How to Apply for Suburbia Card

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The other day I went to Suburbia to buy some things because I had a few birthdays in the same week, and I took the opportunity to buy the gifts at the same time. Seeing a number of advertisements for the Suburbia Card, I went to the cashier and asked how to apply for the Suburbia Card.

As I did not know what it was about, the attendant, very kind, explained to me how to apply for a suburbia credit card online, and that I could also request the suburbia card by phone, in addition to the requirements to obtain a suburbia card.

But, of course, the part of the explanation that the attendant encouraged was when he told me the benefits of the suburbia card, the possibility of making purchases in instalments, requesting additional cards, and taking advantage of the 10% discount on the first purchase. 

I told him that I would think about it, but in case he asked for it from home, I already asked him how to activate the suburbia credit card, and in addition to answering me, he gave me the customer service telephone number for the suburbia card, in case I had any additional questions.

It is worth remembering that the rates change depending on the bank and the company responsible for the card. So the holder’s annuity ranges from $ 0.00 to $ 282.00, the replacement ranges from $ 00.00 to $ 135, and the fees for collection expense from $ 299.00 to $ 399.00. In addition, VAT must be added to them. 

How to Apply for Suburbia Card

You go shopping and to each large store that you enter, an attendant asks you if you know or if you are interested in the store’s credit card. How annoying! But, you don’t know why, one catches your eye, and you go home thinking about how to apply for a suburbia card or the one from the store that interested you.

Like many department stores, Suburbia is not far behind and also offers its customers the possibility of requesting a store credit card, available in different banks and in different flags, such as Visa, Bradescard, BBVA, and so on. 

Of course, each one has its peculiarities, starting with different rates or customer service, but the basis and operation are the same since the store is responsible for it. 

So if you got home and want to know how to apply for a suburbia card because it is convenient for you to have it, I will share with you what I discovered right away.

How to Apply for a Suburbia Credit Card Online 

I start with the most common way to do paperwork these days: apply for a suburbia credit card online.

You can request your card by entering the Suburbia website, and right in the centre of the main page, you will see the purple button that says Request Your Card. 

Once you press it, you can choose the type of card you want: Departmental Suburbia or Suburbia Visa. In case you don’t know which one is best for you, next to the image there is a shortlist of the benefits that each one offers you so that you can choose it. 

Then you will have to fill out a form and finalize the application so that the credit analysis is done and they can send it to you.

Order Suburbia Card by Phone 

Although it is possible that you do not trust doing it online, or that the website is in maintenance the day you planned to make the request. So you can also order the suburbia card over the phone by calling the Suburbia call centre at 5555-3333 and speaking with an agent for the application. 

Requirements to obtain a Suburbia Card 

The requirements to obtain a suburbia card are as follows. Be a natural person over 25 years of age, have a completed credit application and a valid identification document.

At the time of processing the card, they may ask you for the following supporting documents: The history of a credit card that you have had in your name, be it a bank, self-service, departmental, or a payroll, automotive, personal, or mortgage credit.

If you do not have a credit history, you can present proof of income greater than $ 2,000 pesos, and proof of address in your name or that of a direct relative.

Suburbia Card Benefits 

The benefits of the suburbia card vary depending on the type of card you choose, be it Suburbia Departmental or Suburbia Visa. Here, I will try to introduce you to the benefits common to both.

You will have access to the Integrated Electronic Wallet in your Suburbia card and you will accumulate funds for your bonuses in special and exclusive promotions, in addition to participating in raffles, contests, special promotions and enjoying months without interest in some promotions in suburbia stores.

You can also count on Comprehensive Family Protection (PIF) with life insurance, assistance services and PIF privileges.

Purchase in Instalments 

One of the common advantages of credit cards is the possibility of making purchases in instalments and paying them month by month. 

The Suburbia card offers fixed interest rates for your purchases in instalments of up to 24 months and some promotions in the physical and virtual Suburbia Store that give months without interest. 

We have prepared other content that clarifies other doubts on this subject.

Additional Cards 

There is also the possibility of requesting additional cards at no cost and that does not charge an annuity. Thus, you can share your account in Suburbia and the benefits with friends and family.

10% Discount on Your First Purchase 

In addition, Suburbia offers a 10% discount on your first purchase with the Suburbia Departmental or Suburbia Visa card in Suburbia stores, either the physical one or in the Suburbia virtual store.

Establishments That Give Discount 

Another advantage is the establishments that give discounts on your purchases with Suburbia cards. The Suburbia Departmental Card can only be used in suburbia, physical and virtual stores, and take advantage of the different discounts offered by the company. 

Already the Suburbia Visa card, thanks to the backing of Visa, works in more than 20,000 stores in Mexico and around the world, and you will accumulate a 1% refund in Integrated Electronic Wallet for each purchase you make in other establishments.

How to Activate the Suburbia Credit Card 

The ways to activate the suburbia credit card also change depending on the card. 

So, like the other visa cards, the Visa can be activated from the life website or by calling the customer service centre. 

You can activate the departmental card from your account on the suburbia website, or by going to a box in a Suburbia store and enabling it there. 

But I advise you to read the folio that accompanies the card when they give it to you. There are the activation instructions and the steps you have to fulfil to activate it correctly.

Suburbia Card Customer Service Phone 

Finally, there are two customer service phone numbers for the suburbia card in case you still have any questions about how it works, I’ll leave them to you right away: 01 (55) 5262-9999 or 5555-3333

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