Curly hair: The Most Trendy Cuts of The Moment

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What do celebrities Antoine Griezmann, Harry Styles and Penn Bagdley have in common? These football, music and TV stars have curly hair.

Worn short in the “wild” way, or mid-length on the shoulders, curly hair is popular! Let’s see which cut to choose for a fashion style.

  • The “wild” cut: let your curls express themselves
  • The undercut: a little air of a footballer
  • The man bun: bring out your wild side
  • What about other hairstyles for men with curly hair?

The “wild” Cut: let your curls express themselves

Remember the hairstyle of Romain Duris in Cédric Klappisch’s film “Le PérilJeune”: a destroyed look and a mass of black and wavy hair which expresses insolence and indomitable ardour, but also carefree youth. We love the wild side of this not too short cut that lets the hair take its course and gives it movement.

As expert Schwarzkopf recommends in his articles, you can use a bit of styling mousse in the morning to discipline them and give them the direction you want.

We absolutely avoid brushing dry hair which can make it sparkle! Curly hair is quite dry in nature, so it will be more relevant to moisturize it daily and rework it with your fingers.

The undercut: a little air of a footballer

Curly hair allows for a number of fun and trendy hairstyles. The undercut is ideal for those with frizzy hair. A gradient on the sides will give it a very interesting graphic effect.

It’s also a cut that looks great on those with thick, curly, wavy hair, with an asymmetrical section that’s a bit longer for example. Here, it is enough to fix the curls in the morning with a little gel and voila.

This very neat and precise cut, however, requires regular maintenance at the hairdresser, to avoid the regrowth effect, which is not very aesthetic.

The man bun: bring out your wild side

If you want to wear long hair a la Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, we can only recommend that you let it grow out and tie it up in a bun or half-bun.

As we mentioned in this article, the man bun does very well with a long, full beard. For this cut, you will need to achieve a good length of hair. Then, you just have to tie them in a loose bun with a simple elastic, just to bring out your curls and your mass of hair.

For plump and silky curls, a dab of argan oil on the ends will highlight them.

What about other hairstyles for men with curly hair?

Of course, there are a variety of other totally incredible cuts, to change your head as you wish: Afro, for example, is ideal for those with very curly or frizzy hair and who want to fully assume their nature. hair.

Men who have wavy to curly hair can sport them long and loose. You will attract all eyes! Braids, on the other hand, make it possible to achieve stylish and practical protective hairstyles, especially on frizzy hair.

Finally, you can cut short or shave, for minimal daily maintenance. So which hairstyle are you going to choose, gentlemen?

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