Gel, Wax or Styling Mousse: How To Choose?

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Using styling products for her hair, OK. But between gel, wax or styling mousse, it is not easy to navigate.

So, which treatment should you use for depending on your hairstyle?

  • Welcome to the hairstyling jungle!
  • The gel for a hairstyle sculpted to the millimetre
  • Styling wax, as discreet as it is effective
  • Styling mousse and styling cream for long hair

Welcome to the hairstyling jungle!

Do you have shoulder-length hair or, at least, a bit of length and volume? Would you like to shape them as you wish to adopt a fashion hairstyle? In this case, it is difficult to do without a styling product. Yes, but here it is: between gel, wax or styling mousse, not to mention the 1001 types of shampoos available to you, it is not easy to navigate.

Here are some tips for flawless hair and to prevent your hairstyle from having pasteboard or Playmobil cut effect!

Learn How To Cut Your Hair on Your Own?

The gel for a hairstyle sculpted to the millimetre

If it’s a discreet rendering that you need, go your way. By opting for the gel, you go to the sophisticated side of men’s hairstyle!

The gel is mainly suitable for undercut cuts: long on the top, open on the neck and sides. Very trendy for men this year again. With the fingers and a few drops of gel, the lengths are worked to obtain a “tousled crest” rendering or a movement backwards.

By choosing a “wet effect” gel – the modern version of slicked-back hair in a way – you can style your hair straight back, with or without parting. A hairstyle suitable for short and thick hair, for a “golden boy” style, chic and urban, a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio. Be careful, however: this type of gel is not recommended if you have planned a beach afternoon!

Styling wax, as discreet as it is effective

If you are not a fan of the “artificial” side of gel, the wax is for you. More discreet, but certainly no less effective, it must be applied to dry hair. The wax then fixes the hairstyle while keeping a natural and shiny appearance.

It is therefore particularly suitable for combed-dishevelled hairstyles, the famous “ out of bed ” falsely neglected. Recommended for fine hair, this hairstyle requires minimal work to guarantee the natural appearance: apply the wax only to the ends and in moderation, structure if necessary strand by strand.

Another info not to be overlooked: if it gives pep to flat hair, wax can also tame recurrent spikes, rebellious curls and stubborn frizz to calm your hairstyle. In short, she really has everything to please!

Styling mousse and styling cream for long hair

Without much use, if you do not have more than a centimetre on the head, styling foams and creams are the best allies for men with medium and long hair. If you only quickly go through the bathroom box, that’s good too!

The goal here is not really to shape your hairstyle, but rather to prevent your hair from doing what it wants! Whether you go for a styling mousse or a styling cream, this product will help you add volume and create beautiful curls.

For a better effect, choose the product according to the nature of your hair (dry, oily, fine, curly, etc.): a nourishing mousse for dry and damaged hair will not have the same effectiveness as a styling cream for wavy hair.

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