How to choose the right t-shirt?

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The men’s t-shirt (or t-shirt, it’s up to you) is the classic and must-have piece to have in your wardrobe. In spring as in summer, when the sun comes back and the temperature is high, this one is particularly useful to avoid being too hot.

However, gentlemen know that, like any garment, a poorly chosen T-shirt can quickly give you a neglected appearance. In this article, we will, therefore, focus on the different elements to take into account to choose the right top and thus have a particularly trendy look.

Here is the ultimate guide to knowing everything about the t-shirt before buying it!

Where does the t-shirt come from?

The origins of the t-shirt are rather obscure. In the 1930s it was worn as an undershirt and was particularly popular in the world of American football. It was at the time of the First World War that it was modernized: it was no longer considered as a simple undergarment but rather as a full-fledged garment, simple to manufacture and extremely comfortable.

At the end of World War II, the t-shirt was seen as a symbol of protest. Indeed, at a time when the shirt was fashionable and worn by everyone, owning a t-shirt was synonymous with rebellion. Thus, the soldiers expressed their dissatisfaction with their difficulty in finding work even as they returned from the front.

Subsequently, the t-shirt was massively popularized, more particularly thanks to the cinema with actors like Marlon Brando or James Dean.

Our morpho advice to show you off

To begin with, it is essential to choose the right size. Contrary to what you might think, a t-shirt that is too small will not make you sexy. Likewise, a t-shirt that is too large will tend to give you a sloppy look.

For it to enhance you, it will, therefore, be necessary to choose it rather adjusted to the level of the pecs and ensure that it is not tight on the stomach. Also, pay attention to the seams on the shoulder which must stop at the level of the bone.

Now let’s take a look at the sleeves of your garment. This time again, you should avoid sleeves that are too short which will leave you looking sloppy, but also sleeves that are too long which will give the impression of too thin arms. In reality, these must arrive exactly at the level of the biceps.

Round neck or V neck?

So there, gentlemen, we advise you to opt for a rather relaxed round neck T-shirt that will allow you to associate it with any other garment. V-necks can be recommended as long as they are not too deep.

Regarding the material of your clothing, you will need to ban synthetic materials as much as possible. On the other hand, you can favour materials such as cotton, linen or even hemp.

What style for your t-shirt?

It’s a fact: white is a colour that goes everywhere. This is why we recommend that you have in your wardrobe a short-sleeved T-shirt in white, simple and plain, which will accompany you in any circumstance. As well as blue, red, black, green or even mauve: the plain t-shirt is the essential reference to own.

Another particularly popular model is the model with a breast pocket. It is the ideal piece for people who are looking for a touch of originality and who are tired of classic swimsuits. In 2020, it’s a more fashionable option than ever!

The third style concerns printed and patterned t-shirts which are once again a very good alternative to the plain model. Be careful, however, trends change every year and you could very quickly end up with a “has been” item of clothing! Shall we talk about the Eleven Paris moustache t-shirt again?

Whether it is a short or long sleeve, the sailor tee-shirt is timeless and can be worn at any time of the year, although it has a rather summery connotation. Finally, the most demanding among you will be able to turn more to models inspired by creators who offer a finely crafted design.

What about the fancy or personalized t-shirt?

Wanting to have a style is good. Wanting to stand out by trying a touch of originality is even better. Finally, it can be! Because be careful, with this kind of clothing, the lack of taste is never far away!

These t-shirts are often related to the news, whether it’s a hit TV series, a hot quote or even a political event. But if we still manage to find the t-shirt with Jacques Chirac who jumps a metro barrier nice, we can no longer frame those who propose to proudly display that “the question is quickly answered”.

In the same vein, we don’t recommend t-shirts inspired by series like La Casa de Papel or Stranger Things. let alone those in the colours of Fortnite. Unless you want to sport a backward teenage look (each his choice!).

If, despite everything, you want to dare the offbeat look, go-to brands that are already well established, like KidKult, which specialized in pop culture of the 1990s. For a personalized t-shirt, Monsieur TSHIRT is also a nice reference.

Which brands to favour?

Since we are talking about brands, let’s see which ones to favour for your t-shirts. For sober, efficient and timeless models, 5 labels have our preference: Levi’s, Hilfiger, Muji, Lacoste and Uniqlo. For the latter, it is even possible to find very nice colourful and quirky limited editions (the collab ‘with JW Anderson for example).

This list is very restrictive and should not prevent you from turning to other more or less known brands. From Faguo to H&M, via Monoprix or Jules, you can find good basics almost everywhere.

Note also that the development of e-commerce has allowed the launch of many small brands that are being created. New names that are trying to find a place in the fashion market with more or less success and with more or less atypical t-shirts: from Wrinkled to Citee Fashion via Morph, we have already made you discover a multitude of men! And we can no longer count the projects launched (and more or less brilliantly funded) on platforms like Kickstarter!

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