Digital and Mobile Transformation, What’s in the Store For Coming Years?

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What Technological Advances?

Technological advances in mobile and business applications will lead to a change in the way IT departments perceive security, performance, and costs on their mobile devices and the networks on which they run.

What can Businesses Expect in the Coming Year?

Solutions Mobile Performance Management (MPM) will announce the next evolution of the digital transformation. These solutions enable more efficient management in key areas such as security, performance, analytics, and expense control. All of which are essential if you want to build a high-performing mobile workforce.

As businesses face tougher data security regulations and tighter compliance requirements. Solutions (MPMs) allow IT departments to focus more on mobile data security and applications.

In 2018, there will be even more always-on laptops that rely on a mobile network technology to stay connected. There will be a willingness to roll out 5G networks while an increase in 4G / LTE micro-cells and public Wi-Fi hotspots will place a greater demand on mobile networks. The continued increase in devices connected to IoT will require adapting the existing network.

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The impact of mobile on jobs

All kinds of jobs will be affected by improved communications. It will extend to what is already known as the “mobile workforce”.  Video on demand and mobile apps for real-time tracking and expense reporting. For example, will all serve to enhance the worker experience. More traditional “mobile” roles will benefit from technological advances that allow more efficient use of their mobile devices that is, live video streams when troubleshooting.

As more mobile workers connect to public Wi-Fi hotspot. IT departments will need to invest more in Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions as mobile malware grows rapidly.

Enterprise organizations will need to better manage cooperation between technology groups and those in centralized IT roles. So that nothing slips through the network while monitoring mobile and traditional devices.

Network performance with mobile

In the coming year, businesses will need to place more emphasis on mobile network performance and security solutions, as the cloud- based solutions continue to be adopted. While we wait to see if the new Wi-Fi standards will have a significant impact on wireless networks, existing innovations, such as intention-based networking, certainly could.

Networks are increasingly overwhelmed by mobile devices. As more mobile users rely on private and public networks for an always-on experience, it’s easy to design enhanced network analytics solutions to manage, monitor and understand the mobile worker experience.

It is essential to extract the actual data from the devices. This data can be used to properly reflect the user/device experience.

Congestion on public and mobile networks, as well as underperforming applications, will undoubtedly lead to an increase in dissatisfied users in areas such as workforce management applications and video conferencing technologies.

Always more mobile connection: A challenge

More and more devices will be connected to networks. These devices will almost certainly include the all too familiar suite of social media applications like Facebook and YouTube for example. Such applications are well and truly anchored in the corporate world, with massive amounts of shared content; but also, potentially, all the associated vulnerabilities.

Faced with the challenges that lie ahead in 2018. How can organizations analyze their networks and associated infrastructure to identify red flags? As a starting point, there are testing and evaluations available from solution providers. It can give a first understanding of the context and its impact.

Beyond that, it helps to develop a plan to formalize a permanent solution to manage and protect the “mobile workforce”. Keep in mind that not all solutions allow you to assess what is happening on external networks. The world beyond the firewall must be visible and manageable to boast of productive and efficient mobile management.

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