How to Come Forward to a Woman and not be Rejected

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It may be that the subject alone terrifies you, confessing your love to a woman has never been easy.

However, if you learn to connect with her and use the correct tools to make her fall in love before asking her to be your girlfriend, she will not hesitate to accept your proposal or she could even be the one who declares herself first if you do not hurry.

Women have known how to earn the reputation of being very complicated and difficult to conquer, however there is nothing further from the truth.

Women are very transparent and all the time they send signals of what they really want, the issue in question is to be alert to be able to interpret each signal and Female Body Language When She Like a Man and to be objective so as not to deceive yourself trying to interpret the signals in your favor.

Our ancestors are to a large extent to blame for the complication that it represents today to declare a woman, since on the one hand we know how our grandparents and fathers declared to our grandmothers and mothers.

It was a spectacular declaration to which the whole of society witnessed, a bouquet of flowers, letters, gifts, serenades and even many were accompanied by our great-grandparents to make the commitment bigger. What makes us think?

That girls expect such a statement and that your methods of confessing your love to a girl are far below what was previously customary. The above is that on the one hand and on the other, we currently live in an express era.

Where life, customs and even the way of relating are very different, we live in a society where many boys would be ashamed to kneel to ask for a date, to take a serenade.

And of course, it is inconceivable to pretend to bring your parents to talk to her parents.

In reality, it is not that it is wrong to continue with the “old” way of declaring oneself, but that the objectives and expectations of both girls and boys have changed.

The girls do not expect a statement of that level, since they do not want to commit too much in a relationship, what today is to have a partner and “test” if it works or not, without involving family or close friends.

So, take it easy! Rule out taking your parents to the girl’s house to help you declare yourself.

It is very common for men in their eagerness to make the girl fall in love as a first step, create a friendship. This is really cool, because it’s the right step for the two of you to get to know each other.

The problem is when you go from being just her friend to “her best friend” and you fall into the dangerous “Friendzone” is an area in which you should never position yourself since it is very difficult to get out of it, this happens when you offer your friendship without show no interest in it.

Friends fall in love all the time, if you make friends with her, chances are she has felt something for you at some point, but if you don’t move out of your comfort zone or are hoping to create more trust, she will be dating a new guy.

And it is at this moment where the situation becomes a bit difficult for you, but not impossible, however do not expect that by declaring yourself in this situation she will leave her boyfriend for you the next day, this only usually happens in movies or in tabloid shows.

Once we have broken with certain paradigms, it is time for you to learn to successfully propose to a woman. Follow these simple tips, be constant and you will see how in a short time the girl of your dreams will say yes.

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1.- Start talking to her

If you haven’t started a conversation with her yet or if she doesn’t even know you exist, it’s time to put yourself on her radar, you have to find a way to get to know her better.

If you are a shy boy and you do not like being the centre of attention, you can meet her through her friends or carry out a common activity.

You can join the same gym, enter their cooking workshop or take a subject together, if you manage to have a common point, coexistence will be much easier.

Making a great first impression is very important, you can impress a girl to make her fall in love in many ways, dressing attractively, always using lotion, ensuring that you always see you shaved and well groomed, your physique is important but not essential.

But remember that when she sees you for the first time, the only thing you will have for or against is your image so try to get the most out of it, you don’t have to be the clone of “Bran Pitt”.

Believe me, girls care more about your way of being, however it doesn’t hurt to have both aspects in your favour.

2.- Show your comic side with her

The easiest way to get close to a girl is to make her laugh and Conquer a Difficult Woman you Like , this way she can enter into trust with you more easily.

The point is that whenever you see her you have a smile available for her. This will create a pleasant atmosphere between you. Making a girl laugh is actually very easy, it’s time to bring out your best repertoire of jokes.

What you can do if you are not so sure how funny your joke is, you can first tell a friend or family member and see their reaction, ask for new jokes and even practice your new joke in front of a mirror.

Use an observational humour, comment funny things about the things that are around both. It is very important that you act naturally and be yourself without trying to overdo it to look funny.

In the same way, take care of the humour you use in your comments, try to make your jokes white humour and as your coexistence progresses you could raise the tone of these.

3.- Flirt with her

When a guy is in love with a woman, it is natural for him to focus on trying to win her sympathy, friendship, and trust.

Some boys take too long in this first stage and do not declare their love until a long time later when the girl has already fallen in love with another person or when she already sees the boy as her “best friend”. Big mistake!

To flirt with her you must act like an alpha male, that is, a guy who is self-confident, the way you approach a woman and your walk says a lot about you, you must speak to her with confidence without being aggressive.

When you talk to her try to keep track of conservation, this means asking her questions and when she finishes you can give her an answer of her own.

Being in control does not mean that you will not allow her to speak, that you will interrupt her or that you will act like a know-it-all, but that you will appear as a kind of moderator and at the same time a participant.

Invite her to ask you questions, girls have a great sense of curiosity and especially when they are meeting a new guy.

When you flirt with her, offer genuine compliments, this is a very common mistake that many guys usually make when courting a girl, they use super common compliments such as: “how pretty you are” “you have an incredible body”.

As unique as you feel saying this kind of thing to a girl, I assure you that more guys have already said this kind of compliment many times.

So, for her it’s like not hearing anything and she just prints a mental label for you that says “just like everyone else” and you automatically made her lose interest in you.

I know, that was not your goal and your intention was completely opposite, however remember: hell is full of good intentions, in the end the intention does not matter.

So do not forget that true compliments will be your best ally when flirting with her from now on, if you like the girl it will be much easier, you just have to combine what you really feel for her with a little charisma and successful to get your girl in some steps .

You can say things like: “your smile is really cute, I bet you infect everyone around you” girls we always do a little art at different levels, there will be someone who paints pictures, ceramics, crafts.

Whoever has a manicure in an incredible way or who perishes as a professional makeup artist, with a girl there is always a lot of fabric to cut from, and each of these elements serves to praise her.

I bet no one has told her that she is an artist when painting her nails, you will surely surprise her.

It depends on how much trust you have with her, but the more intense the flirting is, the better, you can wink an eye at her, stare into her eyes very closely, stare at her lips as they discuss the idea.

Here is for her to notice your intentions, if they are a little more advanced or are more daring you can use the classic and irresistible “I love you”

At this moment you are making it clear to her how you feel about her, that you go beyond a simple friendship but at the same time without it being something compromising for anyone.

It is important that you observe your girl’s reaction when flirting with her, if she blushes or cannot hold your gaze while you watch her, it means that you are on the right track.

Remember that all girls are different and there will be some shy and these reactions are completely natural, if she corresponds to your hints, Congratulations! You already have one foot on the other side.

On the other hand, if you notice that she is uncomfortable with your comments, it is time to stop and rethink the situation. Maybe you’re going too fast or she definitely doesn’t like you and has told you in different ways but you haven’t realized it.

If this were the case, you should go back and look again for your friendship or even a new girl to conquer, remember that everyone has their each and we cannot force the situation. A relationship is a consensus between the two.

4.- Try to spend time with her

Try to spend more time with her and be patient, remember that Rome was not made in a day.

Try to find activities that you can share with her, sign up for a course she attends, offer to be her dance partner (if she attends dance classes), or ask her to be yours.

Go to her reading club, take a class with her or go to the same gym, the more things you have in common it will be easier to spend more time together, try that each time they have moments alone for longer periods.

During this time, you should make her feel confident and secure, make her enjoy your company.

Often call her for advice or her opinion on an issue, this will make them feel more in tune and she will feel that you fully trust her and her ability to solve problems.

5.- Play with her

It’s not what you’re thinking!

I do not mean that you behave like a jerk with her and for no reason you stop looking for her.

If you have reached this point with her, most likely she also likes you, therefore, the next step is to get closer to her privacy, surely by this point messages are already sent to agree on a task or a work theme.

It is time to intensify these messages and add a little spice to them, send her naughty messages until very late, trying to be the last person she talks to.

I am sure that you don’t need advice on this subject, well… to behave naughty… hey, for this subject you paint yourself.

Only a recommendation, treat this point with moderation since there is a fine line between “games” and disrespecting the girl. In these cases, you better let her upload the “Hot” to the messages, so you have a guarantee of approval.

This point is a bit delicate, so it is a personal decision taking into account your personality and her way of being, since if she is a too conservative girl this can spoil the whole battle won so far.

6.- Do not fear rejection

The biggest obstacle for men when declaring their love to a woman is the fear of rejection.

You must take into account from the beginning that there is a possibility that even though you follow all the steps to the letter, she will finally say no, and this is not your fault and it does not mean that this method does not work.

Remember that you cannot force anyone to be with you, much less to fall in love with you, these types of decisions are personal, if she decides that she does not want something beyond friendship with you, go your way without resentment or sadness.

Remember that there are many girls in the world and more than one will know how to value the great boy you are.

It is natural that rejection hurts, however take it as a necessary experience to grow as a person and refine your conquest strategies.

Using the steps mentioned here you reduce the risk of rejection (you do not eliminate the possibility 100%, remember that being with someone is a personal decision and no one has power over others).

Since what you want is to make her feel something for you before asking the big question, if you make sure that the girl likes you before you come out, you will have more opportunities than if you declare yourself a perfect stranger to her.

Once this point was clarified, the great moment arrived:


By now you have already achieved great trust between the two of you, forged a friendship and flirted with her making it clear that you are interested in her.

There are many ways to declare to a woman, and each one adds or subtracts a little according to their creativity.

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# 1 The romantic way


In this way you can expand with your deepest feelings, take advantage of a moment alone, or improvise something nice, such as dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

It doesn’t have to be elegant, just have a private space where you can open up to her.

# 2 On the phone

This strategy is not so recommended, since it loses the magic of the moment and visual and physical resources, just imagine, when I tell you that if she wants to be your girlfriend and she is on the other side of the phone, you will not be able to give her that first kiss in that so special moment.

This may be an option for kids who are too shy, after all, phone conversations don’t always make us feel a bit more self-confident, it gives us a kind of “safe” feeling.

# 3 By Facebook or WhatsApp

It definitely loses its charm a bit in my opinion, plus you won’t be able to kiss her if she says yes.

However, these resources have their pros, you can use photos, romantic animations, it is recommended for both shy people and for occasions when you are already sure that she will say yes.

In summary

If you manage to empathize and create chemistry with the girl of your dreams when you come out, she will tell you without thinking.

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