How to Produce And Analyze Content Adapted to Each Medium?

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To acquire new customers, you will need to offer and produce quality content, analyse it to be sure that your marketing strategy is the best and be able to adapt it if it is not.

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In summary, the 8 main points to remember:

1.To make yourself known and create content adapted to each medium, you must first of allidentify your targets.

2.Content creation must come from a goodcontent strategy as well as a good marketing strategy. This is of course also linked to your business strategy.

3.You can use graphic design tools to diversify your content.

4.The content must be relevant according to the targeted media.

5.If you are building an editorial strategy for your blog, or your website your content must be adapted to SEO techniques for natural referencing.

6.You will therefore have to choose convincing keywords so that your web content is well referenced on Google.

7.A blog post, for example, will attract many potential customers if it is well written. Thus, your conversion rate will increase. It is essential that your content is of quality and attractive. If the content is interesting, then the visitor will be captured and will want to know more. For the visitor to be transformed into a customer, the content must be useful and of value.

8.Planning your content and content strategy will allow you to be as organized as possible in your communication, especially in the context of your digital strategy, and to have results accordingly.


digital transformation

1.Defining the content, writing the content and putting it in place is good, but you still have to know how to analyze it

2.It is interesting to use the free Google Analytics tool to analyze your traffic on your website. It will analyze where your traffic is coming from, and what type of content works best.

3.Distributing your content on the web will allow you to gain more visibility.

4.Each social network makes it possible to analyze its own statistics.

5.On Instagram / Facebook, for example, you will find the statistics of the various publications, stories, promotions carried out, the number of accounts affected according to date, coverage, impression, interaction etc.

6.Setting up a content analysis strategy is essential to know what needs to be improved.


Producing and analyzing suitable content for each medium is essential. Whether in B2B or B2C. Written content can be written by a web editor so that it is as optimized as possible. The content of your site should be the result of an appropriate and thoughtful content creation strategy. Creating editorial strategies can help you improve existing content.

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