How to Conquer a Difficult Woman you Like – Step by Step

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Here I tell you the proven step-by-step method to win over a difficult woman.

Why does a woman who likes you act difficult?

Girls play tough games and send you conflicting signals to prove that you are a confident man and to value her more.

She is likely to do it to make sure that she is going to be with a man who is really worth it, and this shows a lot of self-confidence, which is something you should look for in a woman.

She’s also making sure that she really likes you and you’re not just looking to sleep with her or something.

In short, she is looking for a man who is compatible with what she wants, and this is going to result in a better dating relationship in the end.

A woman who plays difficult may be worth more

Look at women who play hard as a positive, instead of seeing them as a woman who only tests you all the time.

Don’t give up so easy, keep trying! Get the best way to give her confidence and to become open with you.

If you do this, you will see how that protective layer will be celebrating and you will be able to locate its soft spot.

Here are 7 important aspects for you to take into account when conquering your difficult wife, take note!

1. Give her concrete signs that you like her


Usually most women like to know how interested their man is in them.

If you have already decided to be formally with her, this is going to be much easier than you expect.

You always have to be aware that there is a balance in all your actions and words, because if there is an excess of your actions, all the work you have achieved can easily collapse.

That is, if one day in the morning you called her more than 3 times and also kept looking for her with messages, this is going to cause your beauty to realize that you are obsessed with her.

Instead of causing her to be restless waiting for your call, she feels harassed and won’t want to talk to you.

In a nutshell, “let yourself be desired” and make him believe that s t  think about it, but not all day, if you show will be excited faster than you think.

2. Show your confidence

Probably in previous outings you have told him about yourself and your life, if you came to lie to him it is a serious mistake, but do not worry everything has a solution because if you did, you can remedy it by showing him from now on the person you really are.

But stop the lies and do not try to be someone you are not, because she will like to meet the real person.

Avoid being exposed to a lie because if it happens to you, you will not have the slightest excuse to defend yourself and you will be disappointed.

It is very safe that from this she has a bad concept of you and labels you as: “that’s how all men are.”

And it is a point against you that you can hardly remedy, then it will lose interest easily.

See below a video on how to be more secure:

3. Don’t overreact for simple reasons

Like the previous points, this is very important that you keep in mind because a “difficult woman” will be upset by describing her that you are not serious enough or mature enough in your behaviors when you are with her, -this does not mean that You behave like a boring man.

An example would be if you invited her to a party or went out somewhere and she is irresistibly sexy to you and you are forcing yourself to caress her, kiss her or be cloying with her.

Remember that she is not your formal girlfriend yet and this really annoys women, so no matter how hot you feel, try to balance your emotions and be normal with her as if she were in looks.

Although this is one of the most difficult missions for you, this will surprise her with your attitude of chivalry and not feel like the toy that gives fun.

It is better that you hold on and show yourself as normal as possible, plus she will feel respected and will know that you do not want her for a little while.

4. Show her that she is the only woman you like.

When you are with her make her feel unique.

This will fascinate her so much that she will end up enjoying your company a lot and want to spend much more time with you, because if women love something, it is to be and feel that they are the only ones.

And if you can do it, don’t hesitate to apply it every time you see it, remember that where you have to get the most advantage points is when you see each other physically.

So an example might be that when they are talking you always look her in the eye, gently take her by the hand and suddenly hug her.

This will make her consider you someone with whom to share something more formal and true than other cases.

Avoid mentioning past relationships or caching objects, photos, letters that your ex has given you.

Because if she finds them it will be annoying for her and it will confuse her thinking that you have not forgotten your ex and it will cause her to feel bad and you don’t want that to happen, right?

5. Create inner connection with her

To be honest, any woman likes to feel connected in some way with her boyfriend, that is to say that there is chemistry, and if you think there isn’t, you may be wrong.

Since the same outings and coexistence will make you discover faster that you can make the connection, try to spend more time with her alone than with friends, avoid places where people abound.

Visit unique places such as: a viewpoint, a dam, some natural attraction that is close to her city, you may invite her to go to the mountains, or to a cabin, or places that show landscapes that are not seen in everyday life.

Create a strong connection and show her your most personal tastes that you would not share with anyone and make them interesting for her.

Talk to her about the value they have for you and if you want to tell her why you like them or frequent them, this would help a lot for her to take a value from them and also want to share them with you.

6. Make her days happier by making her laugh

After several weeks of the conquest, you can, give him something. But beware, after several weeks because I say this, for two reasons:

# 1 Because you will know that she will like it or that it fits with her

# 2 Because to give something you need time and not give it everything without deserving it

This being a retailer is going to give you many points in your favour but just as it can give you quickly it can take them away.

With a gift you will let him know if he has you at his feet, but if you give him many details from the beginning and those are luxurious, they will make the relationship become more interesting and not value you for who you really are.

So I advise you to give him details that are not costly or so materialistic.

It may be that you visit a flower shop and spend time choosing a flower, not the typical red or white rose but you can find different types and find one that is not very common.

You can also choose it for the style that goes with it, if it is very tender and feminine it can be a herbera, if it is more classic or elegant, a tulip or some plant that decorates your office or will also be valid.

Another detail may be a book on a topic that interests you, or if you are one of those creative men you can make something with your own hands.

This will also be very special for her, the well thought out details make the person who receives them give you much more value and you become very special for her.

7. Get excited about what you are passionate about

If you have any activity that you are passionate about and have a lot of fun, do not hesitate to invite her and teach her what it is about so she will know something that may be new to her, and more about you and your passions.

Also after you have had a lot of time to yourself you can involve her with your social activities.

If they invite you to a party or a meeting of friends, you can tell them that you want them to meet them.

That you would like her to live with your social circles, -but obviously after having gone out a few weeks alone-, so you will know if it is convenient to invite her or not.

If you have already decided to take her with “your group” and you have previously told them about her, first you should warn them to be very careful about mentioning things that happen between friends, or to tell them that you talk a lot about her when you are with them.

Among more things that would not be favourable for your conquest, take this very into account since your friends can loose their mouths and end up ruining an outing.

How to seduce a woman: 12 strategies


It’s not that seducing a woman is difficult or complicated. Rather, most men do terribly wrong.

The simple fact of knowing that already gives you an advantage over 80% of the male population. Now, you need to know how to do well what others do wrong.

Any man who knows how to do it can win the woman of his dreams. You don’t need to look like Bradd Pitt or have a Swiss bank account.

Seduction is an art, believe it or not. It is something that can be taught and learned. Even the most shy and nervous of men can become a seducer if he learns to use the weaknesses of his personality to his advantage.

When it comes to seducing the woman you like, you need to be confident, prepared, and willing to invest time. Because quick conquests are not usually successful.

Also, women don’t like to feel pressured or harassed. So if you don’t invest time and patience, you will probably only get the opposite effect.

But this is not necessarily bad. The game of seduction is very enjoyable. And the longer it is, the more you both will enjoy it. No hurry. And this is very important, because if she feels you are in a hurry, she will run away.

It is very simple, it is the law of supply and demand.

If you make her see that you are desperate to have something with her, she will think that it is the best you can get, and therefore that you are not the best that she can get.

But if you take it easy and show her that you are not in a hurry and that your life is not going to be going out with her, she will surely think it is because you have more options. And then it will want to be the option that you choose because this will show itself that it is better than the others.

It is basic psychology. Men and women work the same, but generally women are smarter in this regard.

But it does not matter. If you learn this principle and follow the indications, you will always be on the advantageous side of supply and demand.

First stage: interest her

It is crucial that you pay close attention to this stage, since it starts all the way to win that girl that you like so much.

Are you ready for me to fall at your feet? So don’t skip a single one of these interesting recommendations that we provide below:

# 1 take your time


Remember that seducing a woman takes time. Women want to feel beautiful, wanted and special, and making them feel that way is not going to happen overnight.

Remember, you’re competing with a bunch of guys who tell them whatever it takes to get into bed fast, and most of them already know how to ignore these superficial compliments.

If you want to seduce her, she has to really believe that you consider her all that she wants to feel, and you will achieve that with actions, not words.

Acts take a little longer to develop than words, but their impact is much deeper and more lasting.

Telling her that she looks beautiful is something that takes you five seconds, something that she has already heard a thousand times and something that, surely, she will ignore.

Buying him a book that suits his tastes is something that is going to take time. Well, you will have to find out what their tastes are and also go buy it.

But I assure you, that will be worth more to her than a thousand compliments.

# 2 Dress to kill


When a woman must choose between a handsome but scruffy man, and one who is not that handsome but impeccably dressed, combed and scented, you can be sure that he will choose the latter option.

Women are different in this sense, because because they are smarter, they go beyond the mere genetic lottery to look at what grooming says about a man.

And a man who takes care of his appearance and dresses well speaks highly of himself.

She doesn’t just want you to have a pretty face. He doesn’t really care. What you want is to date a man who projects confidence, confidence and success in the way he looks and conducts himself.

And well, it’s not just about dressing well. Either you shave to perfection, or you take care of your beard to the millimeter.

Keep your haircut always fresh, bathe every day, use deodorant and, of course, the cherry on top, an irresistible lotion.

# 3 Project confidence


I know what you are thinking! “But I don’t have confidence.” Cavemen didn’t have fire either and they made it up, it’s basically the same.

Being confident to look confident works. But it also works to look confident and gradually start to feel that way.

You don’t need to be a soap opera hunk, women don’t like presumptuous men either. Confidence is something much more subtle. Let’s say it boils down to looking like the following:

“I know I have all the characteristics that make me an excellent option to go out, and I’m willing to show it to you, but if you reject me, the world won’t end either.”

# 4 Make the first date count

Well, it might not be a full-blown “date”. Maybe they just stayed to study together for an exam or they agreed on a tour of the museum. Does not matter.

You have to take that opportunity for something very specific: sow a doubt.

The worst thing you can do is make it too clear to her that you like her and want to date her. But it is also not good to show indifference. If you manage to leave her with the doubt, you make sure that she thinks a lot about you, because women hate being with the doubt.

So he will turn the subject around in his head until it becomes important. That simple

Doing so, however, requires good technique and some intuition. But there is one rule that usually works: treat her like another man you really like.

And I don’t mean you hit her from behind. Just consider how you get along with people you love, but don’t have any sexual chemistry with.

You need to detonate the following chain of reasoning in his head:

to. do you like me

b. But he’s not trying to seduce me

c. Why isn’t he trying to seduce me if I’m a woman and he likes me?

d. Maybe he doesn’t like me that way

and. Why doesn’t he like me that way?

F. Maybe I’m not pretty / interesting / attractive enough …

g. If you liked it, you would know if I am pretty / interesting / attractive enough …

It sounds awful, but what it’s doing is taking her straight down the path of her insecurities (they were there before, don’t feel too bad).

You must be generating the desire that shows her that you consider her attractive in order to feel better about herself.

If you take advantage of that and don’t let her see that you’re actually crazy about her, the next time you see her you’ll be standing on much more optimistic ground.

# 5 Pay attention

Yes, maybe she’s very beautiful and you can’t stop seeing her… uh… eyes. The point is, what he’s telling you today is going to be your best seduction tool tomorrow.

Paying attention to him will allow you to know what music he likes and buy him the single of his favorite group as soon as it is released.

It will help you know what your ex hated for you to do the exact opposite.

It will allow you to know what their mood is and if it is appropriate or not, to make a romantic move.

Remember that all your strategies depend on her, her tastes, expectations and desires. Paying attention to it will teach you to read between the lines and to be much more assertive.

Also don’t forget to read their body language. With a woman it is not complicated. If he likes you, he is going to look relaxed and close. If she’s nervous, it’s best to keep your distance until she becomes confident.

Never try to rush things!

No woman has changed her mind about a man who doesn’t quite like her just because he dared to kiss her, even when he wasn’t sending her the right signals.

# 6 Be a good conversationalist


The engine in your new car can be a fascinating thing. Also your work. Or your ex-girlfriend. But no woman wants to spend more than five minutes talking about it.

Let’s summarize it in one sentence:

Being a good conversationalist means giving the other person a chance to show how great he is and how much he knows.

Do not monopolize the conversation and try to take her to topics where she can shine. The reality is that we all love spending time with someone with whom we feel the best version of ourselves.

It’s like dancing. You wear, she looks.

In fact, that is one of the shortest paths to falling in love.

# 7 Be generous

And when we say “generous” we don’t mean that you have to spend half your salary on an outing with her. Generosity is in the heart and in the small acts of kindness towards others.

The opposite of being generous is trying to show off by badmouthing everyone and comparing yourself to your advantage.

Don’t treat the waiter badly, for example. What’s more, if he makes a mistake, show yourself understanding and don’t give it importance.

That will impress her much more than if you treat others badly. Moreover, if you treat her well and she notices that you are not the same with others, it is very likely that she thinks you are a hypocrite.

# 8 Make her laugh


There are many ways to seduce a woman. None are short, but one of them does count as a fast highway: laughter.

Make her laugh once and she’ll like you. Make her laugh twice and she’ll want more. Make her laugh three times and she will wonder why not?

To make her laugh, it is essential that you have paid attention to her, because you need to get on the train of her sense of humor and start being the driver.

This is a bit more difficult than just reading between the lines. It involves intuition and confidence.

If the first joke or funny comment doesn’t work, don’t give up, but change your focus. She may not like spicy jokes or bad language, but you make her laugh with your Donald Duck impression.

Trial and error, there is no more.

# 9 Speak well of your ex-girlfriends


Here the strategy becomes riskier, but also more promising if you do it right.

The first thing is to know when to bring up the issue of ex-girlfriends. The ONLY correct answers are:

to. When she asks you

b. When she’s started talking about her own ex

c. When there is a VERY good trigger in the conversation. For example, they may be talking about paleontology and your ex was a paleontologist. Well, here you can mention it briefly.

The second thing is to know how long you can talk about an ex-girlfriend. Make a summary. Get her out of doubt, but don’t let her think that you’d rather talk about your ex than her.

The third thing is knowing how to talk about your ex. And here it really doesn’t matter much what your ex was really like, because you are always going to tell the girl you want to seduce that:

1) She was wonderful, beautiful and intelligent (to trigger the instinct of competition)

2) They had problems, but still you did everything you could and you don’t blame her for anything, (so she knows that you are always respectful to women and never speak ill of them, no matter how bad they are)

3) That it broke your heart and that you may not love anyone like that again (to awaken their maternal instinct and, again, detonate the instinct of competition)

Women are very curious. Many will want to know what standards they compete against and it will not be unusual for them to ask to see a photo. Make it look casual, but have the best photo of your ex ready.

Remember: supply and demand.

Second stage: drive her crazy

So far, if you’ve followed the steps properly, you’ll be at the point where she is more than receptive to any overtly romantic details on your part.

Your next goal is to solidify the attraction and work your way towards physical intimacy. We warn you that it is a bad idea to start with the steps of the second stage without having passed the first one on time.

10) From the platonic to the physical. The first approaches

Never invade a woman’s personal space if she isn’t sending you clear signals that you can. Also, try not to go directly from holding her hand to giving her a passionate kiss.

Do you remember what we said at the beginning? Seduction is an art, and no masterpiece was made overnight.

The truth is that when we are falling in love (and it is what you should have achieved if you followed the previous steps correctly) any physical contact is a great issue.

So just by stroking her cheek you can have her thinking of you all day.

Take advantage of that and don’t burn all your cartridges at once.

If she starts to touch your arm, clings to you as you walk, or becomes more “playful,” it is time for you to move on to phase one of physical contact: the friendly hug.

Walk with her while hugging her for a short distance. Then walk away. Even if you can’t wait, and you know she does too, don’t jump on her right away.

Ideally, as complicated as it may sound, you should limit the first few approaches to a friendly hug and perhaps a caress on his hair when you say goodbye. No more.

11) Proximos Approaches


By the second time you date her, she will be waiting and eager for you to kiss her. We regret to tell you that the time is not yet. Almost, but not yet.

The best thing you can do is give her a little hug again, briefly caress her cheek while they have dinner or coffee, and perhaps allow her hands to lightly brush.

Why wait so long? Because you want to be a dream prince in his head, not just another guy.

We women intuit that men who do not jump into looking for sex are much better matches.

And now we come to the most paradoxical point of the whole seduction thing: that she tries to kiss you, and you have to withdraw.

Yes. Just as you hear it. Many girls are shy, but many others do not feel like waiting and will decide to take the initiative and jump to your lips on their own.

Do you realize how at the beginning of this article you were looking for a way to seduce her, and for this now you must dodge her attempts at seduction? It is part of the process, and although it sounds counterintuitive, it is proven.

Let’s go back to the moment of the kiss.

You are in that of caressing his cheek tenderly and when you realize it, he is already planting a kiss.

First, bite the bullet and don’t answer it…. It is not about throwing it to the other side of the table, but about controlling the emotional impact, and above all, avoiding falling into an expected and routine behavior.

That you already have his lips on yours? Okay, accept the moment, but do not try to accelerate to full gallop or stretch the scene more than necessary, that’s what she will expect you to do and then you will no longer be special, but just another date.

Remember when we talked about making every moment count? Well, this is your chance to turn the tables and make that girl feel like she’s in the right place with the right person and not just any other neighborhoodpelafustan.

Once the girl has made her fearless thrust towards your lips, gently withdraw as soon as possible and do your best to look surprised.

Nothing exaggerated. The point is that she feels that you were not expecting it and you were not very clear about how to react. Try to end the quote as naturally as possible and don’t bring up the topic.

She will try, well, avoid her.

12) The final lunge

Yes now. It’s all yours. All you need is an unforgettable third date.

Now it’s your turn to kiss her and show her how much you feel for her. Don’t worry, she will be looking forward to it and will respond positively.

At that point, when a woman is in love, you have earned her trust and have behaved like a gentleman who is not desperate, we assure you that you are assured of success in achieving physical intimacy with her.

All the barriers that a woman normally puts up to sleep with a man you will have already broken down without her even realizing it.

Did what you read help you? If you want to get more information about these couple issues, don’t miss out on our next publications.

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