The result is very suitable for a casual-chic style, that is to say, neat but not formal. Be careful not to over-tighten the knot around your neck, which may break up the slightly nonchalant effect of the look (and prevent you from breathing in the process).

2. The drape

Club Monaco Fall Winter 2016-17

Take your scarf in the middle and pass it behind your neck so that the two sides fall on either side of your body. It’s obviously not the best way to keep your neck warm, but if it’s not too cold, it automatically adds a chic edge to your outfit.

3. The rolled-up


If you want to focus on comfort, without compromising your style, just wrap the scarf one (or more times) around your neck. Be careful that the flaps falling on each side keep a minimum length.

4. The underground

It is for me the most elegant way to wear the scarf. It consists of slipping it inside your shirt and crossing the sides just under the neck.

Be careful to take a thin stole and not too long (a scarf will do very well), otherwise, the fabric will widen your bust in a not harmonious way.

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