How to Manage Your Presence On Your Various Social Networks?

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What does managing your social networks consist of? First, you have to define a community management strategy and then create attractive and relevant content. It is then necessary to define when and how to publish them.

Managing your social networks also means curating to monitor the competition to adjust and refine your content.


Three possibilities are available to you to manage your social networks. Using social networks cannot be improvised. We are far from the vacation photo that we post to communicate with friends and family!

You can train in community management, which in itself is possible but rather dangerous if you cannot devote the necessary time to it because managing your social networks will quickly turn out to be time-consuming. Either you recruit a community manager, or you entrust the task. A dedicated project manager to manage your social networks is the best strategy to adopt.

You then have to define an editorial strategy and a specific digital communication marketing strategy in line with your short and long term objectives.

To manage your social networks effectively, you must also determine which social media you are going to use.


Your website is the basic pillar. Animating a community and the various social network pages with the sole purpose of bringing traffic to your site, attracting potential customers and setting up an effective inbound marketing strategy.

But managing your social networks also means increasing your presence on the web, federating your community, managing your e-reputation and the reputation of the brand.

Each goal represents a budget. To manage your social networks, it is also very important to define it upstream of any strategy. A “social media” agency or a digital strategy consulting firm will be able to help you determine this, especially concerning paid advertising campaigns.

These can indeed be very effective in improving your brand’s presence, improving your reputation, engaging the community, generating traffic on your site, and retaining your customers.


Manage your social networks, yes but which ones? In order to answer this question, you will have to determine who you want to contact. Choose your target so as not to make mistakes and be sure of a good return on investment.

There are of course the main social networks that we all know about. But depending on your activity there are dedicated media. Do not hesitate to seek and refer to a professional or your community manager to manage your social networks.

Facebook has long remained a so-called “family” social media. But companies have understood, especially with Facebook Ads, that it has become important to use it. Facebook Ads will allow you to appear on the news feed of specifically targeted Internet users.

But don’t think that managing your social networks through Facebook pages is about selling yourself. Internet users are not mistaken and are increasingly enlightened. They don’t want to read that you are selling the best! They want fun, sexy, good ideas! So use Facebook to offer something fun that will make it want to communicate to visit your site.

Managing your social networks can also be done through an Instagram account. Instagram also allows for paid advertising. It is a tool to manage the image. The more beautiful the photos and the more homogeneous your feed, the more followers your account will have and attract influencers. It is also a tool where hashtags are king! It’s not about putting just any hashtag! You have to look for them, find the most relevant ones that will attract the most people to your account. You can also organize very effective contests there.

Managing your social networks through Linkedin can be very relevant. It is the professional network par excellence. Creating a professional B2B network related to your activity will have a direct impact on your brand image and on your social media strategy.

You can also manage your social networks through a Twitter account. The Tweetdeck tool will allow you to manage it perfectly and to do the curation easily according to the themes you want to integrate.


A good social media marketing strategy to manage your social networks requires a very elaborate editorial line.

Have several social accounts, animate your community, have a relevant content strategy, know how to schedule your posts at the right time, gain in natural referencing, create curation alerts, strengthen the loyalty of Internet users … So many actions to define and implement in place from the start.

Managing your social networks with a good digital web marketing strategy allows you to use networks with the best levers, to save time, to have a real and effective network presence.

Your communication strategy must, therefore, be thought out and prepared. A social media manager will know how to define which are the different social networks to choose, which messages to convey, which management tools to use. So many essential points to define in order to be present on social networks and to manage your social networks well.


In the end, managing your social networks well is above all adapting to your community and not the other way around.

Developing your presence on social networks does not mean imposing your presence. Social media management should allow you to create a loyal community, having confidence in you and willing to promote yourself. When a post makes the buzz, it is because Internet users are sharing it!

So share and make people want to share! Managing your social networks is a long-term job but it is worth working hard for effective results in the long term.

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