How to Use Psychology to Win a Man and Make Him Stay With You

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Since love is an emotion that arises from the mind, it is possible to use some secret psychological strategies to woo a person you like. In this article, I will teach you how to use the mind of your loved one in your favour so that he falls at your feet without realizing it. 

How to make a person fall in love with psychology?

According to love psychologists, there are six strategies you can use to make a person fall in love, all through subtle manipulation of their mind:

1: Know your love map

It is not entirely certain that if you know the unconscious criteria of that person you can make him fall in love with you. However, it is 100% sure that if you do not know them, you will not be able to make her fall in love. 

So, you must investigate in depth what their tastes and interests are, to know what type of person tops the list on their love map. Once you know, you are ready for the next step: letting your subconscious know that you meet those criteria. 

2: Know their affinities and weaknesses

In love, there is a well-known saying: “opposites attract”, however, this is not entirely true.

People tend to look for a partner who has the same tastes and strengths, while in terms of their weaknesses, they look for a person who is the complete opposite of them.

For example, a person who is smart, but really shy, will probably look to date someone who is as smart as she is, but is much more confident.

So if you want to make her fall in love, you must appear confident and thus send a message to her subconscious indicating that you are the right person.

3: What is your level of dependency?

Being dependent means that it takes something or someone to feel good or escape the bad aspects of our life. That is why people who fall into this category do not like to be alone, so they are always looking for a new partner.

In short, a dependent person is a person who is much easier to conquer, since they need someone to take care of them and make them feel safe.

If the person you want to conquer is very independent, being persistent and obvious in the conquest will not give you good results. It will work much more for you to show him that you are also an interesting person with personal projects, and to handle the flirtation in the most casual way possible.

4: Take advantage of your friends

According to social psychology, it is easier for your loved one to fall into your arms if their friends or family endorse you as a romantic choice. Our brain is programmed to believe what people we trust say.

That is to say, if your friends tell you that you are the ideal person, your loved one will think so. However, if they tell you that you are an idiot, that person will probably take you off their prospect list. 

It starts with knowing who their friends are and getting them to like them. This way they will speak well of you, which will greatly increase your chances of dating.

5: manipulate your mind

I’m not talking about brainwashing or some kind of hypnosis; the way to manipulate that person’s mind is through repetition, not just with words, but with actions.

Repetition makes the subconscious adapt to the idea and see it much more likely, influencing its decision. 

It is enough to frequently remind him that you are there, preferably without realizing that you are doing it on purpose. Your constant presence and sympathy will increase the chances that he will notice you and start to think of you as a prospect.

6: build a good reputation

When people hear your name, what is the first thing they think of? What are your most outstanding qualities? Are they positive or negative aspects?

We all have defects, it is common in all human beings, but if others perceive you as someone with many positive and pleasant qualities, there is much more probability that your object of desire will consider you as someone with more social value.

How to make a person fall in love with reverse psychology?

This is a highly efficient technique that you can use when you want to woo a difficult person. In this method manipulation techniques or influence on behaviour are used that appears to be the opposite of what they are. 

It consists of generating a stimulus of approach through an attitude of withdrawal, which will make the other person feel more interested and go straight to your arms.

For this technique to work, it is important that there is an initial attraction, so you should use it as a last resort, only when that person has told you that they only want a friendship or that they are not ready for the commitment of a relationship.

How do you like the person you like?

In addition to the aforementioned tricks, there are some techniques that you can use as a complement when falling in love with a person. For example, you should give her original compliments, show him that he does things right, make sure you pay attention to him, and make him feel that you hear and understand him.

In short, make him like himself a lot when he’s with you.

A good strategy is to make casual physical contact, as it is a powerful form of communication. However, you should know how and when to use it, because if you exaggerate or are too obvious, it could cause the opposite effect and cause an impulse to withdraw.

How can I win a girl?

Although all women are different, most of them look for the same qualities in men. For example, they are looking for someone who will listen to them, who is confident, and who makes them feel cared for and cared for.

Making them laugh is also a great way to get along with them and, of course, you should dress well and maintain good hygiene, since they are very detailed in these qualities.

They say that men like pretty women, but women like men who date pretty women more than handsome men. So a large part of your chances of conquering a girl will be determined by your level of popularity with other women.

How to win a boy?

Just like women, men also look for certain qualities in women, for example, someone with great confidence, who makes them feel needed, but also gives them the space that they are always looking for as men.

Something that many men look for in a woman is that she makes them feel useful and unique in the world, showing them that they are the best and that they do not need to be jealous of anyone else.

How to fall in love with a person who does not love you?

If that person does not like you, it is because you have probably not shown him that you can meet the criteria that his subconscious demands. So, the strategy to use is easy, show him who you are and what you can contribute.

Get that person to notice you by making them understand that you are everything they are looking for, or that you at least meet most of their criteria. Also, stay by him side to make it easier for him to see you.

Of course, you must do all this without it being at any time evident that you are only doing it to win their affection. It should be something natural and just come to your mind.

How to make someone fall in love with chat?

First of all, you must constantly talk to that person. Say hello, ask for help, send funny memes. A few simple good morning and good night can make a difference. This way you will be sending her signals that keep her thinking of you.

You should avoid looking desperate, pretending to be someone else, or giving the wrong idea. If he lets you see, let him pass and give him time until he responds. Leave the flattery empty, be him friend and listen to him, then you can take the next step.

How to win someone you don’t like?

If that person does not like you, it could be for many reasons, either they still do not know that you exist or that you have not shown them that you are the right person to be their partner.

If your case is the first option, then you must make yourself noticed, stay around him. Be his friend, become a constant presence in his life, so he will notice your existence and miss you in your absence.

What to do if you can’t make a person fall in love?

Even if you follow all these instructions to the letter, there is a chance that nothing will work and your loved one will not respond to your feelings. But don’t worry, I’ll also teach you to act in these kinds of situations.

First stop, take some time and analyze the situation, is it advisable to continue or have you had enough? If you think there is still a probability, go ahead and persist, but if not, there is still much fish in the sea waiting to be caught by you.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with you, there are many people in this world and they all have different criteria to evaluate. I know this is said a lot, but maybe he was not the right person.

What is the psychology behind love?

Love is a complex mental emotion, that is, it is affected by our psychology and our beliefs. Therefore, if you fall in love with someone, behind that there is a mental process that explains why you did it.

In the subconscious of your loved one, there is a list with the criteria and characteristics that your ideal partner must meet; something that many psychologists call a “map of love.”

Every time you meet a new prospect, your mind evaluates them and determines if they meet those criteria, whichare based on values, beliefs, experiences, past relationships, parenting, etc. So they will always be different in each person.

The map of love is within the subconscious, therefore, many times we do not know at a rational level why we fall in love with a certain person. And that represents a great advantage for you when you want to use psychology to make someone fall in love. 

Is there love at first sight?

Yes, love, at first sight, does exist and it occurs when you see a person who apparently meets all of your criteria and your brain sends the approving signal immediately. 

But how can you tell if he meets your criteria when you haven’t even talked to him or her? Well, very easy, it happens when you associate some of his obvious qualities -such as the way he walks, his physique or his gestures- with your criteria of emotional viability. 

This is the reason why many of us always fall in love with the same type of person because we follow a pattern that is strongly marked by our subconscious. 

What does a woman look for in a man on a psychological level?

Almost all women look for the same fundamental qualities in men. When he finds them, they fall hopelessly and hopelessly in love.

In the first place, women are looking for a kind and caring man, who in addition to being their partner, is their faithful friend and a potential good provider. They are also looking for someone intelligent, who always has something to teach them and who knows how to make them laugh with wit. 

Modern women are typically looking for a confident and self-confident man. Finally, it is important that it is presentable and with good hygiene; someone they can hang out with and present it to their friends and family with pride.

What does a man look for in a woman on a psychological level?

Perfect women do not exist, but there are some that stand out from the majority and this is because they meet certain basic criteria that exist in the subconscious of every man.

These are women who know how to face them, who are not submissive and who always give their opinion. Focused women who have goals and know how to work to achieve them. It is essential that they have a certain level of vanity that leads them to take care of themselves and groom themselves, but that does not fall into an excess of pretence. 

Something that many men desire is a woman who is a bit uninhibited and has a wild side, but without looking desperate, immature, or overly anxious.

I hope these tips can help you know how to make a person fall in love, but always keep in mind that sometimes it is necessary to change your goals and if something does not work, you still have time to change and do it correctly.

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