How to Approach a Woman In 10 Lessons?

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What man has never been afraid to take a rake when approaching a woman? Or even to get slapped! Well, it happens. Even if you approach this person with all the right rules of courtesy.

However, it is always good to remember that a woman will be less inclined to throw you if you come to speak to her with respect, and not like a heavyweight.


Here is the opportunity to explain once and for all the 10 ways to approach a woman you do not know.

  • Approaching a woman is not a man’s strength
  • The 10 things to remember to seduce a stranger
    • 1. Show off your prettiest face
    • 2. Sniff yourself!
    • 3. Don’t overdo it
    • 4. Master the art of conversation
    • 6. Be a true gentleman
    • 7. Avoid clichés
    • 8. Dare to be romantic
    • 9. Be clumsy
    • 10. Add a touch of madness

Approaching a woman is not a man’s strength


When you take the time to sit on a terrace, it is fun to observe passers-by, to undress them with their eyes, to try to guess their stories on their faces or in their steps. Above all, their behaviour is a sign of their “availability” at the moment: therefore never try to approach a woman who is walking nervously. You would quickly get turned down.

To sum up, let’s say that the easiest way to approach a woman is to watch those who are window shopping or having a drink on the terrace. Unfortunately, on this last point, it is exceptional that they are alone. Too often, a friend accompanies them! In this case, it’s hard to approach the one that interests you under the mocking eye of the other woman, a little envious of the interest you show for her girlfriend and not for her.

This complexity helps us explain why so few men know how to approach a woman. It is, therefore, our duty to give you the 10 commandments of the perfect seducer to approach a woman in the street!

The 10 things to remember to seduce a stranger

1. Show off your prettiest face


Quickly forget the cleverly unshaven look of Georges Michael which has not worked for a long time. You would give the image of a neglected man. The beard, yes. But well maintained.

2. Sniff yourself!

sniff yourself

Yes, this advice may come as a surprise. But you can’t decently approach a woman if you reek of cold tobacco or alcohol. You might suddenly see her scamper away under your nose! The perfume does exist. And it is a real asset of seduction.

3. Don’t overdo it


If you decide to approach a woman, wait until she is alone, remove your watch quickly from your wrist and dare to ask her the time, with a charming smile. Then, as if you are hesitating, play the lost tourist and ask them what there is to visit in their city. If there was a click between you, it’s a safe bet that she will offer herself as a guide for a good hour, proud to show you the treasures of her city.

4. Master the art of conversation


When you want to get to know a woman, you must already know what you are going to talk about. If you let her speak first, there’s a good chance she’s going to tell you a little nonsense, to hide her nervousness.

Your best bet is to lead the conversation yourself by asking your questions. Ask her about what she likes, her passions, her readings, her music, and what she likes to do on weekends. There you will be able to say that you have finally planted solid milestones.

5. Make her laugh


What better way to make her want to stay in your company than to make her laugh? But please, avoid big dirty jokes that might make you look like a pervert with an idea behind your head.

6. Be a true gentleman


When you want to approach a woman, one of the best solutions is to offer to help her with her packages. This will give you an idea of ​​where she is going and her schedule for the hours to come… Gallantly offer yourself, saying that you have been so educated.

7. Avoid clichés


Please, gentlemen, avoid the usual clichés, the boat approach phrases: “you have beautiful eyes”, “you live with your parents”…

The compliment must appear natural, sincere and (almost) devoid of ulterior motives. Whisper to her as you pass her, with a shining look: “You are charming!” Then leave by walking a few steps and turn around suddenly: if you like her, she will follow you with her eyes with many regrets telling herself that…

Retrace your steps quickly, taking advantage of her indecision and admit your shyness, by offering her a tea or a coffee in a place she loves. On the other hand, if she hasn’t turned around, don’t run after her: it’s dead.

8. Dare to be romantic


At the risk of surprising the timidest among you, you can approach a woman by going for a run to the local florist. There, you buy a beautiful rose that you will give to a stranger who walks by, just to get a wonderful smile. Perhaps you will seduce her thanks to the complicity of a simple flower …

9. Be clumsy

Sometimes women like clumsy, clumsy men. It gives the impression that you are not a big pretentious already certain that the lady will end up in your bed. To attract a woman with your awkwardness, you just have to walk past her, as if you don’t see her.

Then, you drop (by chance) your journal, your wallet, your keys. it also works with your smartphone but it’s a bit risky especially if the beautiful is not interested in you.

10. Add a touch of madness


The last way to conquer it is not the easiest to implement. But we advise you to be bold while making her laugh. As she passes you, jump to her neck, saying “What a happy surprise, Virginie!” Of course, you have a 99.9% chance that she is not called that way and will tell you. Make up your mind to laugh about it to the point of having a fit of giggles that will make her laugh too.

The more she will tell you that she is not called that way, the more you will insist by telling her your nonsense when you were children! At the end of the line, she will do as I did that day, and show you her identity card to convince you!

Take the opportunity to react and immediately ask: “But who had the idea to call you like that?” And here is the conversation started again … Your charming stranger will quickly tell you her family secrets. Don’t be a jerk by leaving her standing on the tarmac, but suggest that she go and sit on a charming terrace, far from the noise… Everyone will confirm that a woman seated is much more talkative!

So, with these 10 tips for seduction, you have all the cards in hand to approach a woman in the street. We don’t guarantee it will work every time, but you should be able to achieve your ends and reveal the seducer within you!

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