How to Keep Your Hair During Heavy Treatment?

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Cancer treatments are very heavy and exhausting. They weaken you a lot and the side effects are felt: loss of weight, hair, etc. In this article, we will give you tips on how to keep your hair as long as possible during this stage of your life.

During chemotherapy

Hair loss during chemotherapy is linked to the products used to treat you. There are alternatives like the cooling helmet. It should be worn 10 minutes before chemotherapy. It should be renewed about every 15 minutes once it is no longer cold because the goal is to cool the scalp. You can remove it about 30 minutes after the end of treatment.

Please note, the use of the cooling helmet does not work for everyone. It is also necessary to be aware of the side effects: sensation of cold, migraine, eye pain and sometimes in the neck.

Our homemade tips

We share with you our tips from grandmothers. These tips are not the most original but you might as well try.

  • Cut your hair shorter if it is long or medium length because having length weighs it down. Having a short cut gives flexibility, a light effect and there is less weight on the roots.
  • Use mild shampoo like shampoos used for babies. They are less aggressive.
  • Wash your hair as little as possible so as to stimulate it as little as possible and dry it by gently patting it on a towel.  
  • Regularly add organic castor oil because it is rich in essential fatty acids. It is very commonly used to restore energy to dull and brittle hair. It also helps their regrowth in cases of alopecia.
  • Wear caps night to avoid friction. Do not use brushes or combs as they could tear your hair out. A little before the visible loss of your hair, approach a specialist who will advise you a hair adapted to your face and to your current cut. Do not see it as inevitable but rather prepare yourself in the event of your total hair loss.

What are the alternatives to the hair prosthesis?

The hair prosthesis is prescribed by the doctor because it allows, despite hair loss, to regain its image when you are sick.

This accessory can, however, be restrictive because it requires minimal maintenance and can sometimes get in the way when worn.

For all those in hurry, impatient or who simply want to change their look regularly, there are other accessories that can replace hair prostheses.

Hats and turbans

After the wig, the cap is the most popular accessory; it is practical, light and very comfortable. The advantage is that there are a multitude of variations of colors and materials. It is thus possible to wear it in all circumstances and in all seasons. For some people, the products may seem more affordable in terms of price unlike wigs.


For all heads, you have classic hats, caps, berets, headbands and all other types of similar accessories. These are the most elaborate accessories, they allow you to complete an outfit and make your hair deficit go unnoticed.

There are also many models here, be it color, style, material: bamboo, linen, fleece, cashmere, etc. or the shape you will always find the model adapted to your desires.


The fringes are accessories perfect for people who do not want to wear wigs. This accessory allows you to give the illusion of having hair, under a cap or a turban, while having only a headband made up of strands of hair.

They are composed of a fringe in synthetic or natural hair and elastic which allows maintaining it correctly on your head.

The price of the fringes is also a considerable advantage because it varies between 39 and 45 euros. It is significantly lower than that of wigs.

The wigs therefore have different alternatives, the advantage of these accessories is their price because they are all cheaper than hair prosthesis, and there is also a vast choice of models at each time of the year. This will allow you to have the opportunity to renew your collection on a more regular basis.

If you prefer wigs, this does not prevent you from enhancing your look with a hat or from occasionally replacing your prosthesis with a cap, in summer for example with the hot weather.

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