How to make your beard soft?

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Are men sexier with beards? The polls are clear: the answer is yes, but only if it’s a soft beard, not if it looks like a tuft of shaggy hair!

So don’t be surprised if your partner gives you this ultimatum: either you take care and Maintaining Your Beard so that it is beautiful and silky, or you shave it all closely and faster than that!
But don’t panic, you won’t have to take out the trimmer if you implement our tips: for a fabulous beard that everyone will envy you, follow the guide!

  • When should you take care of your beard?
  • How to properly clean your beard?
  • What about drying?
  • The 3 essential products to have a beautiful soft beard
    • Softening beard conditioner
    • Beard oil
    • The softening serum (or balm)
  • It’s finish?
  • How to choose products for the beard?

When should you take care of your beard?


To answer this question, we are just going to give you an image, simplistic of course, but effective: to have a beard is to have chin-length hair. So, like the ones you have (or had!) On your head, beard hair needs to be groomed daily.

Wanting a soft beard is one thing, but above all, it must be perfectly clean.

How to properly clean your beard?

During the day, dust and germs accumulate in your beard (due to pollution, meals, etc.), which explains this need for maintenance. Some studies have even found that a man’s beard can be dirtier than a toilet bowl …

To take care of it, nothing could be simpler: just shampoo it when you are in the shower using a product specially designed for the beard: the balm, soap, shampoo, according to your taste.

Put a small amount of product in your hand, lather and massage your beard (and moustache, if there is a moustache) by making small circular movements so that the product permeates the hair well over its entire length, up to the root.

Then rinse with lukewarm water, not too hot so as not to damage the hair. If your beard has an annoying tendency to frizz that you don’t like, rinse it with cold water: this temperature stimulates the hair and stiffens it.

Good to know: a deep beard cleaning is recommended at least three times a week.

Here are the 6 steps to having a beautiful, even and well-trimmed beard.

What about drying?

Drying a short beard is not a problem and is done with a towel.

For longer beards, it is more delicate, as towel drying may create knots. In this case, it is best to let it air dry or use a hairdryer with a tip designed specifically for beards.

The 3 essential products to have a beautiful soft beard

Once the beard is well-groomed, it is advisable to move on to the “softening” phase. And there, gentlemen, know that there are 3 types of product to soften the beard.

Softening beard conditioner

As the name suggests, and like the hair, the beard conditioner is applied after shampooing. Depending on the brand, some rinse off and others don’t.

Beard oil

It is THE product of the bearded par excellence, the one that we have undoubtedly talked about the most on The oil softens, nourishes and hydrates your face. It is used on dry beard and does not require rinsing.

Tip: If your beard hairs are very dry, consider applying a good coat of oil before bed. When you wake up, your beard will be in great shape, just like you!

Tip again: if you want to have a soft beard while saving money, you can also make your own homemade beard oil!

The softening serum (or balm)

It’s the finishing touch for a softer fleece. The serum or balm is used on a clean, slightly damp beard. In addition to softening it, it nourishes the hair and makes it shiny.

It’s finish?

Almost! Now that your beard is as clean as new, your hairs are hydrated to perfection and soft as cotton, it’s time to move on to the brushing that will:

  • organize the hairs and discipline the ears ;
  • give a neat and impeccable rendering reflecting the trouble you have taken to get there;
  • reduce the volume of long beards;
  • camouflage imperfections (especially areas where the hair is less dense ).

Regarding the choice of the brush, it is advisable to choose it in boar hair, because models with synthetic bristles tend to create static electricity and weaken the hair.

You can also use a beard comb (real horn is the best), being careful not to pull out the hairs in the event of a knot. And don’t forget: always brush with the grain!

How to choose products for the beard?

We recap: to have a splendid fleece, you need a beard shampoo and a product to nourish and soften the hairs such as serum, oil or conditioner (to which are added a brush and, possibly, a hairdryer. beard).

To find the products you need, you need to know your skin type and your hair type, which will allow you to remove some of them already. Then, a very natural selection will be made according to the prices which can sometimes be quite high.

Finally, if, despite everything, you cannot choose, treat yourself (or ask for a gift) to a session at a barber who can provide you with many tips for sporting a beautiful, soft beard daily.

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