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How to Prevent Heart Diseases.

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Heart diseases have become havoc in the past 10-15 years, the graph of the number of people suffering from these diseases has surged very drastically. The way of living life has changed the habits of people like doing less exercise, eating more junk food instead of hygienic food. Mainly the heart diseases are due to the blocking of arteries which carry blood to the heart and after some time when it is hard to pump blood to and from heart, the heart attack or heart stroke occurs.



Heart disease can be prevented by some ways like




Doing regular exercise for at least 30-45 min can reduce heart attack to some extent. It helps the body to remain active and to make the body remain in a healthy state. Running with exercise have some benefits too as it increases the blood flow in all body.


Smoking is very harmful to your health whether it is chain-smoking or smoking on some occasions. It leads to heart attack and stroke or failure of the heart. Smoking causes blocking of arteries with a thick substance like plaque which causes blood clotting. It increases your heart rate fast and hearts to work harder.



Eating good food can reduce the risk of heart disease to some extent. It is necessary to have a diet full of raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains and omega 3 fatty acids which are mainly found in fishes, aids in preventing heart disease. Also limiting red meat-eating to once or twice in a month can help a lot.


blood pressure

To control your blood pressure you have to control eating habits, cut short the food having more sodium, exercise regularly, reducing caffeine from your daily routine, intake of alcohol should be limited and the most important thing stress needs to be cut off. Once in a week blood pressure should be measured and steps to reduce it should be followed.


People having diabetes can develop cardiovascular disease in a much smaller period of time. Also, a person who has diabetes is prone to having a heart attack similar to a non-diabetic person who had already experienced a heart attack. Diabetes can be managed by remaining active by doing yoga and running. Cholesterol level should also be kept in the safe zone LDL (bad) under 100 and HDL (good) higher than 40. And if you are overweight you have to shed some weight to become healthy.

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