Look Stylish With a Shirt And Shorts

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  1. A shirt, shorts, two look ideas for the summer!

2.My style advice: how to combine shorts and a shirt?

3.My two looks with shorts and a shirt

A shirt, shorts, two look ideas for the summer!

In summer, we must admit, it is very difficult to be stylish in shorts. First, you have to find shorts that suit you. Something already far from obvious! And so, if you want to wear your shorts with a shirt, the story gets even more complicated. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and offer you two looks that are both trendy and summery. I let you discover all of this.

My style advice: how to combine shorts and a shirt?

The hardest part about choosing shorts is that they can quickly get old-fashioned or badly cut. I couldn’t recommend enough that you ditch anyone with large patch pockets on the back. Why? Because it will widen your buttocks and especially visually decrease the size of your shorts. Also, prefer the low waist – if you have the morphology for – because the standard sizes will also flatten your buttocks.

As for the shirt, you now know my version to the such shirts In Addition To White Shirt, Which Can Give Comfort In Summer!, you know, the famous short sleeve shirt. However, I don’t want to forbid you. If you really want to integrate this piece, be careful to choose a model with cinched sleeves. For others, long-sleeved shirts whose cuffs or three-quarter sleeves are rolled up, also dare the patterns or bright colours.

My two looks with shorts and a shirt

Positive point: the brands understood that we had to offer us shorts that have class. I have therefore selected a model for you which is totally inspired by suit pants with a very nice drape. I went pretty far in the look by pairing it with a polka dot pattern shirt and a bow tie. You might as well wear the air tie shirt. I add a 48h leather bag and smooth leather and suede derbies. Here is a pretty BCBG look but very trendy for this summer.

Diesel slim shirt: 89 euros
Asos shorts: 30.99 euros
Jérôme Dreyfuss bag : 675 euros
M. Mustache shoes: 125 euros

For the second look Or the Casual Look for Men, I preferred a street wear style with denim shorts, but stretch jeans. A very comfortable material to wear and which gives a beautiful texture to the room. I add a plain shirt worn in air tie – yes, again but it’s trendy, gentlemen! – And a khaki waxed effect bomber jacket. In terms of accessories, a canvas and leather bag and suede moccasins, and voila!

Zara shirt: 39.95 euros
Soft Gray jacket: 35.99 euros
Celio denim Bermuda: 29.99 euros
Bexley driver moccasin: 79 euros

Always remember to air your outfit when wearing shorts and a shirt. These are two light pieces, so you have to respect their nature. In any case, treat yourself for this summer!

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