How to be Desired by a Woman at the Start of a Relationship?

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Getting wanted by a woman or her new girlfriend at the start of a relationship is one of the tips that ensure the success of this new romance.

Make her jealous or affirm your commitment?

Here is the right methodology to adopt to make your new couple last!

  • At the start of a relationship, you have to make a good impression on her
    • Don’t be jealous
    • Stay yourself
  • To be desired and to maintain a mystery around himself
    • Get her out of her comfort zone
    • Play the card of destabilization and Rowdy
  • Making her jealous: a real bad idea?
  • Master the art of manipulation
  • And to go further

At the start of a relationship, you have to make a good impression on her

While it is true that generally, at the start of a new romantic adventure, it is not always easy to escape the euphoria, it is important that you come back down to earth quickly. Even if the joy of the beginning is easily understood, there is more to think about. The foundations on which your relationship must now operate must be put in place. And in this, you have a great role to play gentlemen.

Don’t be jealous


Know that women are very observant. And right from the start of the relationship, there are a number of things that they notice quite quickly. This is why in addition to being desired by your wife at the start of a new story, it is important to give a positive image.

It is this striking image of the beginning of your relationship that the woman will keep thereafter. Suffice to say that if you show weakness, she will always have this image of a weak man of you. And if you behave like a sickly jealous man only.Sometimes Jealousy is the Essential In Romantic Relationships, But almost she will only see you as someone possessive who will not give her any freedom.

The first impression is often the right one, they say; especially when it comes to being desired by a woman. In love, it is difficult to convince a person that what they have observed for the first time is only fleeting.

At some point in your life as a couple, you’ve probably wondered that How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Still In Love?

Stay yourself


The behavior to adopt here to be desired by a woman depends on the type of relationship you envision with your new conquest. If you are in a long-term perspective, it is necessary to bet on the truth and the transparency, to put in place the bases of your relation. This means that you have to show yourself to your new partner as you really are, with your strengths and weaknesses (to a lesser extent for the latter of course, you have to keep a mystery!).

For that, there is no point in lying or making believe what you are not. It’s important to please women.

To do the opposite is the best way to fail. For this purpose, if you are a person with a strong character, show it early enough to your partner, so that she has an idea of ​​the kind of man with whom she wants to engage. If she finds out later, and finds that this is not what she wants for her relationship, you might have wasted time. The sooner you reveal your true nature, the better. Just try to be nuanced, to show that you are capable of compromise.

To be desired and to maintain a mystery around himself

It is true that at the beginning of a relationship, you will feel the need to assert yourself. But being wanted is more important. So put your ego a little forward, by not being too invested in the relationship, nor too indifferent.

It’s actually about finding a good dose of balance, alternating between ignorance and involvement. For example, avoid writing to her all day long. Instead, make her come to you. And if she calls you or leaves you a message, take your time before answering her.

Get her out of her comfort zone

Half a day to answer a message, several rings before picking up a call are all ways to (positively) raise the adrenaline, and be desired by a woman at the start of a relationship. Even if you are dying to see her, don’t always be the one to initiate the dates. Let her do it once in a while, get out of her comfort zone, and it will show her willingness to be with you.

When you decide to make a woman want you by doing this, you create a lack of you in her, to the point where she will realize that your presence brings something special to her. .

Play the card of destabilization and Rowdy

Getting wanted by a woman at the start of a relationship is not always easy. A permanent quest for the right balance between what to do and what not to do is necessary. Seeking to destabilize your partner is a good way to do this. Obviously, we should not do too much, to the point of scaring her away. So, take a certain distance during your first dates.

Knowing that women are convinced that few men resist their physical strengths, make a difference by being unimpressed. For your early dates, you can even come (slightly) late on purpose, just to show her that you aren’t too distraught to see her.

However, you have to do it with charm; a little joke when you arrive to let down his anger should be enough. And if you’ve got dinner planned, she’ll definitely expect you to get her a kiss at the end. Be gallant by calling her a taxi, open the door for her and wish her good evening by leaving her late. Very soon, she will want to see you again.

Making her jealous: a real bad idea?


We talked about it at the beginning of the article, advising you not to do so. But not everything is so simple … To make yourself desired by a woman at the start of a relationship; you can still play the card of jealousy. The idea is not to make her uncomfortable, but rather to let her know that you are in control of the situation. So, from time to time allow yourself to make positive comments about other women’s haircuts, gait, dress style, once in a while.

Make her jealous, OK, but be careful! You have to do it with tact and elegance, to bring her down from her cloud, and to dissuade her from thinking that everything revolves around her; all this is to be done whatever the intensity of your desire to put you in a relationship with her! We know it’s not easy, but it has to be.

To be desired by a woman also knows how to make adrenaline and desire rise in her, to act so that she gives herself the goal of being the center of your attention. In this approach, you need to be vigilant too, and not be jealous if she tries to be like you with other men. To show a sign of strong jealousy would be an admission of weakness. Do it lightly, so that she knows that you like her, but that you don’t run like a dog behind her!

Besides, you will gain a lot by charming her friends . Like men, women are particularly interested in the impression their girlfriends have of their boyfriend. So, bet on your self-confidence to have their favor, without giving the impression of flirting with them of course.

Master the art of manipulation

It is true that women like to feel wanted. But they also hate overly clingy men . You should always keep this detail in mind and capitalize on it.

For example, avoid calling her every day and break this routine of the beginnings of a relationship. After three or four dates, she certainly expects things to go a little faster on the fifth. She is then in perpetual wait, wondering with each call or message from you if it is finally the big day.

Take your time, knowing that the big day may be near. To be desired by a woman is also to be patient , even if it is not always easy. You must seek to reverse the trend, so that she asks herself a thousand and one questions, that she wonders if she still interests you.

From the posture of the pursuer, make sure you find yourself in that of the pursued . If you get wanted by a woman that much, expect her to jump on you on the next date.

Finally, know gentlemen that at the beginning of a relationship, there are subjects to avoid. Baby, marriage, meeting parents are all subjects that can scare a woman away or make her reluctant. Take it slowly but surely, success will smile on you.

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