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How to Snack Without Getting Fat When Working From Home?

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As more and more men (and women) work from home, the temptation to snack is also growing. A papillote here, a little cookie there… Yes, but there you go, snacking without gaining weight is no easy task!

So, rather than giving you new tips to stop snacking, we will try to see in this article how to eat healthy if you are working at the home office.


3 tips for snacking without gaining weight while teleworking

1. Create a flexible schedule

2. Keep moving

3. Nibble smart

3 tips for snacking without gaining weight while teleworking


With the current situation, you too have certainly succumbed to the increasingly unavoidable trend of the home office, with the many advantages that this represents on a daily basis. You certainly don’t mind spending less time on public transport or having to give hypocritical smiles to that co-worker you can’t stand on a coffee break.

But after a few months of practicing, it also became evident that you are starting to gain weight. Nothing dramatic at first, but nibbling is a normal reaction to boredom or anxiety. And who will be there to judge you when you gulp down a packet of crisps for lunch?

It is for this reason that it seemed essential to us to share with your practical advice for snacking without gaining weight and avoiding ending the year with 10 extra pounds on the scale. Don’t give up hope: you can still find a good balance while working at home!

1. Create a flexible schedule

Difficult to have a precise schedule when you have to juggle work meetings and supervising children. These tasks have been added to our many other responsibilities, making it difficult to return to normalcy. As a result, our diet and exercise routines are on the way out.

As you seek to regain a sense of normalcy, start by planning times of the day to exercise yourself or prepare a balanced meal. Remember of course to keep as much flexibility as possible and listen to your body and your hunger signals.

2. Keep moving


Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. In fact, staying active is one of the most effective stress management strategies, especially when working from home. Physical activity is great for boosting immunity, in addition to proper nutrition. Being active is also good for your mental health.

A good goal to aim for would be 150 minutes of moderate aerobic (cardio) activity per week, 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week, or a combination of both, and muscle building activities twice a week.

If you don’t have weight, you can make your own. Fill your milk bottles with dirt or sand, or use everyday items like books, detergent bottles, or fruit bags to add resistance to the exercises.

3. Nibble smart

Before hunting for snacks of any kind, it’s important to understand why you feel the need to snack. If you snack out of boredom, try to find another activity to occupy yourself, such as reading or playing sports.

And when the urge to snack is too strong, it is best to have healthy alternatives on hand in order to crack more healthily. The good news is that many brands have entered this niche, offering healthier versions of the sweet and savourysnacks we all adore.

This unprecedented change in routine automatically leads to more or less pleasant side effects.

To return to a semblance of normality, especially in your eating habits, the key is to find your own balance: yes, it is possible to snack without getting fat, or even to stop this untimely snacking altogether. You just need to find a healthier way to deal with the stress and anxiety that teleworking can bring!

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