How to Apply for a Banco Azteca Credit Card

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I was not someone who was interested in credit cards, it seemed somewhat complicated and of little use. But over time, and from listening to my friends so much, I decided that I would give it a try. So I started looking for how to apply for a credit card from Banco Azteca, which is the one they recommended to me.


Based on the classic card, here are some rates: Average Total Annual Cost 98.8% without VAT, variable average annual interest rate per balance 70.0%. Although there is no annual commitment, the replacement for theft or loss is worth 150 pesos.

As that happened during the isolation period, I looked for alternatives that allowed me to apply from home, and I found 3 possibilities: apply for an Azteca card online, request an Azteca bank card by app,  and call by phone to request an Azteca bank card.

Of course, before, I read a lot about the requirements to apply for a Banco Azteca credit card and the benefits that the Azteca credit card offers, to finally convince myself if it was worth it.

I found information such as discounts in stores and supermarkets, cards without an annuity, and extended warranty, which I found quite interesting. Finally, I read how to enable the Azteca bank card and wrote down the customer service number of the Azteca card in a notebook, in case I had any problems or doubts. 

How to Apply for a Banco Azteca Credit Card 

Bank procedures sometimes make me lazy, and I imagine you are too. Being in line at the bank, missing lunch, so that they finally tell you that it wasn’t there. So it was the first thing I imagined when thinking about applying for a credit card from the Aztec bank.

Luckily, there was the possibility of doing it from home, and I could even choose if I wanted to do it by calling the phone, or simply from the app.

As, in addition to not being a credit card adept, it was not a technology adept either, I had the experience of starting to use the Banco Azteca app, which I will indicate a little later, and it seemed accessible to me when it came to controlling the card.

So at the end of this article, I hope I have helped you with your questions about the card. But if you still have any left, you can call the call centre, which I will leave you the number later. 

How to Apply for Azteca Card Online 


I start with how to apply for an Aztec card online and you can do it from your computer.

It is possible to request a card from Banco Azteca’s Home Banking. For that, you will have to enter their website, and from there enter your account. Once inside, you can look in the menu for the option to request a card. Fill out the form and they will send it to your home by mail.

Request Banco Azteca Card by App 

With the little experience I had with credit cards when I saw the possibility of requesting a Banco Azteca card by app, it seemed strange to me.

But then I did and it seemed like a good possibility. If you would like to do so, you will have to download the Banco Azteca application from your phone’s application store, and once it is installed correctly, you will have to log into your account with the same information as HomeBanking. 

Once inside, you can search through the requests tab, and request a card. They may ask you the reason why you need to order it, fill out a form, and they will send it to you by mail. 

And if, after a while, the bank does a credit analysis, they may offer you a Gold Card. You will receive the notification of the Gold Credit card, once you accept the Contract button, you will have to authorize with your security code and fill out a form with your delivery address, so that the bank will send it to you by mail. 

Telephone To Request Banco Azteca Card 

But if you do not trust technologies, and you cannot go to a bank branch in person, you can call by phone to request a Banco Azteca card. 

Contact Linea Azteca, calling 55 5447 8810 daily, 24 hours a day, from the different regions of the country. 

Requirements to Apply for Banco Azteca Credit Card 

If you are already a customer and have an account at Banco Azteca, there are no requirements to request a credit card from Banco Azteca, since they will have the necessary information. 

But if not yet, the requirements are as follows: present a valid official identification document, such as the INE, passport or professional license; a proof of address (water, electricity, telephone or property bill), have a good credit history, and secure a pledge or guarantee that depends on your credit history.

Benefits Of The Azteca Credit Card 

With what I had been told about the advantages of having a credit card, I looked to read what were the benefits that the Aztec credit card offers, and this is what I found. 

There is a 10% discount on the first purchase in selected stores, we have up to 14 days to pay the invoice and not pay interest, in addition to not having commissions for disposal of value, and the card is free of charge or annual charge.

25% Discount On Travel Or Bicycle Service Plans 

I did not know, but Dezba is a mechanical or electric bicycle rental service that allows you to travel around the city. And luckily, Azteca Mastercard payments have a 25% discount on trips or bicycle service plans.

It’s awesome. You can take the opportunity to go to work by bicycle, not waste time in traffic, exercise and get a discount only by using the Banco Azteca MasterCard as a means of payment. 

Discount In Stores And Supermarkets 


Another benefit that caught my attention and seems useful is the discount in stores and supermarkets.

In other words, you make purchases in stores like Costco, Yema, Elektra or Croquetilandia and you can take advantage of a discount for paying with the Banco Azteca card. The percentage varies depending on the place, but you can find out on the bank’s website. 

Card Without Annuity

Enough is the rates of what you have to pay, in addition to the bills and bills of services, to be concerned with the credit card annuity. Luckily, Azteca offers the card without an annuity

And no, it is not necessary to notify the bank that you want it without an annuity, or cancel anything, it comes ready to use.

 Extended warranty 

If you use the Guardadito Premium Azteca Debit Card, you are entitled to an extended warranty of up to one year on covered purchases. This benefit has a limit of 200 dollars, and it can be used for gift purchases, for yourself, online or in person. 

It is not necessary to register or cancel the service, it is included in the operation of the card, and it works automatically when you make your purchases. Just remember to save the payment vouchers, in case you need to verify that the purchase was made in less than a year.

How to Enable the Banco Azteca Card

The moment of joy arrived: enable the Aztec bank card and start using it to pay for purchases, taking advantage of the 10% refund in the first one. 

There are two options: do it personally at a branch, and ask the advisor to issue the activation folio, present it at the window and request the IP change, using your fingerprint, or do it digitally from the Banco Azteca app

From your account, in the Cards tab, you can select the card you have in your hands and ask for it to be activated. It may or may not ask you for some additional information, and you can start using it.

 Azteca Card Customer Service Number 

This article comes to an end, and I hope I have helped you. But if you still have questions, you can call 055 5447 8810, the customer service number of the Azteca card, and speak with an advisor.

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