How to Stop Losing Your Hair?

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Hair loss is a difficult ordeal because it transforms the physical image we have of ourselves. Certain periods and stages of life can promote a fall, especially with pregnancy, menopause, age or illness. Come and discover our tips to limit your hair loss.Some foods have properties that limit hair loss and others should be avoided.

Here are all our tips:

Foods to promote

It is advisable to consume foods rich in vitamins A and B, iron, zinc, antioxidant and magnesium. Amino acids are also recommended, they facilitate hair growth.

cetrus fruit

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins are recommended because they contain substances that promote the strengthening and health of the hair. Bananas and kiwis are the most recommended fruits because they are the fruits that provide the most nutrients. When it comes to vegetables, the most beneficial foods for the scalp and hair are spinach, sweet potatoes, and peas.

Whole grains are rich in fiber and vitamins; they participate in the regulation of hormones responsible for hair loss.

Eggs are rich in different nutrients that promote hair fortification.

Foods to Avoid

Certain foods are not recommended because they weaken the hair, which therefore causes it to fall out.


White flour is a food that makes your hair less resistant. It prevents nutrients and fibers from depositing on your hair and scalp which makes them thinner and more fragile.

Products with highly added sugars and salts such as sodas, sweets, cakes, prepared meals or crisps promote hair loss. These products absorb a certain amount of your magnesium, vitamins and minerals necessary for the good health of your hair. Salt provides sodium to the body, if it is present in too much your hair will become brittle.

Among the foods causing hair loss we can also mention tuna, turkey, rice, beef and bread. These foods are rich in selenium, a substance that in too much can cause hair loss.

It is also necessary to be vigilant in all that concerns the regimes; they can cause deficiencies and thus cause the fall and the weakening of your hair.

The stress


Stress can cause partial or total hair loss in some people, which can be occasional or permanent.

To fight against stress, there are different methods; the most common are sport, self-massage and often medication. There are different types of treatments, some are medical and others are more therapeutic and made with natural products.

To fight against stress there are also different sports or workshops such as yoga and sophrology which are the most common practices to try to overcome stress on a daily basis. The practice of an activity that reduces stress related to a good diet can allow your hair to grow back and regain its shine.

Hair loss, especially when it is significant, can be difficult for some people to overcome. This can lead to loss of confidence and the feeling of loss of your personality. To allow people who lose their hair to better cope with this ordeal, there are hair prostheses. Indeed, wigs and volumizers make it possible to hide total or partial loss of hair.

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