How to Make a Girl Laugh Effortlessly to Make Her Fall in Love

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Do you want to know if you are acting properly before a woman?

Her smile is the best meter that will tell you if you are on the right track!The smile is the positive gesture par excellence.

It is what shows if a person is happy or cheerful if something likes it if it feels good.

That is why the first big step in conquering a girl is to make her smile.

It may seem difficult or nerve-racking, but the truth is, all it takes is a few minutes – and some expertise – to impress her. So, dare!

To help you, we present 7 simple practical tips for you to learn to be more fun, relaxed and spread joy in your conversations.

1. Be Spontaneous and Natural

Memorizing the jokes and jokes with which you approach a woman does not make you attractive.

Normally, you have a series of themes or phrases that work for you when approaching a girl, but the idea is that you use them naturally, that it is spontaneous and fun for both of you.

Otherwise, it will appear that you are following a script, you will have more nerves to remember exactly the phrases and you will lose all the charm you want to show.

2. Get together with funny people and congratulate so that you also spread that happiness and laughter

If you don’t know how to be funny, you can always learn by observation by spending time meeting or seeing people who do have a natural gift for fun.

Read, watch comedy movies, or go to clubs with live shows. Take note of their attitude, their way of expressing themselves and when the moment arises when people break out into laughter.

You should also study the body language of comedians and learn to manage your expressions positively.

3. DO NOT exaggerate AND do not go to extremes

Being fun is being creative! But you have to be careful not to go overboard in your desire to be the one who always makes everyone laugh.

Acting like a normal guy who from time to time says something special that breaks with the rigour of the moment, is much more advantageous to conquer women. If you try too hard to make others laugh all the time, you will end up looking like a clown.

4. Don’t make a fool of yourself

Sounding funny by force is uncomfortable! Avoid making forced jokes or dwelling on topics that are not fun for your environment. You’ll end up being the annoying guy who makes a fool of himself waiting for someone to force a laugh to shake him off.

Let things flow naturally!

5. Making fun of others is negative and looks bad

It happens to all of us that it is almost impossible to control laughter if someone around us slips and falls.

But generally, there is an important difference between humour and negative teasing. Don’t make fun of other people because of their appearance, gait, tone of voice, or any other physical quirk. Not only is that not funny, but it is offensive and even despicable.

6. No maniacal laughter

If something makes you laugh, do it! But try to keep your laugh authentic. Don’t laugh out of compromise, falsely, or maniacally for too long. Others will feel that you are strange or even dangerous. Laugh normally, depending on how you feel.

7. Make it known that you like their company

Be happy when you talk to her so that she feels that her company is important to you and that you appreciate her. Remember that there is nothing more contagious than a smile. Do you want to make her smile? Do it first.

Why are women attracted to guys with a good sense of humour?

Starting to speak to a woman who attracts you or whom you want to dazzle is a situation that tenses anyone. Especially if you are in front of other people or their friends, because then you have to shine in front of many other people.

It’s in those moments that your sense of humour is the best icebreaker tool allowing you to go from being a complete stranger to the man who made her laugh all night. After the first laugh, both of you will be much more laid-back and relaxed.

But you wonder if you don’t know if they have something in common because you don’t know her, then where do you get something funny from? Well, precisely that discomfort that both feel can be a good starting point.

You can try saying to him, in a humorous way: “With so much silence you would listen to the fall of a needle!” or “Don’t talk so much, you won’t let me answer.” She will surely smile because she will have already noticed the silence between them.

After breaking the ice, introduce yourself and start the conversation. Surely your attitude and posture have relaxed, it is the magical effect of smiles. If you get along, you may even be able to get her phone number to date again. Good humour is a great ally to conquer and flirt in a non-invasive way.

How to make her laugh?

Seeming like a warm and friendly person has its advantages. It makes you feel and look attractive! But if humour or jokes are not your strong suit, you can always be a nice person and use situations to your advantage to appear light-hearted and relaxed.

You must try not to be the “funny guy” of the group. If you constantly make double-meaning, out of place, or humourous comments, you will be displaying a cartoon image of yourself. You will look more like a buffoon than a funny man and that is definitely not that attractive.

In most cases, women tend to perceive these men as “heavy” and end up avoiding them at social events.

You must be very subtle in what you say and when you say it so that you attract the attention of the girl you like and make her smile.

If you tried, but she didn’t show a single face with your comment, you better not insist on that same joke. Change the subject and acknowledge when your move has failed.

Types of humour

To understand a little better that line that distinguishes the funny from the grotesque, it is good to know the types of humour that there are and when -or if- they are appropriate in each situation.

Here are some tips that can guide you:

1. Humour according to the place and situation

This type of humour is characterized by making use of what happens around you and looking for humourous jokes about the situation.

Logically, it requires a lot of common sense. If what you see is a traffic accident with injured people, better avoid saying things like “look, a scene from The Walking Dead”, because the girl could be offended by your lack of sensitivity.

2. Contemptuous humour

Some guys think it’s fun to make fun of the weakest friend in the group, and it can become customary for everyone to turn to him as a source of jokes.

But these attitudes are immature and can make you look very bad in front of the woman you like.

3. Self-destructive humour

Try making fun of yourself! This has nothing to do with low self-esteem, it is just a conquest strategy that women love to hear because it is about finding and recognizing your flaws but assuming them in a fun way.

One of my friends every time he wanted to flirt with a stranger, he would come up and ask her the time, then tell her anything nice about her eyes or the way she dresses.

And finally, he told her that God was sometimes quite unequal in the way he distributed beauty, that for example, he had made him so ugly that he had all the mirrors in his house covered so as not to be scared.

Honestly, this seemed illogical to me, but he always managed to make the woman who told him to laugh. Also, he ended up receiving compliments because they all found him cute.

4. Humour with silly discussions

If in the middle of a pleasant conversation you try to oppose her, she will try to maintain her position and defend her opinions.

It is time to tell her that you only did it to see her angry because that way she looks more beautiful. She is sure to laugh and blush flattered!

5. Conversational humour


This technique works as long as the topic is trivial and not very important to her. You just have to let her talk about any topic and make yourself the one who does not understand it or does not listen. Ask her to explain the same thing to you several times, until she gets a little tired.

And then it reveals that you already understood everything and were just doing the tondo. She will surely laugh at your occurrence and, furthermore, she will feel relieved that you are not as stupid as you tried to appear.

6. Seductive humour

When two people flirt and seduce each other, it is natural that smiles arise between them. If you are in a romantic or seductive context, take advantage of the privacy and make a racy comment. She will surely enjoy and laugh in the middle of that environment.

If they haven’t reached that level yet, but you would like to achieve it, you can turn to sexual innuendo as a form of humour.

But in this case, you should handle what you say with tweezers, so as not to look like a stalker. If you are subtle and use “innocent” words to refer to sex, but you manage to make her blush with your comments, it is because you are on the right track.

7. Black humour

This is quite a quirky sense of humour, which can be offensive or unpleasant to many people.

It tends to have offensive overtones or touch-sensitive topics for many, that is why we recommend avoiding it before the ladies, especially if you are just getting to know her. You might look like a jerk!

8. Anecdotal humour

You will feel confident if you break the ice with any of your personal stories, the kind in which at first you seemed like the hero, but in the end, so many unexpected things end up happening to you that they end up being a great joke.

Remember that storytelling is one of the oldest ways to entertain. With a good anecdote, told interestingly and funnily, you will make her laugh and get her attention for a long time.

Characteristics of a funny man

To get to like women, you must have confidence in yourself and have a little practice to bring out your personality in the funniest way possible.

Being funny isn’t just about acting, it’s about feeling that way. Here are some of the characteristics that funny men naturally possess:

1. It is positive

A cheerful man is positive! He always sees the good side to every situation, he is optimistic, he is one of those who infect with his laughter and hugs and inspires everyone to face and overcome complicated situations.

2. is happy

Since you enjoy your life, you do not need to compare yourself to others, nor do you envy anyone’s good fortune. A funny man manages to be happy beyond the things that happen to him!

3. He knows how to apologize

A gentleman understands and takes responsibility when he crosses the line between what the girl finds funny and what was offensive.

So he does not hesitate to apologize if he notices that she felt insulted by his jokes or jokes.

4. Don’t press her

The common thing in funny situations is that they spring up almost out of nowhere, spontaneously, and manages to improve the environment for everyone.

If you intend to look good with the girl at the cost of whatever, and you intend to make her laugh by force, what will happen is that she does it in a fake way and then she moves away from you because she will feel uncomfortable.

5. It is original

Each one has a peculiarly funny way of being that is linked to their personality. Even if you think you don’t have the gift to make others laugh, the truth is that your originality is what can differentiate you and, even if you don’t believe it, make you the funniest person in your social circle.

Final advice

To get a girl to laugh at what you say, remember these tips:

1. Be yourself always. Do not imitate other men, you can guide yourself with the way they tell jokes, how they make people laugh, but do not copy them. Find your own style and always try to make your words reflect your personality.

2. Always be confident in yourself and be honest with your words. Give time to the time! If you failed in the past and the girl slipped away without giving you even a small smile of gratitude, it is because you had not polished your speech to sound nice and funny. You just have to learn from your mistakes.

3. Next time talk to him more calmly and sweetly, without losing your patience or composure while waiting for a great laugh from him. Trust is built between two and it is not something automatic, be patient.


The essence of a funny person can remain asleep for a long time, but once you are ready to exploit it, it will be given to you like something natural and spontaneous.

Follow all our recommendations and the time will come when making them smile will be as easy as breathing. You’ll have to shake them off with that sense of humour!

Tell us your opinions, was this information useful to you? You are important to us. We want to know your recommendations. If you have questions, you can also leave them in our comment box. We will be attentive to answer them all.

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