How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Still In Love?

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At some point in your life as a couple, you’ve probably wondered if your girlfriend / partner still love you. It is a legitimate question.

But what are the signs that show us that a woman is still in love?

  • Woman in love: the signs that never deceive
    • Small spat are gaining ground
    • The feeling of no longer existing
  • The signs that the feelings are still there
    • Your opinion is always important to her
    • She needs to talk to you
    • If your wife still loves you, she’ll blame you!

Woman in love: the signs that never deceive

In love, everything is not always rosy. There will come times when you will feel alone, abandoned; yet you are still in a relationship. Naturally, many questions will arise from within. You will wonder, rightly, if your girlfriend is lying to you, if she is cheating on you then get 7 Signs That She Wants to Leave You and especially if she is still in love with you. These are legitimate concerns that need to be clarified in order to improve the relationship.

In most cases, such a situation is caused by “loss of feelings”. Yes, it happens very often that the feelings of your wife or your girlfriend go through a kind of hibernation, and that she is no longer overly interested in you, at least in appearance. But how did it come to be? Several reasons can justify this.

Small spat are gaining ground


These are things that you don’t always realize, or that seem trivial to you, but whose impact on your life as a couple can be considerable.

In most cases, the loss of feelings arises from repetitive arguments, for a yes or a no. Over time, they destroy this complicity, however great between you and your wife. These harmless spat tend to create distance between you, despite the fact that they often seem negligible and unimportant by the time they occur.

However, the woman is a being who gets tired very quickly, and who distances herself naturally, sometimes without realizing it herself. Your partner who was so in love, invested, will appear to you as a stranger right now.

To remedy this, you must already have the reflex not to give too much importance to these trifles. Then, it will be necessary to create again, and as quickly as possible, this complicity. It is about giving a second chance, to breathe new life into your relationship. This way, you will be able to know very early on if your wife still loves you.

The feeling of no longer existing

couple fights

This feeling of no longer existing for her is often a sure way to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you or if she is lying to you. In addition to these spat that repeat over time, despite your significant physical presence, you have the impression that she does not see you.

The marks of attention towards you are as rare as the hair on the head of a bald man; you apprehend a gesture of sympathy expressed at random as a miracle. These are all things that will naturally create doubt in you, as to the sincerity of her feelings, to the (supposed) love she has for you.

Although it is very difficult not to be jealous in such a circumstance, you have to take it upon yourself, and try to work things out. Such behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that your wife is cheating on you or that she doesn’t love you at all. They may be the expression of discomfort, a decline in motivation or a drop in libido. It’s up to you to correct the situation.

If you still want to exist in his eyes, you must revive this bond that once was your strength and the anchor of your relationship. To know if your wife is in love, you must therefore work to restore the beautiful atmosphere that nourished your daily life. Humor is therefore an effective weapon, so that your wife can smile again thanks to you. It will be of great use so that her feelings are reborn (if for all that they had disappeared), because, if she still loves you, you will know it quite easily.

The signs that the feelings are still there

If your wife still loves you, she will hardly be able to hide it; love is felt in a thousand places. To realize this, you just need to pay attention to certain signs.

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Your opinion is always important to her

If the feelings are still there, and genuine, you’ll notice that your girlfriend won’t do anything without you. She will not make any important decisions, about her career or even her relationships with others, without taking notice. Sometimes, she will even privilege your position over hers, because beyond feelings, she trusts your intuition.

She needs to talk to you


Another thing that can let you know that your girlfriend is in love is her communication. A woman in love with you never gets tired of talking to you. All day long, between SMS and phone calls, you will feel his presence constantly, even if it is not physical.

And in the evening, she will hasten to tell you about her days, with the same enthusiasm and the same interest, as when you started out. It is then a sign that allows you to know if your girlfriend still loves you, and that she is not lying to you, that she is not cheating on you.

If your wife still loves you, she’ll blame you!


A final aspect that may seem paradoxical to you, but which is not, is when your wife is very inclined to reproach you. Of course, these are not blames related to mood swings, but rather more concrete things, the relevance of which you yourself perceive when you find yourself alone analyzing the situation.

In fact, criticism is a way of showing you his attention, and proves that you are still of interest to him. So you must quickly take them into account, in order to fill it.

Conversely, when your partner no longer blames you, it is likely that she is cheating on you, or that she is no longer in love. If it is true that at certain times, you have to realize that your partner does not love you anymore, and that there is nothing more to save from your relationship, you must try to revive the feelings, to keep a certain passion between you.

So you can easily know if your wife loves you like the first day or if you are on the verge of breaking up. And if you fail, at least you’ll get credit for trying.

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