Important Tips For Those Wearing Shoes / Slippers In Summer, Which Can Prevent Foot Infection

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What to wear in summer shoes or slippers? The answer is – wear anything you like, but some things have to be taken care of. Otherwise, the risk of fungal and bacterial infections in the feet will increase.

So whatever you wear, wear it carefully!

If not done, then the problem of stench and excessive sweating will become serious. That is why we should be careful while wearing Summer Shoes in summer. This problem can be caused not only by shoes but also by those who wear Sleeper / Summer Slippers (thongs, sandals) in summer.

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The risk of foot infection in summer is high (Foot Infection In Summer)

According to Dr Mithali, the feet are more sweaty in summer. This is why the risk of infection is high. Many people ignore this, due to which this problem becomes bigger.

Slippers Care In Summer

Do not wear normal-looking thongs in summer, wear stylish slippers. Wearing only a sleeper is not going to solve the problem. For this, you need to know some things.

  • If you sweat more than the feet, do not wear pure leather slippers. Because this increases the problem even faster. That’s why doctors also refuse to wear leather sleepers.
  • Once you come out, clean your sleepers or slippers. Many times we leave like this, due to which a layer is formed due to dust and mud and sweat on it. Later, this layer becomes sticky and sticks to the soles of the feet, which can cause skin problems.
  • Do not wear out-of-bed sleepers or slippers at home. Rather keep separate slippers for home use.
  • Do not always wear slippers in the feet. Sometimes stay barefoot as well. At least make a habit of walking in the room without slippers.

Men’s Summer Slippers

If you want to wear something that relieves your feet in summer, do so. This will give relief to your feet and you will not be prone to spreading the infection. They can wear the following sleepers or sandals 

  • Flip Flop Sleeper (Men’s Flip-Flops Slippers)
  • Athletic Sandals
  • Single Strap Sandals
  • Men’s Crossed Sandals
  • Men’s Synthetic Sandals

Whether you go for a walk or shopping or anything else, wear such a stylish sleeper. This will enhance your look. Also, there will be no problem in carrying it. The good thing is that if you feel like washing your feet in the scorching heat, then there will be no problem.

Shoes Care In Summer

You can also wear shoes in summer. If you are in mood then why should we stop? Just you have to take care of some things, only then you will be able to take care of your feet, that is, you will be able to protect yourself from infection.

  • Instead of wearing leather shoes, wear shoes made of clothes. This will give you great relief in summer. If you wear shoes made of leather, it can cause problems.
  • Never wear shoes without socks. Wear socks with summer or winter shoes. Many boys are not able to wear socks according to shoes. Therefore, you should also know this so that fashion is not a mismatch.
  • Clean shoes properly in summer. If you do not clean shoes and socks properly, it can cause infection in the skin of the feet.
  • Do not wear heavyweight boots during summer. This will make your feet sweat more.
  • Always wear cotton socks with shoes in summer. During this time, avoid wearing nylon, polyester fabric socks. 

Summer Shoes

  • Espadrille
  • Sneakers
  • Loafers
  • Sports Shoes

Espadrille may be the right choice for this season.

Wearing sneakers is considered correct. So you get used to wearing light sneakers in summer.

Loafers are very cool in summer, which can be worn with casual and formal clothing.

Sports shoes can also be worn in summer.

Men’s Pedicure Essential in Summer

The doctor says that there is a risk of fungal nails in summer, so keep biting from time to time. Also, do a pedicure for the cleanliness of the feetThis will remove the smell of your feet. Also, dry shoes and slippers in the sun when they are wet.

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