Basics of Digital Marketing

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Where can you learn more about these things? How can you study digital marketing? I would say excellent questions that I hear often. I work as a digital marketing trainer and I have a digital marketing various aspects beginnings during the years well over a hundred training, PSAs and coaching. Digital marketing is of interest and is a very topical theme in the work of many marketers. While the fundamentals of digital marketing remain, the practical implementation has changed. There have been many more channels and opportunities. Here are a few sites that are easy to get started with.

What kind of skills should a digital marketing expert have?

What kind of expertise is required of digital marketing professionals? In the spring of 2018, I participated in an interview related to my master’s thesis. The topic is topical, as no previous research has been done on the skills of digital marketing communications professionals. If you are considering a career as a digital marketing professional, you can find tips in the results on the direction in which you should develop your own skills.  

Where can I study the basics of digital marketing?

The easiest way to catch new things is through training. There are numerous opportunities online: online videos, materials and training packages with tests that allow you to study to become an expert in the field with free material. Information retrieval skills (= using Google are a great addition to your marketing efforts, as a lot of comprehensive help is available online in its various forms: blogs, help centres, video tutorials, groups, etc.

The best way to get started is to experiment, and you can test the use of many platforms (such as the Facebook Ad Tool) without having to enter credit card information or launch a campaign. I have listed below a few sites where you can easily start studying digital marketing.

Google Digital Garage   

Google provides a free online package of information on the basics of digital marketing. This ensemble contains video material, assignments e.g. search engine visibility, search engine advertising, search engine optimization, social media, setting up an eCommerce site and increasing sales. A total of 23 different subject areas and related lessons that are available in Finnish. The video materials are in English, but Finnish subtitles are available. This is an excellent data bank for the whole and basics of digital marketing.

Facebook Blueprint

social media

The Facebook e-learning site offers best practices, case examples, Step-by-Step guidelines for implementing Facebook and Instagram advertising. Here you can go through the basics of advertising, complete certifications. At the end of each area, you will find tasks from which you can review what you have learned. Blueprint eLearning offers training material e.g. the following areas of Facebook advertising: how to start advertising, how to create a target audience, how to increase your company’s visibility on Facebook, Facebook advertising, targeting advertising, different ad formats and their characteristics, and measuring advertising. There is a comprehensive help centre on Facebook, where you can find information about maintaining a different page and the different functionalities of Facebook.

Google Training and Certification and Google Partners **

digital transformation

Google provides free certification training for agencies and their employees. Google Partners is a portal for companies involved in digital marketing: this logo helps ensure that your company has Google Certified Professionals, meaning you have a better understanding of the basics.
** In April 2018, data from Google Partners will be transferred to the Ads Partners program tab ** Certifications and exams will be available from Academy for Ads in the future, trend data and statistics can be found at Think with Google.

Certification tests can be performed e.g. advertising basics, display advertising, video advertising, and mobile advertising. The surfing exam itself is a bit tricky, so free pre-exam training provides a good foundation for passing it. For the office, the co-operation enables e.g. consulting from Google: for example, help with the development of trend reports and statistics, as well as customer projects.

HubSpot Academy training and certifications


Marketing is a big entity and can be approached from different perspectives. One of the trends in modern marketing is Inbound marketing and I learn new things about this every day. Many different softwares are available for inbound marketing and marketing automation (eg HubSpot, Pardot) and many e-mail marketing software have developed their functionalities in the direction of automation (eg MailChimp, which is a suitable solution for the needs of a small company).

If you want to learn the secrets of inbound marketing, you can start with the comprehensive package offered by HubSpot Academy. Here you can complete HubSpot certifications, which are a good addition to your CV, for example when applying for a B2B marketer job. At HubSpot Academy, you will find e.g. Basics of inbound marketing, basics of content marketing, free training packages related to sales, blogging, social media and search engine optimization.

Events in the field of digital marketing

I alleviate rumours on LinkedIn after various events and I think that domestic events marketing could be the place for development. An annoyingly often interesting event is only noticed via Twitter when your own network tweets on the spot. So would it be an idea to set up a website where you could add an event in your field free of charge and this would act as a database for future events? Do these types of event calendars work anymore?

It’s been difficult to find suitable field events, and lately, I’ve been a little disappointed attending events: an event I would like to receive views on marketing direction, through the results of case studies and inspirational ideas. Many speakers have been left at an unnecessarily general level (marketing is measurable and needs a budget) when those thinking about excessive jumping and channel placement need concrete, results-based views and justifications for implementations (I don’t think a click volume figure or “we got a nice sale” is enough). The best event I have experience Digital Marketing Festival – events.

Digital Marketing Glossary


Is the letter combinations CPC, CPM, CPA bustling in front of your eyes and you have no idea what they mean? Digital marketing really contains a wide range of terms, abbreviations and translations that marketing experts try to keep up with. These same terms also appear in agency offers and marketing plans, so it’s also paramount to understand what you’re buying. The digital marketing glossary, divided into four parts, is compiled from the most frequently asked terms and my own experience based on digital marketing and sales glossary.

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