How to Win a Woman Younger than You

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The question of many men who do not dare to talk to that girl whom he likes too much is how do I make her notice me if I am older than her? Well, the answer is very simple and is that all women They are attracted to men a little older than they are, for what they like to feel safe and protected about. When we talk about security and protection, we are not talking about girls being interested, because it should be noted that today women are very independent and do not pay much attention to the bank account that men may have, that is a thing of the past and it does not influence too much.

If you want to win over a girl, you must provide her with an experience that a boy her age cannot offer.

The steps that you must take into account to conquer that girl younger than you are the following.

1.- You must know it

This is the first and foremost. Come and meet her if you have not already done so. Find what she likes. If you don’t know what she likes, you won’t be able to figure out how to start showing her that you like her, be her friend, “not her best friend”, because she won’t start loving you as her best friend and she won’t be able to see you with different eyes.

2.- Show her that you like her even though she’s younger than you

Show her with small details that you like her a lot, don’t harass her too much, be patient but don’t take your finger off the line, she will start to notice.

3.-Do not rush to the facts

Ask her out but don’t try anything with her on the first date, take her to a place where you can interact and be closer.

4.- Be very loving and kind to her

If you take her to a meeting with friends your age, don’t ignore her just because she is younger than you, introduce her to your friends and let her interact with you and your friends, make her feel more important than them.

5.- Flirt with her

In any opportunity you have, do not stop telling her that you like it, yes, do not be very impulsive, but, also not very shy, always show your masculinity and do not make her feel uncomfortable if she shows interest in you then continue with the flirting.

6.- Be understanding

But don’t behave like her older brother, make her see things differently and advise her in a different way, don’t be smarter than her, let her also be in control of her situation, don’t pressure her.

7.- Keep trying

If the first does not work for you, keep practicing, remember the famous saying “practice makes perfect”.

Being sure of your feelings regarding the girl you like is a very important step, remember that they are young women and it is difficult for them to forget and heal their wounds quickly. Make sure the girl you like isn’t too young for you, because you don’t want to get in trouble. Always remember that you will be in a relationship with a minor woman and therefore you will have to be very patient with her, young women always tend to be very capricious and somewhat jealous, but it is something that you with your experience can shape. Never forget their birthday, or the day of their birthday, the details drive them crazy.

If your relationship with the girl is already a bit more serious and well if you are already with her, then you can talk about a little more intimate issues, meanwhile do not say a single word related to sexuality. Make her feel safe always, give her place and show her that no matter how old she is, you will respect her every day. Girls younger than their partners always feel safer than others, this is because the older man is clear about what he wants, wants and needs. It is something that women know at first glance.

The most important thing is that, although you have to be fun and entertaining, you should treat girls younger than you with maturity. Remember that men mature slower than women their own age, so they expect an older man to treat them differently.

3 tips to conquer a younger woman

1.- Be respectful.

Regardless of their age, women want to be treated with respect. Young girls especially want this as men their own age are generally more immature. Don’t treat her like a teenager. This is not to say that you can’t occasionally joke with her about her age or that you should have a serious and thoughtful conversation. But don’t overdo it.

2.- Be mature.

Young women strive to act mature and want to be treated with such maturity. Treat her like the grown woman she is and you act like an adult. Just because you have a young spirit doesn’t mean you should act like a teenager.

3.- Avoid interrogations.

It is common for when two people are meeting, the conversation goes into the questioning mode. This is quite boring and does not stimulate girls from an emotional point of view. Keep the conversation fun and bring up topics that allow her to talk about herself little by little. If she talks little about herself, make statements about her like you’re trying to guess rather than ask questions. For example, if it seems to you that it is from another country, make a comment about it and if you are wrong, explain why you thought it. This will add value to the conversation and give her a chance to talk about her own life.

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