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Men’s Bodybuilding: The Best Program

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Are you tired of not progressing and / or going around in circles at the gym?

Just Lift is the man bodybuilding program you need to gain muscle and sculpt your abs quickly, thanks to David Costa.

  • Presentation of the Just Lift bodybuilding program
  • David Costa, a recognized expert in the world of bodybuilding
  • How to train in bodybuilding?
  • Why is Just Lift the best weight training program for men?
  • Attention to detail with 10 exercises decrypted in video
  • Become a complete athlete
  • A precise method of mass gain in 12 weeks
  • And after these 12 weeks, how do you stay in shape?

Presentation of the Just Lift bodybuilding program

Strength training is the best way to build muscle quickly , Build Your Arms and have abs + other arguments like “Do you want to build your whole body? Being able to proudly display your chocolate bars, concrete pecs? Make women fall in love with perfectly sculpted buttocks?

Unfortunately with everything we find on the internet, it’s hard to know what will really work and take us forward.

The JUST LIFT bodybuilding program introduces you to all aspects of building a strong, sharp physique.

David Costa also takes care of sorting out many misconceptions that prevent you from having results.

You will also discover that this bodybuilding program is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced athletes.

You will only have to follow it to transform your body.

David Costa, a recognized expert in the world of bodybuilding

David Costa’s skills and experience   are well established. He is the most qualified coach in France, author of 5 books on bodybuilding published in 4 countries and editor for the best fitness magazines in France.

A complete and accomplished athlete, he practices athletics, weightlifting, football, swimming and obviously bodybuilding. Like what, you can have a complete physique by training (intelligently) with heavy weights.

For 10 years, David has been coaching you remotely via his website which brings together more than 1000 customer reviews and more than 90 impressive physical transformations, in particular thanks to personalized remote coaching where he excels with his unique method.

Since 2009, he has already helped many men to take control of their body on .

How to train in bodybuilding?

David Costa’s Just Lift Men’s Bodybuilding Program begins with an incentive-based introduction accompanied by caveats: yes, gentlemen, you have to be patient. You won’t be able to have solid muscles in just a few days. 

No pain no gain as they say in the middle! But also be careful not to fall into the “bread” side because overdoing it in bodybuilding will not give you more results. You will have to train with intelligence; this is one of the great advantages of the Just Lift program.

Your transformation shouldn’t just be about your looks. David’s vision is that of an architect, which begins with a sound and robust foundation. 

Food and a healthy lifestyle are essential. The effects of miracle products and express methods are clearly denounced. No blah, but real effective advice:  this is David Costa’s guide!

Why is Just Lift the best weight training program for men?

The Just Lift guide follows you from A to Z, in all stages of your training and transformation.

Just Lift isn’t just about making you grow cast iron. This ultimate guide to strength training helps you improve your endurance, coordination, flexibility and body awareness. So many essential elements to then cash in the workouts boost your recovery abilities and determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Although focused on bodybuilding, you will benefit from the 20David’s training principles for successful muscle mass gain.

Just Lift explains how to monitor and analyze your results for your performance as well as your physique.

The first thing to do is to take pictures of his body and his measurements. If you follow David Costa’s advice, you will have proof that this program really works. In two pictures, you will be able to see that your muscles have developed, that your body has changed and even that your posture has improved.

Attention to detail with 10 exercises decrypted in video

As a very precise expert on bodybuilding technique, David Costa deciphers 10 exercises in video and on paper with all their variations and a maximum of advice. All muscle groups are covered and anatomical charts describe the muscles used. 

How to do squats effectively? How to build your pectorals in bench press? What are the rowing exercises for? So many questions that will be answered thanks to the Just Lift bodybuilding program .

Become a complete athlete

While “die-hard” strength training is at the heart of this guide, David Costa doesn’t forget the other components of your workout. Elements too often neglected which are nevertheless very important for progress and for having lasting results.

These elements will allow you to recover better, train better and especially not to injure yourself. To do this, David discusses in detail the warm-up, sheathing, flexibility and mobility. It also dismantles all your possible prejudices on these elements to help you progress.

Too often we think that it suffices to work your so-called “superficial” muscles (pectorals, biceps, triceps) to transform your body. But this is totally reducing (even dangerous!) If you don’t also work the deep and stabilizing muscles through stretching and other core and strengthening exercises. This holistic approach will save you a lot of injury and make you progress faster than any other method.

Learn about Use of Whey Protein: Good or Bad for your health

A precise method of mass gain in 12 weeks

Once you understand all the challenges of your training, you can focus 100% on your upcoming sessions. David Costa has concocted a complete program for you to gain muscle and strength, to follow at home or in the gym for 12 weeks .

Arms, pectorals, abs, legs, glutes: no muscle is forgotten!

The progression during this bodybuilding program is done in 4 phases:

  • Week 1 to 3: development of muscle mass. Key point to progress, remember to have a slight margin on your first series to avoid muscle failure. In other words, stop 1 to 2 repetitions before you can not finish the movement.
  • Week 4 to 6: development of muscle volume. With the fatigue accumulated during repetitions, remember to keep a perfect placement at all costs and not to cheat in order to stimulate the right muscles.
  • Week 7 to 9: development of maximal strength (nervous recruitment). This is a crucial phase in your training to allow you to continue to progress. Focus on the quality of your series and do not hesitate to reduce the load in the event of failure.
  • Week 10 to 12: development of muscle volume. Build on the progress of the previous 10 weeks by doing 2 very intense and effective weeks.

And after these 12 weeks, how do you stay in shape?

Very characteristic of David Costa, his advice accompanies you even after the finished program. You will then have the choice to continue this work of muscle development (mass gain, high calorie diet, etc.) or to start a dry period in order to bring out your “new” muscles.

So, are you ready to jump in and transform your body?

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