How to Write a Letter to Your Ex?

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Have you broken up, but want to win back your ex? After the radio silence technique, here are the rules to follow when writing a letter to your ex.

Yes, you cannot imagine your future without her by your side, you especially do not want to see her in the arms of another and you are right, you must not have any regrets and try everything to save your love story.

However, it is not so easy to succeed in winning back a love affair and to get off to a good start. Many people do not do it in the best possible way and make the situation worse.

In this article, I would like to tell you about a technique that is perhaps one of the most effective in arousing your ex’s feelings, but which is not yet one of the most used.

Quickly discover the best techniques to write a letter to your ex!

  • What is a letter to his ex?
  • Am I in a situation that requires writing a letter?
  • The 2 main tips for writing a letter to your ex
    • Not a love letter
    • Evoke the positive
  • And to go further …

What is a letter to his ex?

Before putting in place techniques to improve your love life and, in this case, get your ex back, it is important to know what that entails. Indeed, far too many people launch into an action, head first, without taking the necessary distance to analyze the situation.

You need to know the ins and outs of writing a letter if you want it to be truly effective and allow you to reconnect with your ex.

Writing a letter to your ex is one of the many techniques that I have developed since the beginning of my activity as a love coach in 2007. You probably know the “Cormont method” concerning Radio Silence or even the reverse addiction that I help you set up during personalized coaching. However, there is a more “direct” technique, which works directly on your ex.

Indeed, the two previous methods that I mentioned concern you, personally, and consist in modifying your behavior. But with the letter, it’s the opposite since you will act directly to show him your change on an emotional and psychological level. In short, you take concrete action to win back.

Writing a letter to your ex is a tool that allows you to make a precise analysis of your relationship but above the entire resulting breakup. After a separation you need space and your ex partner too.

However, you also don’t have to waste time. However, by using the letter to make your ex react, you engage your love recon quest while preserving the necessary distance for you and your ex.

Am I in a situation that requires writing a letter?

The different techniques of regaining love that I have developed are effective but for that, you have to use them at the right time and in the best way. If you’ve just been in a relationship of a few weeks or months, then I recommend that you do not write a letter to your ex to focus only on the notion of complicity. It is by coming back without giving credit for the break-up and its causes that you can more easily make her want to talk to you.

However, for all other stories, I consider the handwritten letter to be essential for two reasons. The first because it makes it possible to draw a line on the past and not to return tirelessly to the mistakes of each one; the second because it engages you in a new communication in order to give weight to your reflection.

Text messages do not have the same impact at all. Conversely, a Manuscript letter is a good proof of reflection and change.

The main mistake of men who have just broken up and want to get their ex back is that they are impatient.

You must first find yourself and rebuild your morale of steel in order to successfully win back your love affair. Self-confidence is essential to writing the perfect letter to your ex.

As in all other methods of regaining love, you must first think of yourself, otherwise, no chance of reforming a real solid couple that can last.

I suppose that, now, you are asking yourself many questions, for example, on which axis you should focus on? What should be the perfect length for a letter to your ex? You will have the advice you need!

The 2 main tips for writing a letter to your ex

I wanted to share with you two of my top tips to help you get closer to your ex and guide your letter. You will see that the weight of words is important but that it is above all essential to determine precise solutions and no longer empty promises.

Not a love letter

The first piece of advice I can give you is not to confuse a letter for an ex with a love letter. You don’t have to make a sentiment statement! This is absolutely not the purpose of this letter. I remind you once again, you are going to have to keep some distance if you really want this writing to have an effect. Now, if with every line you remind her how much you love her and that your life has no flavor without her, you are making a big mistake.

Instead, focus on the model: self-criticism (your mistakes), explanations (why you haven’t changed before?) And solutions (how to prove that you won’t make the same mistakes again in the future?).

Evoke the positive

Your letter must not be negative. You can do some soul-searching and you have to analyze this breakup, but that doesn’t mean listing all the bad events that you may have gone through together.

You can perfectly recall a funny anecdote, that your ex has surely not forgotten, a moment of joy, and make him understand that this is what really represents your relationship, but not the arguments.

The handwritten letter has a powerful impact when it is written to perfection.

And to go further…

These tips for “writing a letter to your ex” are general and don’t take into account your life as a couple or your personal history.

For complete and personalized advice, Alexander offers you his method to help you make your relationship last or win back your ex-wife .

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