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Boost Your Metabolism: 8 Simple Tips to Hack Your Body and Lose Weight

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Metabolism is an essential factor in helping you lose weight. But what does this somewhat barbaric term hide? Why is it so important when you want to lose weight or gain weight?

belly fat

With this article, you will finally understand how your body works and how increasing your BMR can help you achieve the figure you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Increase your metabolism, what is it for?
    • What is metabolism?
    • Sport rather than a diet… but not only!
  • 8 ways to boost your basal metabolism
    • 1. Take care of your diet
    • 2. Promote foods that increase metabolism
    • 3. Don’t forget to hydrate
    • 4. Get regular physical exercise
    • 5. Focus on morning jogging
    • 6. Alternate endurance and intensity
    • 7. Think about muscle building
    • 8. After the effort, comfort: the importance of sleeping well
  • Our selection of products to boost your metabolism

Increase your metabolism, what is it for?

The metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that regulate the functioning of our body including our digestion.

Metabolic functioning thus plays a role in weight loss, provided it is high, and then participating in improving the rate of calorie elimination.

What is metabolism?

To be clear, your basic metabolism corresponds to your caloric expenditure essential to maintaining the vital functions of your organism: brain activity, breathing, cardiac activity, the activity of your postural muscles, digestion, hormonal secretions, regulation of body temperature.

This energy expenditure is variable from one individual to another. The higher it is, the more calories you need to consume without gaining weight. In addition to the basal metabolism, other energy expenditure linked to the sporting activity carried out, the pace of life, the way of life…

Sport rather than a diet… but not only!

When you want to lose weight, one of the solutions you immediately think of is to go on a diet. We had also published here a comparison of the most effective slimming methods.

Yes, but here it is, it is not a miracle solution. Especially since, during a diet, eating too little can go against weight loss. The body will put itself on alert to protect itself, because of the lack of food. This is why it adapts by reducing its metabolism and therefore the number of calories consumed. In addition, the body will take care to conserve its energy reserves. Therefore, instead of consuming fat stores, it will use muscle tissue for energy. In other words, you will lose muscle before you lose fat.

The solution to this is to eat enough and with the right frequency. You need to select your food wisely in terms of quality and quantity.

In addition to controlling your diet, sport is your ally because it increases your metabolism. This is particularly due to the energy expenditure required by exercise and by muscle gain. By practising a sport such as weight training, you will gain muscle mass. Your body will therefore expend more calories to operate these muscles, thereby naturally increasing your metabolism. CQFD.

8 ways to boost your basal metabolism

You will understand, basal metabolism plays a crucial role in keeping the line. But since all men are not equal in this area, there are solutions to “hack” his metabolism, bypass it, stimulate it and sport a dream figure.

1. Take care of your diet


Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. This makes it possible to provide the nutrients (and therefore the energy) necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism and the activation of your body.

No need to skip a meal thinking you’re losing a few calories. Skipping a meal, especially breakfast slows down metabolism and increases cravings. As the metabolism is slower, eating later in the day will necessarily cause you to gain weight. It is, therefore, preferable to eat small meals more often, which helps to distribute the calories ingested more evenly.

Plan four to five meals a day at a set time, and don’t hesitate to have one or two snacks high in lean protein.

2. Promote foods that increase metabolism

healthy vegetables

Caffeine, green tea, garlic, apple cider vinegar, honey, dried fruits stimulate the basic metabolism. You can also fill your plate with fibre like whole grains, vegetables and fruit, which keep you feeling full, as well as proteins like meat, fish and eggs.

The body actually spends more energy assimilating them than the lipids which will be stored directly to form unsightly curves.

Conversely, avoid foods rich in saturated fat such as butter, cold meats, pastries, industrial dishes, and bite into avocados, fatty fish, oilseeds, without forgetting to season your dishes with vegetable oils.

The ideal is to eat a balanced and keto diet while respecting the proportions of nutrients that the body needs to function properly, i.e. 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 15% protein.

You can also find metabolism boosters commercially to help you burn fat faster. This is the case with L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10 or raspberry ketone which has natural appetite suppressant and fat-burning properties.

To preserve your health, it is essential to consult your doctor before starting any treatment, in order to know the possible contraindications.

3. Don’t forget to hydrate

drink water

A lack of water slows down the metabolism and the breakdown of fats. So drink throughout the day, especially if you exercise. In addition, water fills the stomach and provides a feeling of fullness, in addition to cleaning the impurities accumulated in the body.

4. Get regular physical exercise

Besides diet, the practice of physical activity is the other essential factor to increase your metabolism: doing sustained workouts can help boost it very quickly!

In fact, muscles consume more energy than fat. It is therefore essential to increase muscle mass by following a sports program of at least 30 minutes, consisting of short periods of cardiovascular exercise and low-intensity exercise.

Stay regular and rigorous, the ideal being to devote to it three times a week. Your body will then burn fat, even at rest.

5. Focus on morning jogging

Even if it means playing sports to increase your metabolism, you might as well do it intelligently! Prefer morning sessions which would stimulate more than a session in the middle of the day. This is due to the sudden awakening that you cause in your metabolism after the night’s rest phase.

The energy discharge, therefore, triggers the activity of your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories, even several hours after your workout.

6. Alternate endurance and intensity

During your sports training, surprise your body to burn more calories. For example, if you are a jogger, start with a self-paced run for a few minutes, then sprint for a few seconds and finish with a brisk walk. Repeat this sequence throughout your workout.

This alternation between slow activity and intensity will surprise your body, which will draw on its reserves in order to provide maximum effort in the intense phase.

7. Think about muscle building


With running, you will be working on your cardio. But to further boost your metabolism and burn even more calories, weight training is an ideal supplement.

The more intense your session, the more calories will be post- burnt after your session, the muscles continuing to work and to burn calories after being called upon. Yes, we repeat ourselves, but it always gets better saying it!

8. After the effort, comfort: the importance of sleeping well

In addition to your weekly diet and exercise, sleep plays a key role in boosting metabolism.

Indeed, in the event of sleep deprivation, the body is as in a state of stress and, as during deprivation of a meal, will tend to store calories.

The body burns the fattest at rest. 8-hour nights of sleep are essential for the regeneration of the body.

If you sleep less than 6 hours a night, your body is under stress and will be forced to slow down its metabolism. Studies have even proven that sleeping poorly can make you fat!

Our selection of products to boost your metabolism


We told you above about products specially designed to stimulate your metabolism.

A site like Weight World offers several such products. As such, we recommend the Detox tea, in particular, designed for men (even vegans!), And which helps you cleanse your digestive system and eliminate toxins.

In another register, Bio Mix Super Slim is a clever blend of 5 ingredients rich in vitamins which supports you in your slimming process and allows you to more easily eliminate toxins from the body.

Come on, all you have to do is get started and keep an irreproachable lifestyle!

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