How to Talk to an Unknown Woman and Impress Her

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Do you know a girl who interests you a lot but you don’t know how to approach? It is very common that when you really like someone you have a hard time finding the best way to start a conversation. Nerves and anxiety to do it right can play tricks on you and sabotage your attempts with that girl.

We understand you! Your challenge can be very difficult to get that first contact with an unknown woman, who you consider too attractive to pass up, and to whom you also feel that you must give a very positive impression.

But don’t worry, we assure you that it is easier than it seems. Take into account these tips that we present to help you achieve that desired approach:【How to】 Talk With A Unknown Girl And Impress HerBut don’t worry, we assure you that it is easier than it seems. Take into account these tips that we present to help you achieve that desired approach:

1. Act safe

You may think that your nerves will make it mission impossible to walk straight to your goal without collapsing, shaking, or breaking a sweat trying. But if you don’t risk it, you will never get the date of your dreams!

You must mentalize that the only sure way that they are never together is that you do not approach her. If you summon the courage and dare to speak to her, then at least you will have a chance to be with her.

Try to mentalize the matter as if it were a competition, in which you must show your attributes of conquest. As in any competition, if you do not have confidence in yourself, there will be no way you can attract it. Remember that confidence and security are two of the qualities that most attract the attention of women.

Which brings us to the next point:

2. Get their attention

The first step in attracting a woman is undoubtedly to get her attention. The idea is that your image, presence and attitude have caught her eye even once before approaching to talk to her.

Why is this important? If you manage to have an interesting image that catches her eyes before you start talking, surely when you approach she will already be waiting for you. It’s a good way to make sure that she won’t reject you at first sight and that she is probably willing to chat with you.

How to get their attention? Here are some small steps:

a) Smile

A positive attitude is contagious, and there is nothing more attractive than a sincere smile. When their eyes meet, smile expressively and directly so that they feel it is towards her.

A smile awakens an almost instantaneous connection of empathy. She will understand your smile as an attempt to sympathize and will surely reciprocate with her own smile.

That is the first non-verbal contact between the two, it is subtle and essential to prepare the ground before approaching.

b) Let her know that you want to talk to her

Exchange discreet glances -but she notices- from time to time, try to smile in these exchanges and make expressive gestures, such as raising an eyebrow to look interesting or winking an eye.

These are gestures that communicate and show the interest you have in her. If she responds to them with more smiles and winks, then you can know that you have the green light to approach and approach her directly. If, on the other hand, she responds with gestures of boredom or annoyance, it is better that you do not try to get closer because the most likely thing is that they will reject you.

3. Make your move to chat

If she wants you to talk to her, she will surely show you with gestures or non-verbal communication when she wants you to approach her. This will be done by moving away from other people or even heading where you are.

Keep in mind that it will be much easier for you to be able to talk to her when he is alone. This way both of you will feel more comfortable and you can have their full attention.

a) Use gestures to attract her

If you have not yet figured out how to get her to walk away from a group, choose to gesture by moving your neck or indicate with your head the place where they could talk, or wink and point towards the bar, if you are in a bar.

If she is interested in you, she will understand what you are saying and will leave her group to dedicate personalized time to you.

b) Take it directly from a group

For this, you have to have a seductive attitude. Control your nerves, walk towards her and tell her in front of her friends that you want to talk for a moment.

For example, assuming she is with other girls you can suggest: “Hi, sorry to interrupt you, but I need to talk to your friend, since walking away without meeting her would be very unfortunate.”

Not only will she feel special among the other members of the group, but you will have won the attention of her companions, who can serve as allies in the future.

c) Buy her a drink

Assuming you are in a bar, watch what he is drinking and when you are sure you have caught her attention with at least a glance, buy her a drink and send it to the innkeeper, along with a message.

If she accepts the drink and smiles, she is giving you the positive signal to come to her table.

This trick can be applied to other sites. If, for example, you see her in a cafeteria, you can also buy her a coffee or some cookies to accompany what she drinks.

4. Start chatting

This is the hardest part, and also the most important. Getting your attention and getting closer to her is the easiest thing, it is difficult to start an interesting conversation, that gives her a good impression and convinces her to continue spending time with you.

It is important that you can handle many different topics, that you have a well-used vocabulary and that

a) Stand out from the crowd

You may not be the first man who has approached her with the desire to seduce her. That is what should serve as an incentive to stand out from the rest. How to do it? Simple: you need to be as interesting as possible, have good questions, a captivating attitude, and the ability to entertain her and make her laugh.

The conversation should keep a friendly line, in which both can comment on their interests, tastes, talk about what they do. A good strategy is to let her talk about what she wants and step in from time to time to ask new questions.

She will appreciate your interest and that you are good at listening to her. The idea is for them to have a pleasant conversation, but even if you do it because you want to conquer her, she does not feel that you flatter her. You can subtly praise her, but the idea is that both of you focus on having a good time, without her feeling the pressure of being a couple.

That’s what will make you stand out. It’s obvious and they both know that you approached her because you found her attractive, but if you show her with your attitude that you are interested in more than her image, she will be even more flattered.

b) No controversial issues

They are barely getting to know each other, it is not necessary to delve into topics that involve religion or politics, they are always sensitive topics that could lead them to fall into moral debates. The idea is to have fun, get to know each other and have a good time, so save those discussions for another time when they are more confident.

c) Be gentle

Chivalry is a virtue that has been lost over time. I know that many say that women like men “who treat them badly” or that they do not show much interest, but that is false.

Nothing like a gentleman who has manners, open the car door at attention, stand up when you see a lady. They are gestures that have been lost and that, precisely for that reason, are increasingly valued by women.

In conclusion

From now on, every time you want to start a conversation with a stranger, remember these simple tips:

  • Without trust, you won’t get far.
  • Smiling and exchanging glances is your passport to success.
  • Find a good time to talk.
  • Take her away from her group of friends for the first approach.
  • You must be funny, but very gentle when you speak.
  • Don’t fall for controversial topics.

There are no impossible women but men with little experience, or with the wrong strategies when approaching them.

The important thing is that you dare to approach and try. Experience is the best teacher, and surely after a few tries, you will find moves that work for you with women.

What are your most effective tricks? We want to know your experience, so leave us your tips in the comment box. You can also leave us your questions and share these tips on your social networks to help your friends.

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